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Date:17 August 2012


If you are new to Bind on Equip….Welcome.

If you’re wondering what the fuss is about, we’re not sure either, We are a wow podcast, where we talk about us as wow players and how we play the game.

and now as the sun sets on Pandaria we invite you inside the game with us as we reminisce about the good and bad old days as BOE takes you both ways in the snow!


Yes we’ve assembled a team and we are working through the instances old school Vanilla wow style:no heirlooms, teleporting,  instaqueues, riding before 40, flying before 70, or flying in Northrend with the twist of using the newest class to the game, Monks!

In the house this time around we have

Myself, Wembli

as always the Wych and the lovely Tempeste,

and joining us Berat and Kai.

How are we guys?



So last week we did…uldaman

On the grill this week, we are working through…Dire Maul




lets go over the news thats caught our attention:


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News, Observations, Opinion & Discussion topics:


Warlords of Draenor Release – November 13, 2014

Warlords of Draenor will be released the Thursday after Blizzcon!


Warlords of Draenor Collectors Edition

The US version of the Collector’s Edition is now being sold for $90 on Amazon.

In-game items: Dread Raven Mount and Dread Hatchling Pet, StarCraft II – Portraits, and Diablo III – Warsong Pennant

Full-color hardcover art book, behind-the-scenes two-disc Blu-ray/DVD set, CD soundtrack, and Warlords of Draenor mouse pad.


Lords of War – Animated Miniseries

The first episode of the animated miniseries features Kargath Bladefist. Future episodes will cover some, but not all, of the other Warlords. This is similar to The Burdens of Shaohao miniseries for Mists of Pandaria.


Prepare for Battle: The Pre-Expansion Iron Horde Incursion

As the Iron Horde begins to aggressively gain a foothold on Azeroth.


As part of this patch

  • players encounter fierce new opponents
  •  get their first chance to experience a number of updates we’re making to the game.

In addition to changes to the skills and abilities for every class, this patch will introduce brand new features :

  •  20-player Mythic-difficulty Siege of Orgrimmar,
  •  systems adjustments including stat squish
  •  diminishing returns on crowd control.


Treacherous Developments

Hundreds of strange-looking orcs are violently pouring through The Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands, killing everything that stands in their path.



The Infiltration of Blackrock Spire

An advance party of Iron Horde forces has found refuge and supplies in Upper Blackrock Spire.

Available to level-90 characters for a limited time, this specially revamped five-player version of Upper Blackrock Spire sets the stage for the coming counterstrike against the Iron Horde.


The Gaze of the Black Prince Returns

-Thursday, August 14 through Tuesday, August 26 Gaze of the Black Prince buff will increase the reputation gained with the Black Prince by 100%. It will also increase the chance of obtaining items for the Legendary Cloak quest line: the Secrets of the Empire, Sigil of Wisdom, Sigil of Power, or Titan Runestones.


Warlords of Draenor – Garrison Stables

One of the buildings you can put on a large plot in your garrison is the Stables. The stables will show off mounts that you have set as favorite mounts, allowing them to wander around to different stacks of hay.


There are five other buildings that can go in large plots, with a total of two plots available at garrison level 3. As with every other building, there are three building tiers, which give these bonuses:


Tier 1 – Enables the capture and training of special mounts on Draenor.

Tier 2 – You may remain mounted while interacting with objects in outdoor Draenor zones.

Tier 3 – Increases mount speed in Draenor by 20%.






Real Life

Music in our podcast comes with permission from Aussie artist Jimi Hocking. Check it out at  www.jimihocking.com We also use Mevio’s Music Alley. At music.mevio.com

Drop us a line at BindonEquip@gmail.com and let us know what you think of the show, or what you’ve been up to. You can follow the podcast on twitter at “Bindonequip”, or each of us on “thewych” “tempeste” and “wemb”


Listener Correspondence





Our Lives










Guy down the wharf asks if my truck used to be hopalongs. Says he worked there, claimed he could operate a sideloader.

So far has knocked a wall over, and put a container down on a heap of furniture. Claimed it wasn’t him, when shown CCTV footage said that’s not me.

-rocked up to work thurs to be greeted by auction signs out the front. I know a lot of business premises go through changes of the property owner, but the company I work for is the owner.



If you’re not in-game get in there!


Ingame Adventures:

Anyone is welcome to join the Pants On Head guild unless we have booted you before for being a dick! Log into the Jubei’thos oceannic realm on the horde side and join the BOE channel. A friendly officer will quiz you and you will be rubbing shoulders with us before you know it!


Our Raid team: Crazy Train?

Wemb: still no luck with Garry. Blew through the first half on Thursday until the reset.



Any Main developments?

Wemb: Got a sweet set of war forged shoulders from Ordos



Alt news?



LFR or Flex action?

Wemb: tanked flex on my warrior. was loads of fun and we cleared the third quarter of SOO


Beta observations?





The Wempossible Dream

can Wemb level his paladin from 15-90 through pugging and gathering, no quests (except for dungeons as decreed by Rosie), no pet battling, or will he get bored and go in search of other shiny things?













I wanted to change up the way we get our roles for the next instance to mix it up – have the three dps roll at the end, highest tanks, lowest heals middle lives to laugh at the other two.

Temp has vetoed it so lets roll old school and see what we get!

Wemb-187-95  =282

Temp-224tank184- 52 =236

Wych-194-62 =256

Berat-182heal222- 64=286

Kai-210- 80=290



We have come to the end of another podcast! Thanks for sticking with us.

Leave us a review on Itunes to help keep our profile ticking along, and make sure to mail/tweet us so we can thank you!

Next week we return to take on…scholomance

Thanks as always to Berat Zooe and Kai for joining us!

Until next time, I’m Wembli


I’m Tempeste

I’m Wych.



and Kai













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