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Date:24 August 2014


If you are new to Bind on Equip….Welcome.

If you’re wondering what the fuss is about, we’re not sure either, We are a wow podcast, where we talk about us as wow players and how we play the game.

and now as the sun sets on Pandaria we invite you inside the game with us as we reminisce about the good and bad old days as BOE takes you both ways in the snow!


Yes we’ve assembled a team and we are working through the instances old school Vanilla wow style:no heirlooms, teleporting,  instaqueues, riding before 40, flying before 70, or flying in Northrend with the twist of using the newest class to the game, Monks!

In the house this time around we have

Myself, Wembli

as always the Wych and the lovely Tempeste,

and joining us Berat, Zooe and Kai.

How are we guys?



So last week we did…Dire Maul

On the grill this week, we are working through…Scholomance




lets go over the news thats caught our attention:


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News, Observations, Opinion & Discussion topics:

Gamescom Interview – Raid Release Schedule

( Vanion had the chance to talk to Tom Chilton again during Gamescom )


  • Roughly two and a half weeks after the expansion releases.
  • Normal and Heroic will open first, with Mythic and LFR starting to open the following week.
  • Blackrock Foundry will open some number of weeks later. (4 weeks for MSV before HoF opened was too short – WatcherDev)
  • Grommash is really the final boss!
  • The Grommash fight is completely different fight from the Garrosh fight in Siege of Orgrimmar.
  • There will be more than just Orcs in the raids. For example, there will be a heavy Legion influence in the raid that has Grommash Hellscream.



  • The legendary items (other than the ring) will most likely come from defeating really difficult content.
  • Warlords will have more activated trinkets compared to Mists of Pandaria.
  • Challenge modes will reward players with transmog weapons for Gold, a mount for Silver, and a title for Bronze. (WatcherDev)
  • Challenge modes will have a daily quest that can reward Raid Finder quality loot. This will give players a reason to do Challenge modes while they wait for raids to open. (WatcherDev)



  • Depending on what buildings your Garrison has, there will be different relevant content out in the world.
  • If you build the Inn, you will have a dungeon daily quest in the Inn, similar to the Wrath of the Lich King dungeon daily quests.
  • four tiers of Garrison missions for your followers, giving followers increased item levels and access to better missions each tier.
  • Eventually you will have access to a mission that rewards raid quality loot every couple of weeks.



  • Armistice Day is on the Tuesday of the release week, which is why they went with Thursday instead of Tuesday for release this time.
  • The team has talked about doing an updated version of Karazhan, but it was created as a 10 player raid. There isn’t space for 30 players.
  • Patch 6.0 is coming roughly a month before the November 13 release date.
  • Warlords of Draenor took longer than anticipated to create, by roughly 6 months. Getting the new members of the team up to speed took longer than anticipated and slowed things down. A group is already working on the next expansion though, so hopefully there won’t be another long gap next time.
  • Moving your Garrison is still something that would be nice to do in a content patch.
  • Rather than armor dyes, the team has made multiple color variations of armor sets and provided different ways for players to earn them. A dye system might cause the team to lose a little bit too much control over the way the world looks. Players coming into the game shouldn’t see everyone wearing crazy neon colors or something like that.
  • Originally the team wanted to have all of the buildings affect your garrison’s missions, but as they playtested it became clear that the buildings should have more of an impact on your gameplay out in the world. The garrison also was tied into the storyline more than originally planned.
  • The team originally intended for you to learn how to use your garrison while leveling, and then offer more choices once you have reached maximum level. They realized that players wanted the flexibility earlier, so the experience has more choices early on now.
  • Garrisons are getting closer to being done now, with the next beta build increasing the functionality of some of the buildings.
  • The Gladiator’s Sanctum is one building getting some new functionality.
  • Players can do quests to earn rewards, such as collecting broken bones by defeating enemy players.
  • Players will be able to target a specific race as their nemesis.
  • There is also a free for all event that grants access to special armor that you can’t get any other way.

New Races

“I am 100% sure we will do some new races at some point, in some other expansion that is coming up.” (Source)





Players may not go to Farahlon during this expansion, it depends on if the content is relevant to the expansion.

Bladespire and Karabor were giant spaces and there weren’t enough to put into them to make them cities. For example, players would have had to run long distances between the bank and the auction house, which isn’t a great gameplay experience. They had cool looking art, but that doesn’t translate into usable cities.


UK Subscription Price Increase -

Secure Your Current Price for Two Years

It looks like UK subscribers have a price increase coming, but players can lock in their price for two years if they keep their recurring subscription active.




World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Now Only €9.99!

The new $9.99 price is not reflected in the US Shop just yet, but will likely appear soon.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)







Blue Posts q&a stuff


Why Would Horde Orcs Fight the Iron Horde?

In this case the Iron Horde threatens all of Azeroth. Anyone who stands with them is the enemy.



The moment Garrosh went back an alternative timeline skewed off. Nothing in this alternate Draenor affects our timeline, except that Garrosh has opened a portal back to our universe to bring the Iron Horde through and murder us.



Garrison Follower Quality

if you continue to level an uncommon follower beyond 100 they eventually become rare, and a rare eventually becomes epic.


Also, legendary followers aren’t supposed to exist yet, is a bug that they were showing up in the inn. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


Blue Tweets

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment


how many people are involved before a change is made to a class/spec please?

Depends upon the change. I’d say the average is 3-5. Only one person being involved is limited to tiny things that we know… (Celestalon)

…each other well enough to know we’d agree with. We are very collaborative. (Celestalon)


the number of people disgusted by downtime added to their specs surely rings alarm bells?

people have trouble distinguishing two stacked changes. PTR characters have less haste, thus slower. (Celestalon)

And then, when people test out any change that affects speed, mentally, feeling-wise, they compare it to what they’re used to. (Celestalon)

So, 20% less haste, plus 10% slower rotation = feels 30% slower than they’re used to = EXCRUCIATING. (Celestalon)


Interesting psychological phenomenon:Build 1: This feels great.OK, now I’ll slow it down by… 10%.Build 2: OMG EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW!!! (Celestalon)

this confuses me. If something feels great, why slow it down?

to prevent scaling and rotational problems down the line, when they have more haste.

Resetting power levels with each expansion is definitely something that feels bad to a lot of people. Wish we had a way to provide the scaling fun gameplay, without having power resets. (Celestalon)





Free Copies of Mists of Pandaria

accounts that didn’t have Mists of Pandaria recently had a chance to be awarded a free copy of the expansion, which is now $10.

There is a recent promotion, certain licenses were upgraded – and you should have received an email at your registered address.











Real Life


Music in our podcast comes with permission from Aussie artist Jimi Hocking. Check it out at  www.jimihocking.com We also use Mevio’s Music Alley. At music.mevio.com

Drop us a line at BindonEquip@gmail.com and let us know what you think of the show, or what you’ve been up to. You can follow the podcast on twitter at “Bindonequip”, or each of us on “thewych” “tempeste” and “wemb”


Listener Correspondence


Hi all,

So, its all your fault, your talk of Monks and I thought hmm not had one of them yet, lets see what its like. Of course it had to be a cute female Panda. I heirloomed her up once she was off the isle and made the decision to make it harder than normal and made her a healer.

Within a week she is now level 50 and not a single person has died in a dungeon, ohh wait there was that douche bag of a Tank but everyone agreed I should let him die and then he left. I use Healium for my healing help its not bad at all.

I am now in the process of moving guild as I need one that can help me raid but have no pressure they are great guys and girls and we sailed through Flex part 2 last night what a blast, no upgrades but what a blast.

Ok off to go into WoW, I now know I only have 3 months to get my loremaster, must not panic.

Lots of love


snowy-”how did I end up behind you?” “I don’t know, I often think the same thing about @Buggerwow ”

Epic start to episode 229!



@BindOnEquip @TheWych housekeeping story was incredible, laughed so hard I bumped my fresh tattoo off the bedside cabinet!



@BindOnEquip @wemb @tempeste “having a third heal makes a difference” “well you never use the first two”…. #burned



@BindOnEquip @tempeste your dirty laugh is becoming the real star of episode 229 so far!



@BindOnEquip @TheWych “I’m fucking outside now” “that’s always a nice feeling”

Seemed to go under the radar but it made me chuckle!



@BindOnEquip snort moment, I think I actually pulled a muscle laughing….



@BindOnEquip @kaiynn @tempeste  “don’t leave me!”

I can see that one being used for a while!!



@BindOnEquip “you moved pretty quickly” “yeah my puckering ass propelled me along!”

Now there is a mental image!



@tempeste @bindonequip Woo Hoo the long ones are my favorite! :D



@BindOnEquip Ep:226 @temp “I’m that thing right behind you.”  Strap in, boys!



@BindOnEquip @berat @TheWych Ep:226 Succumbing to the bears #HappyGayPride #LuckyBoys #FolsomStreetFair



@BindOnEquip @berat @TheWych @wemb “Fuck off, Smokey!” Roflmao



@BindOnEquip Ep:226 According to @Berat9 “you can pick up all the meat you want” in Scarlet Monastery. So that’s where @wemb spends wknds…



@BindOnEquip Ep:228 40 min into Razorfen and not one reference to “squeal like a pig”? #Slipping



@BindOnEquip Ep:228 roflmao at @kaiynn taking on @tempeste aggro


Bugger in response to Temp-wow – you are catching up fast!

@tempeste @BindOnEquip @kaiynn I’m behind you! #supriz









Our Lives










Home-was looking forward to a lovely day off on friday filled with pugs and paladins charging toward 90.

sure i was sad that Temp was on her placement, but that just meant i could fully focus on the task at hand.

i didnt realise the boys both had curriculum days. Also princess was home. heres how my day ended up

4:00 of course i wake up at my normal work time- why wouldn’t i? played wow til 7.

7:45 I leave to go to my weight loss clinic the only thing i had originally planned to do.

10:00 i arrive home from the clinic

10:15 take Angus to his movie

11:30 get home from that put a load of washing on, make brunch (lounge picnic style) for me princess and deddy, watch an episode of agents of shield while we eat then clean up.

1:00 take deddy and princess to pick up angus

1:30 pick up angus

2:00 drop off deddy at his girlfriends house

2:30 his a cafe for a coffee and bowl of chips for angus’ lunch

3:00 drop princess at her appointment have a snooze in the carpark while listening to podcasts

4:00 take angus to his medical appointment

5:00 drop princess at her boyfriends house.

6:00 arrive home in time to cook dinner for my hard working woman.

thats my day except i had to pick deddy up from his girlfriends at 9:00!


If you’re not in-game get in there!


Ingame Adventures:


Anyone is welcome to join the Pants On Head guild unless we have booted you before for being a dick! Log into the Jubei’thos oceannic realm on the horde side and join the BOE channel. A friendly officer will quiz you and you will be rubbing shoulders with us before you know it!


Our Raid team: Crazy Train?




Any Main developments?




Alt news?




LFR or Flex action?



Beta observations?





Soundboard- wempossible



can Wemb level his paladin from 15-90 through pugging and gathering, no quests (except for dungeons as decreed by Rosie), no pet battling, or will he get bored and go in search of other shiny things?













Now we roll off for next week- highest tanks, lowest heals, middle lives to laugh at the other two.


Temp- =331



Kai- =389



We have come to the end of another podcast! Thanks for sticking with us.

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Next week we return to take on…

Thanks as always to Berat Zooe and Kai for joining us!

Until next time, I’m Wembli




I’m Tempeste

I’m Wych.



and Kai













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