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Soundboard-BOE MoP Intro

We are the three navigators through the mist,

I’m Wembli

I’m Tempeste

I’m the Wych.

Whats on offer this week?

Stunning news this week as Blizzard reveals there will be no flying whatsoever in Draenor.

Also they have put the release date back to first quarter of 2015.

And Garrisons may now be put on the back burner, though they are still hoping to introduce them sometime in the expansion. Dance studio anyone?


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Lets get into the news..



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4 words: Heroes of the Storm – What do we think?


Wemb: we’ve been lucky enough once again to get the rockstar treatment from the very kind folk at Blizzard and been included in the technical alpha for this game for which we are truly grateful

been playing quite a bit, though I’m yet to hook up with Wych ingame. For an alpha I can’t find anything that isn’t good enough to release yet-typical Blizzard. Played most class types though not all the heroes obviously- they unlock about six heroes at a time though one of the quests unlocks a seventh.

It’s incredibly easy to play at a basic level, and even though you have to make choices on the fly, you don’t feel like one is a wrong choice that will lose you the match, more like “which will advantage my play style”. You only end up with about four actions to use and a passive one, and I can’t help thinking that wow could maybe learn something from this. Maybe there could be some way that you could unlock actions in wow that you already know the longer a fight goes on or something?

I literally have not had the chance to get into game … but I did play about an hour of Diablo 3 and really enjoyed that!



Ingame Adventures:

Anyone is welcome to join the Pants On Head guild unless we have booted you before for being a dick! Log into the Jubei’thos oceannic realm on the horde side and join the BOE channel. A friendly officer will quiz you and you will be rubbing shoulders with us before you know it!

We are currently running flex on Saturdays and Sundays aus time or Friday/Saturday nights U.S. Time and would love to include you cross realm! If you are over ilevel 500 and want in let us know on twitter or email and we’ll sort something out.


Pants On Head Guild.

Pants on Head continues to be the best guild I have had the pleasure of being a part of and running. Thanks to everyone who continues to make that possible.


Crazy Train:

CT – our raid group is doing really well and right on target I think for finishing SoO before the next expansion, which for us is perfect. We are now working on the Nazgrim fight and getting to him earlier in the night. So we are officially half way through.


Other Raids:

Temp: I continue to have no luck getting through flex 4 using the “other raids” function but I will keep trying.











Temp: Excitingly my main hit number 1 on wow heroes last week and is still there!! WOOT! It was as a result of finally getting the staff which everyone else in the raid had two of!!



Wemb: great fun sunday nights with our fiveman group. loving the monk tank more as i start to understand the mechanics better. interesting moment in stockades where on one pull i grabbed all of the first corridor and Kai did a fine job of healing me through, then next room i pulled 3 trash and we all died except for T, then he sheepishly admits he was healing T by mistake instead of me.

plenty of rage starting to build in the BG’s for me, when i turn to T and say “so why the fuck do you even like this shit anyway?” i was somewhat frustrated. perhaps my next project will be inspired by zooe and i’ll level a toon through bg’s called wembrage?

Temp: Loving playing my druid – I know – who would have thunk it!! She is really good fun, easy to heal on and also fun to throw in some extra dps … Also enjoying my monk – but I hate playing melee so looking forward to changing it up at 30 and getting a second spec.








The Wempossible Dream

can Wemb level his paladin from 15-90 through pugging and gathering, no quests (except for dungeons as decreed by Rosie), no pet battling, or will he get bored and go in search of other shiny things?

Wemb: still going well, level 34 now.

Did a funny Gnomer where i declared at the start that i didn’t know my way, which led to 3 of the others admitting they hate this instance in a stunning victory for tempeste. the rogue then proceeded to pull everything ahead of me and get himself killed about 5 times.

done a lot of scarlet monastery halls and had a funny one where a guy on the spectrum told us everything we didn’t need to pull and everything we could exploit very rudely except that he thought if he started every sentence with “lol” it wasn’t being rude.

lol fuck you dude.








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Tempeste walked briskly along enjoying the morning sunshine. As she walk

she hummed to herself happily. Her pace quickened slightly as she

approached the bright orange school bus. She threw a wave at her fellow

conspirator and raid leaders pet Mattie.

“Hello Mattie” said Tempeste.

“Good Morning Mrs Tempeste” replied Mattie.

“Lovely Morning isn’t it” said Tempeste grinning from ear to ear.

“Shall We” asked Mattie

“Yes” said Tempe.

“Call it in the air” Mattie said as he flipped a coin into the air.

“Head” said Tempe with her fingers crossed.

Mattie caught the coin and slapped it down on the back of his other

hand. Cautiously he lift his hand off the coin, revealing that it was in

fact heads.

“I will drive” said Tempeste.

“Give me a five minute head start.” replied Mattie as he handed her the


“Right” she said as she stepped up into the bus.

Tempeste seated herself on the driver seat, and fastened her seat belt.

Next she put the key into the ignition and started the bus. The bus, a

spotlessly clean school bus of the gleaming orange variety, growled to

life menacingly as though it knew what was coming. The front grill

looking like the maw of a beast eager for the coming carnage.

Mattie meanwhile walked a few blocks in search of his intended prey. In

just a moment he spotted ZooE and grinned maliciously. As predicted ZooE “the innocent” was in his customary spot enjoying the sunny morning.

Saintly ZooE had clearly been helping old ladies, rescuing helpless

animals and doing good deeds. Mattie walked up behind ZooE and waited in

the shadows.

Tempeste started the school bus moving and picked up speed. She was

moving along a a good clip as she approached the spot where ZooE stood.

She gripped the wheel feverishly and squinted as though aiming at a

target. Laughing wickedly she pushed the gas pedal to the floor. Just

before she reached the spot in front of where ZooE stood Mattie jumped

out and shoved ZooE in front of the bus with a whoop. Poor innocent

ZooE was run over by the bus. Tempeste stopped the bus and backed up

over ZooE again so she could pick up Mattie. As they pulled away Mattie

leaned out and said “See you tomorrow.” and his laughter joined in with


Looking up at the underside of the bus poor innocent ZooE sighed and

said “Again?” “Everyday?” “Why me?”

Once the bus was gone ZooE got slowly to his feet covered in carbon and

tire marks. He had just turned to step back onto the sidewalk when Wemb

and Bugger came by in Wemb’s big rig hauling two trailers. As the truck

ran him over ZooE could swear he heard Wemb say “Cha ching, thats how

its done” and Bugger gleefully shouting “Surprise!”


Hi BoE Crew.

Just a quick note to give thanks.

Thanks for making the time to new new Eps of bind on equip. I listen to

the show and understand that it’s not a trivial thing that you do,

understand that it’s appreciated :) top stuff

Thanks for running Pants…………on Head! The peeps in guild are

AWeSOME, inclusive, helpful and the real reason I log on most days. Its

true PoH has an imperial shit-tonnes of fun (to save you getting the

calculator out thats about 1.63 metric shit-tonnes) . Running flex (or

being handbagged lol) when I can has been brilliant. Work makes being

regular difficult so I feel like less of a liability in flex mode

particularly when my network dies, thanks Foxtel installer clownshoes.

Hanging out not only with the “On Air Talent” but the rest of the

loonies (you know who im talkin about Zooe/Raj/Bugger/Vern/berat etc).

many peeps have moved on from PoH and while I miss them the next gen are

fresh fun. You know Spanky, Coffee and anyone else who has hooked me

up you can imagine the list here!!

Perhaps most of all thanks for including me

Stay Caffeineated friends

Thanks again



Hi my friends

Just finished episode 218 and it was a treat.

First things first **smashes gavel down three times** I rule in favor of

dungeon quests for Wembpossible leveling. As far as bringing friends I

have no preference as long as they are at level. All the groups I ran

with were generally uneventful with often not a word said from start to

finish. I am however starting run into the “winners” in the two panda

instances I have run so far.

Next… The drunken Naxx run…. My god. Did poor Groves have alcohol

poisoning? More importantly, did she make it to the top of the mountain

she was to hike the next day? Listening made my liver hurt, and eyes

water from laughter.

Lastly, another possible talking point for a future show.

Having run a few quests in Pandaland, I was very impressed with the work

they put in bringing lore and story with scripted events in the

questing. I fear this brought up a comparison to the other game in a

galaxy far, far away… Being one of those whom finds questing soul

crushing, I found a great balance being able to do just the quests for

my class story, and run group content. It would be amazing if the quest

log could list out the storyline to the new expansions as a separate

continuous thread so that one could ensure they see all the new story.

I would love to hear your thoughts on questing now

and where it is headed in the future of the game.



Discuss the new process whereby story arcs will be noted in some way in quest log.





Real Life


Temps week

Work- We are down to 19 kids in total in our group and it is a true pleasure going to work each and every day – its amazing the difference 10 children can make!!


Home- Its been a crazy busy two weeks:

The dog




Shoutouts? Only one shout out and that is to Wemb, who truly is the love of my life and who celebrated his birthday on Saturday!


Sum up your week in a sentence: Life be cray cray!



Wych’s week

Work- I quit!



Sum up your week in a sentence:



Wembs week.

Work-still very quiet at work which is really eating into my capacity to keep up with my gruelling tv watching schedule. I’m just not getting caught in enough long queues etc and I’m falling behind.


Home- had a fantastic birthday weekend, pizza Friday night, Chinese Saturday night, cake and coffee Sunday, spoilt rotten by temp and the family.


Shoutouts? Like to give a shout to our good mate Snowdog who I’ve been catching up with in the early hours before I go to work and had some great chats with.


Sum up your week in a sentence: I knew temp and wych were rock stars, but using your influence to get blizzard to release an alpha just to try and get me away from Wempossible is really very impressive!







We have come to the end of another podcast! Thanks for sticking with us.

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I also just realised that I was so excited to get to the big news after the intro that I forgot to read out the date for this show. This one was recorded on the first of April, 2014.

Until next time, I’m Wembli

I’m Tempeste

I’m Wych.













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