BIND ON EQUIP Show notes Episode #73

BIND ON EQUIP Episode- 73

In this weeks episode of bind on equip-

all three hosts were peoccupied with a non wow obsession
the crazy train extends its tracks
and Tempeste brings content to the table, is this the end of the world as we know it?
All this and more on episode 73 of bind on equip



This Bind On Equip episode is brought to you in part due to the kind sponsorship of Bugger

Who’s doing the talking here, you might ask. Well i’m Wemb, and it gives me great personal pleasure to introduce to you my co-hosts The Wych… and the lovely Tempeste….

Wembs week.

* my bosses version of my idea to make work more productive continues to work well.
* very little wow across weekend due to fringathon which temp will cover.
* found out today that our music provider jimi hocking has rejoined the screaming jets and will be touring the UK with them supporting Status Quo.
* went to the football with princess yesterday to see our blues beat the reigning premiers from last year. we go to 11 games of 22 per year and are in the middle of a few games in a row.

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while listening to your latest pod-cast at work trying not to laugh to loud you guys started talking about your gold seller game and i thought to myself , that would be great to harass the hell out of them for once. Out lvling one of my toons i got a whisper from some prick telling me that my account was in danger of getting hacked and to go to some website to secure my account, so i replied back saying “really?” They logged off so a bit of a sad moment but maybe next time i will get one and i will have to tell you about it.

I was also thinking of transferring a toon or creating a dk or something so that i can join “the cool kids” but i don’t know maybe. but like everyone i love the show and it keeps me moving at along day at work.

lvl80 mage Srpooptroop (sr poop troop) kilrogg-us PVP GUILD

lvl80 pally Tannara kilrogg-us PVP GUILD

Temps week

I did not play a lot of wow this weekend, as I was busy having a Fringe-athon – Ashayo, Wemb and I watched all 20 episodes in 2 days over the long weekend! I had a lovely brunch on Friday with Wes, and two hours zoomed by, when I left to come home I was stopped by a police roadblock in the street before mine! So I ended up meeting Wemb at Ashayo’s place for a coffee which is where the idea of the Fringe-athon was born. We Fringed til 3am on Friday night, I got up at 7, Ashayo at 8 and Wemb at 9 (ish), we went watched another Fringe, went to the market, came home and watched another Fringe before Ashayo had to leave, Wemb and I did keep watching … Then on Sunday afternoon. Ashayo came back and we watched from where we had left off on Saturday until 1am when we finished season 1. I woke at 7.30, Ashayo at 8 and Wemb at 10 … who do you think has been complaining about the late nights? LOL

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hey boe crew,

Mentioned the pizza/sex concept to my wife and got an interesting, and slightly emasculating, response.

She took the idea a littlee further and said it can also be better to make the pizza yourself rather than go out to get bad pizza …

Not sure how to take this. Perhaps she’d prefer anchovies. Perhaps I need more salami.

This analogy works on so many levels

I feel at little worried … I’m sure there can’t be anything to it, can there?

I still like pizza. Quite a bit actually. Will try new varieties and see how I go.

Wish me luck.


Wych’s week

Well, I had my own Fringe-a-thon over the weekend as well. It’s been a week of broken stuff which included a leaking visor on my helmet, a crashed hard drive on the storage server which has all of Sharon’s docs on it & a rear tire blow out on my bike which required towing and me practically begging my mechanic to get it fixed today. On the plus side it meant I go to do the kid drop off & shop for a visor and look at some sexy new bikes.

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I have been listening for several weeks. Just got off my lazy arse and loaded the podcast on my phone. I’m debating paying for a server transfer just to come play with you guys/gals. I play with RL friends at the moment, but we spend a little too much time together so I look forward to coming over to you. Now I have to wiggle $30 from the wife and select a toon. I have a 78 rogue, 80 resto/shitty tank druid, and 80 resto/shitty dps Shaman. Any preferences?



(news or specific topics -add any current topics of discussion required)

Changes to raiding coming in cataclysm:

* 10-Man and 25-Man raids will share the same lockout.
* 10-Man and 25-Man raids difficulty will be as close as possible to each other.
* 10-Man and 25-Man raids will drop the exact same loot, but 25-man will drop a higher quantity of items.

My thoughts on this are that it is a great idea to have the same loot and difficulty level in 10 and 25 man raid groups. However sharing the same id is going to have a negative impact on the game. The end of 25 man raid groups, people who attend multiple raid groups are not going to be able to do this unless they have more than one end game ready toon, as it will no longer be possible to be in a 25 man raid group and 10 man raid group raiding the same content. People will not be able to help other guildies out with the weekly quest if it is in a dungeon that their raid group are working through.

Emblems going to be replaced by hero and valor points. Each time a new set of gear is released your valor points will be converted back to hero points and reset. So you can start earning new valor points for the new gear.

FigurePrints announces Busts

FigurePrints announced that they are now creating busts of your character. You give them your character’s name and server and they will produce a statuette of your character’s head and shoulders on a World of Warcraft labeled stand. They are being offered now at $69.95, which is quite a bit less than the full statuette at $129.95.

Half the fun of this announcement is the fact that you can get a preview of what your character’s bust will look like. You can choose to not show the helm, cloak and/or tabard. Or you can have your character wear one of several armor sets available.


Crazy Train.

Crazy Train took down Festergut and had our first look at Rotface this week. It is very exciting to be seeing new content on a weekly basis, but I think that we may spend a couple of weeks on getting Rotface down – it is very very confusing! Chol got two upgrades, Tranith and Wemb also receiving loot.

Other Raids.

Temp: I managed to do the weekly on 3 of 4 toons again – it is becoming habit!


weekly raid quest of noth done by druid and warrior.

Druid did flame and ice watchers in wintergrasp.

warrior did all four.


Temp: Despite not playing a lot – I did manage to do some heroics over the weekend … not as many as I should have though.


druid- utguard keep, gundrak, draktharon

Wych: Did H-Occ & H-CoS – amazingly Berat & I both got the blue drake on the same run in H-Occ


Pants On Head Guild.

Toons: 413 Accounts: 183

We were significantly short of numbers for our 25 man run this week, so instead I am going to try to get a second 10 man run going for those that cannot make Mon and Thurs.

GRATS to: Poory, Harmoknee, Mentula (yet another Teo) and Avengedsaint on dinging 80!

Funny guild moment.


Temp: Storme is at status quo at the moment … heroics, cooking daily, fishing, herbing, raiding. Her gearscore according to wow heroes is 2917 as is Pudendal’s.


World events.


Temp: Tempeste got her new frosty belt.

Wemb: got the delightfully named wrists of septic shock level 251. i think this will be the item to break the t9 4piece bonus. going to have to do some testing and discuss with sensai Teo.







Main – Got the blue drake from Occulus
Paladin – Got the bronze drake from H-CoS [now I just need 4.5K gold to buy epic flying on that toon]
Earned the achievement Heroic: The Culling of Stratholme for 10 points.
Earned the achievement The Culling of Stratholme for 10 points.
Earned the achievement 250 Stone Keeper’s Shards for 30 points.
Earned the achievement The Culling of Time for 10 points.
Defeat the Infinite Corruptor in The Culling of Stratholme on Heroic Difficulty.
Earned the achievement King’s Bane for 10 points.
Defeat King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty without anyone in the party triggering Bane.
Earned the achievement Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi for 10 points.
Defeat Skadi the Ruthless in Utgarde Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty within 3 minutes of starting the gauntlet event.
Earned the achievement Greedy for 10 points.
Win a greed roll on a superior or better item above level 185 by rolling 100.


Wemb: shout out to cypho and hypo from the Addo.

Wych: shout out to Allecia13 on twitter….how you doin’?


And I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I li-li-li-like it, li-li-li-li…
Here we go-o….

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