BIND ON EQUIP Show notes Episode #77

Show Notes – Episode 77 – May 25th 2010.

Bind on Equip episode 77, brought to you by TypeFrag Ventrilo hosting.

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Who’s doing the talking here, you might ask. Well i’m Wemb, and it gives me great personal pleasure to introduce to you my co-hosts The Wych… and the lovely Tempeste….

Wembs week.

On the job hunt.

Watched my football team lose with princess on sunday. If they are going to dish that crap up i want the conveniences of home, otherwise no point going to the game. microwave, laptop, tv videos etc.

got an sms from Zeddy today after ep 76 when wych and I decided he’d be a fan of the furry female worgen, as follows “Ep 75 re furry reference from wych. Fuck you theres no tentacles.”

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hello there BOE crew its darfo the insane mofo here and i just want to say stop it with the short shows i want to see a 5 hour episode pop up for me to listen to screw those guy who want you to keep it short i love you past shows but i am getting though to many in one day now please please please make a long show

forever your loyal listener and fellow outlaw darfo

P.S. on the whole out law thing, i thought it would be funny to put a cherry bomb or 12 in the stormwind royal crapper. i didnt know the king was going to be the first to use it and they blew off his ass /sigh it seems the agents at SI7 have found me once more talk to you soon i hope

Temps week

Had a Fringe athon last weekend with Wemb and the lovely Ashayo. At one point there was a simultaneous squeal from both Princess and myself – apparently that is the only time she has squealed so it must have been a scary bit! The ending blew me away and I can’t believe I now have to wait for the next season to come out! The boys and I enjoyed a pj day on Sunday – my favourite kind of day when it is cold and wet! Other than that, we are getting to the business end of the term, Princess starts VCE exams in a week, so life will get interesting! Looking forward to seeing Chol on Thursday night and spending the afternoon with him on Monday.

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Hey boe, Vyagra here.

Alas, ’tis summer and I am lacking a stable enough internet connection to play WoW during Children’s Week for the third year in a row (pet collector’s nightmare). I probably won’t be playing for another week or two (I’m helping my folks move), so to amuse myself and hopefully a few listeners I’ve come up with a question. If you had to play one character for the rest of your WoW careers, what race, class, and name would they be and why? Because I’m a kind and benevolent internetless WoW-addict going into withdrawls, you may include the class and race combinations from Cataclysm.

To all my fellow poh-ers that I miss so dearly: Stay strong and keep the pants on! Placement is optional.

Lost the net for pretty much 24 hours on the weekend which was truely bizzare but I did get to finish off a few comic trade papers I’d picked up lately – I can’t recommend “The Boys” to highly: Violent, crass, firmly anti-hero & funny all at the same time. Down to the 2nd last session for my tattoo now – the dragon has colour, 1 more 2 hour session & I should be done which is awesome.

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Howdy BOE

Just listened to latest show, never miss one and noticed the trend in loot from “the wych” or wemb…BOOTS. Here’s a helpful hint for you guys or listeners. Relentless non-epic gear is great for a filling the slots be it boots belt or bracers. It takes some grinding out the honor in BG’s and I’ve noticed the lack of hit, which sucks for the warriors out there but all the other classes seems to work well. Hope this is helpful. Keep rockin!

Monkeypoxs on Bleeding Hollow


(news or specific topics -add any current topics of discussion required)


Wemb- was alerted to this through a blog at which i really enjoy. MMO-Champion blue tracker highlighted somebody complaining about

third party software facilitating multiboxing in pvp competitions and

accusing Blizzard of supporting this style of gameplay.

Zarhyms response was

“There’s no suppport for multi-boxing on our end. We tolerate it. For now.”

  • surely no way that Blizzard would kill such a golden goose.
  • a fiveboxer pays $60 a month more than a single gamer and have paid for 15 game codes if they are playing 80’s.
  • without rules specifically banning five versions being paid at once, Blizz is inviting litigation if they try to ban someone playing five games at once. They could only ban the mod.


The World of Warcraft Remote Auction House beta test is now open for business! The Remote Auction House is a new service in development that lets players access the World of Warcraft Auction House from the Armory website ( or the Mobile Armory app for iPhone and iPod touch ( Players can browse their characters’ local Auction Houses with the same search functionality available in the game, as well as see the real-time status of each of their current bids and auctions.

As we’d mentioned previously, certain features of the Remote Auction House will be premium-based. Once the beta test is complete and the Remote Auction House is live, players will be able to subscribe to a new service called World of Warcraft Remote (, which will allow them to buy items; post items for sale from a character’s bags, bank, or mailbox; collect gold from their bids and auctions; and more. During the beta test, players can try out these features for free, and each World of Warcraft account will be able to perform up to 25 transactions per day. (Please note this limit will be increased at launch.)

The Remote Auction House beta test is now available to players on all U.S. realms. MMO Champion:

Crazy Train.

Crazy Train continue to work on Valrithia Dreamwalker. We only had 3 heals this week so we went in with that one healer in and two out and we managed to get her up to 80 something percent … It is a fine balance between more healing on the dragon and more dps to get the adds down quicker…

We did go visit VoA at the end of the night last night to kill something … and finally mage legs dropped – woohooo – won’t change my gear score but I will get the 2 piece bonus now, hopefully that will make a difference.

My rhythm in kiting the zombies is getting better – definately a plus having the spider out & Temp using slow but very challenging as the fight progresses to switch to main targets & kite which kills my DPS

Other Raids.

Spent most of the weekend not playing so did not do other raids, heroics or even many pugs …



Pants On Head Guild.

Guild Stats: 441 toons and 201 accounts … Thanks to Molly from Ladies of Leet who has sent a few people our way :)

Grats to Manahorn (elodar on yet another 80) and Lyvlem on 80!

We ventured back into ICC 25 this week. We had a couple of people not turn up and this made things difficult for Teo to organise replacements etc and then we had people leave and we struggled to replace them so it was a little incohesive which is quite contrary to raid success. We did manage to get Marrowgar down but did not get any further. We did introduce suicide kings for the 25 man runs to enable fair loot distribution – everyone gets randomed into the list so it basically equates to a random roll but the loot is shared around.


Ashayo is yet again back on top according to wow heroes! Damn ashen verdict ring and some loot off marrowgar in ICC25 on Sunday. Grats Ashayo.


Wemb- been stressing about building a tanking kit for my warrior. either dual spec or OT spec in Arms. I’m so stupid as i’ve just realised i have all these triumph emblems that i cant spend anywhere else. T9 tanking set here i come.

Wych: I noticed Wemb has a new alt…..

World events.

More talk of earthquakes and I am yet to feel one – I am sad about that.


I have been concentrating on working on my shadow set for my priest …got a new 245 helm and am going to make the bejeweled wizards bracers. My other toons are slowly building gear … but I have done so little work on them that their figures are not great!

Wemb- picked up my third piece of T10 gear. hopefully between daily heroic, raid quest and ICC runs i can accumulate the next 60 quickly to get the 4 piece bonus back quickly.

Wych: Got the 52K honour neck piece [Wrathful Gladiator’s Pendant of Triumph] on the weekend as well as a pair of 264 boots [Rock-Steady Treads] as made by our good mate Zooey…..and yet I am still at 26 for the guild on wow-heroes!



Wemb- closing in on exaulted with Ashen verdict to get my last ring upgrade.



Wych: I had a random BG weekend before the net gave out & I LOVED IT!



Earned the achievement 1000 Honorable Kills for 40 points.

Earned the achievement Arathi Basin Victory for 10 points.

Earned the achievement Damage Control for 10 points.

  • Do 300,000 damage or healing in a single battle in any battleground. The damage or healing must be done to a player.

Earned the achievement Ancient Protector for 10 points.

  • Kill 10 players in the Courtyard of the Ancients in a single battle.

Earned the achievement Drop it now! for 10 points.

  • Kill 5 players carrying seaforium in a single battle.

Earned the achievement Storm the Beach for 20 points.

  • Capture the Titan Relic in under four minutes.

Earned the achievement Strand of the Ancients Victory for 10 points.

Earned the achievement Artillery Expert for 10 points.

  • Destroy 5 vehicles using a turret in a single battle.

Earned the achievement Eye of the Storm Victory for 10 points.

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Tallon who is having a rough time.

Ladies of Leet – I am nervous and excited all at the same time about being on their show. A big hello to Molly who keeps reassuring me.

Chol, I am so excited about his visit this weekend. For all the ladies out there, I am not sure if he will be willing but I will do what I can to establish whether the rumour is true or not …

Aprillian who continues to tease me about not listening to their show despite having listened to their show more than ours …

Big shout to our mate Zooey who gets cranky if I don’t ask him for free enchants & gems….Thanks mate.


This goes out to the Snowdog:

I’m not expecting to grow flowers in the desert….

But I can live & breathe & see the sun in Winter time!

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Sadly for you the podcast is done. Luckily for us, we are always Wemb Wych and Temp.

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Sucks to be you 2010.