BIND ON EQUIP Show notes Episode #81

BIND ON EQUIP Show notes – Episode 81 June 22nd


Soccer World Cup

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Who’s doing the talking here, you might ask. Well I’m Temp, and it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you my co-hosts, the sexy Wych… and the sexier still Wemb …

Tonight, we have a special guest, we are joined by the ever lovely and super sexy Randysmolly, or as I like to call her My Friend Molly. Welcome hun, how are you?

Some questions I thought we could share around to introduce Molly to our listeners, feel free to add yours to the list.

Before we get into what we have all been doing in and out of the game, I thought we might introduce Molly to those of our listeners who may not be familiar with Ladies of Leet (OMG go download it now, 3 gorgeous ladies talking about all things gaming).

What is it like, for you, being a female in a male dominated world/industry?

Do you receive any negative feedback? If so, what form does it usually take?

What is your wow’ing history?

– How long have you been in aie?

– AIE is overwhelming, how do you find a friend in a guild that size?

Tell us about your appearance in The Guild, season 3, how did that come about?


-When did that start for you?

-How did Ladies of Leet happen?

-Were you involved right from the start?

Boe Wow Ambassadors- Ozzy

* Call Ozzy
* did you get the game box i sent you?
* was the dvd-rom inside?
* did you find the instructions?
* will you be able to load the game onto your computer?

Wembs week.

* Finally did the interview for a job i was interested in
* was missing a couple of licences i needed, but nothing i couldn’t get quickly so we’ll see how i go.
* otherwise been sick and trying to rest.

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I’ve been a fan of your pod cast since episode 26. I am now going back and listening to all of the previous show. Just wanted to drop you a line thanking temp for the guild invite.

With undying loyalty


PS. if you have any tips in lvling a warrior. This is the first time I’ve played the class.

Wembs tips on levelling a warrior:

* have fun with it, dont specialise too much from the start- you have to be able to solo and quest so don’t go all out tank skills.
* grab talents from all trees that will help you now, dodge and block to stay alive, rage builders/savers to keep in the fight, damage to kill quickly
* have a two handed sword for max damage, but also have a one hand and shield for when the odds are against you- you can switch while fighting
* battle is a good balanced stance, but experiment switching to beserk to smash opponents and defensive to stay alive against the odds
* warrior is the toughest class, you don’t have to mash buttons and use all your rage
* always charge into a fight if you can and put your dots up and keep them up- rend, demo shout, thunderclap, watch them and refresh them as they drop off.
* dots plus white damage (auto swings) will often win the fight
* managing your rage so it is closer to 100 than zero means you have enough to charge into the next fight straight away, or to spam heroic strike if you get an extra mob

Boe Wow Ambassadors- Tony.

Temps week

I have spent the week, sick and doing not much, get up, sort kids, sleep, lunch, sleep, dinner, raid/game sleep. I ended up taking Princess to hospital last Tuesday night which was not fun especially considering that I was already sick and now I have obviously shared it with Wemb! Sorry babe – clearly part of my plot to take over BOE! I would just like to say that last week when I was losing my voice and feeling really crappy, I got lots of lovely comments about how sexy my voice was, but not one – wow you sound sick comment, last night Wemb jumped on vent and the first thing everyone said was wow, you sound sick! Which he does!

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Hey it’s treebugger from Caelestrasz.

I’m a giant fan and love playing wow. For the time being mum and dad have cut wow away from me.

When I listen you guys give out so much good info, and just

have fun- it is like I’m playing the game again.

I’m a druid and I have found them to be the most enjoyable toon. I have

also heard that bugger has a Druid- they are soo much fun. I

wanted to know what realm you guys play on.

Thanks, treebugger

Boe Wow Ambassadors-Red.

Wych’s week

2 days “off-line” last week while I was away for work – thank goodness for my iPhone & unsecured wireless. The Worgen & I went out comic book shopping again on the weekend – he’s a gun, found me a couple of Batman trades I hadn’t read & they were on sale which was great! Also got Kevin Smith’s Green Arrow: Quiver….weird to think the same dude on smodcast wrote such a cool comic book.

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G’day Tezza, Wyzza and Wezza,

Streth mate bonza poddy. Cheers! I reckon Bind on Equip mob farkin rawks! Been flat out like a lizard drinkin but I wanted to give yas a quick cooee and say top yakka and that’s fair dinkum.

Yous guys are aussier than Hoges and that’s no porkie pie.

Gotta do the Harold Holt (I can’t keep this up much longer). So cheers again for the ripper cast (except for the Mark Mitchell bit – lol).


Cheers for the welcome into PoH

Cya round Aza(roth)

Mirth =)

(Baby mage, Horde Side, Jubei Thos)

PS. Why are all the great podcasts Horde Side?

Boe Wow Ambassadors- DG.


(news or specific topics -add any current topics of discussion required)

Long shutdown tonight, will it be the Ruby Sanctum and Battlenet Real ID patch? Also rumours that the beta is soon coming ever closer … CAN’T WAIT!

Cataclysm Closed Beta test super soon?

An interesting blue post appeared on the taiwanese forums. It looks like the deadline to claim the beta invitations won through the official contest is June 23rd. As a reminder, the NDA will lift as soon as the closed beta starts … I want to believe.

This is an approximate translation of the post. (Thank you Google!)

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Thank you for your support and patience!

Beta testing will commence in the near future. (How soon? I can not disclose the exact date, I can only say …… really very soon!) When 4.0 Beta launch, you will need an US client to connect to the beta servers. Players without the US client, you must first download the US version of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

I would also like to remind you that there are many players who did not send their contact information to confirm their beta invitation. Please submit your information before June 23rd or your Beta invitation will be given to another player.


Midsummer fire festival has started, am yet to do anything with this yet, but looking forward to being lead through the meta achievement by Ashayo … I have nearly been doing these for a whole year now! I hear you get Frosties off the boss in Slave Pens – a good chance to double up your frosties while the festival is on.

Crazy Train.

Crazy Train continue to work on Dreamwalker, I think we probably would have had a good go at her last night if it was not for two things: 1. Last Thursday night Jub jub had a huge server fart and went down for several hours and did not come back until 45 mins into our raid time and 2. Wemb and my CRAP internet and continuing congestion issues… Telstra YOU SUCK! Last night latency was so bad wemb and I kept getting booted and I think it hit an all time high during raiding at 4.5K

Other Raids.

The weekly raid was XT, managed to do that twice, once on the priest and once on the mage. Also completed VoA on both the mage and priest this week, no gear for either, but it is nice to cross it off the list each week.


My mage is working on the BC heroics, she never got to do any, cause LK was already out, so going back and doing those has been fun. Although occasionally we have to quest to be able to get the heroic key before we can go in. This week Ashayo, Zooe and I started in the Coilfang Reservoir Heroics. We started in Slave Pens where Ashayo was determined to run past mobs that Zooe and I seemed unable to and run on ahead, until first Zooe died, followed shortly thereafter by my death. I am sure that this was pay back for Ashayos death in Utgarde Keep last week. Vyv then joined us for the remaining Coilfang instances. Then Ashayo and I invited Chol and Sharp along to do do the Magisters Terrace, we knew we needed to do the regular instance first, so in we went blitzing through everything, and then we tried to go back in on heroic and realised we actually needed to complete a quest – so we got the quest, and back in we went for a second time round, this time the pet dropped – Grats Sharpy that is one pretty bird. Then back in for a third time, this time finally on heroic! We then spent some time working on Sha’tar rep for the warpforged key for the Netherstorm instances.


Pants On Head Guild.

Stats: 409 toons, 189 accounts. This is significantly reduced since I began purging members that had been inactive for one month plus.

The Zombie run approaches, I will start another racing guild and give everyone invite rights for that so that anyone can invite racing toons to that guild. That will be done this week.

Grats to Phalick (Wingy) on 80!

Congratulations to Ironman on downing another boss they are now 5/12.

Noob of the week: This week I am awarding this to Sharpy. After just getting her account back, she joined Ironman for their Saturday run, at the end of the run, Sharp made us run out of Festerguts room to the stairs for a portal back to Dal, so we all ran back and as we got there, we all stood in shock as we watched Sharp teleport out of the dungeon – leaving no portal behind. At that point Raj cracked the whip and said nuh uh, no way and summoned her back in to make a portal for us!

Sharp also auto ran into the trashmobs right at the start of that same run and got Wemb killed … I am sensing a pattern … watch out Wych.


My mage got the going down achievement, to which Ashayo said oh, yes please and got it straight after, this caused quite a twitter of sensation across guild chat and vent, especially with a drunk Sharpy! I also realised that my mage was 15 books from the Well Read Achievement … considering the list, that is not a lot left, so i looked up where to find the rest and have 4 to go.

Wych: ICC last night my crit was 70.48%! [Is there a crit cap?] and I managed to climb “The Brown Wall” for the 1st time in quite a long while. Tried to use the wolf with Heart of the Phoenix in the Dreamer fight while kiting the zombies = fail! Went back to the spider afterwards & it ran better. I also tamed a bird of prey with Disarm to test – seems to work quite well, not sure how it will survive in PvP vs the spider…..oh, and CURSE YOU WOW HEROES!


While Jub Jub was down a bunch of POH’ers jumped over to ER and hung out on our vent and played brand new toons. My Team Johnson priest is 22 and doing well after doing some questing on the weekend. My priest continues to raid with Ironman and am loving that despite an embarrassing moment between Canyin and myself the day before which continued on into the raid … I can only say that I should have known better than to be naughty … it always leads to trouble.

Wych: Spent some time on my lvl 15 priest supporting Wemb & Chol on their new hunters – fortunately I didn’t need to heal much ’cause I was too busy thinking about how I could help them as hunters

World events.


Wych: Obtained [Band of the Night Raven]. (Equipped)


Wych: I only have 1 piece of Frost gear left to get which are the T10 shoulders



Wych: Figured it was time to move on from fishing to cooking


Wych: Got my 2nd PVP mount the Black Chocobo – had fun with Straddle. Still not ready to do arena – doesn’t seem like it’d be as much fun or as random as the BGs.


* Wych
* Earned the achievement 10 Dalaran Cooking Awards for 20 points.
* Earned the achievement Chasing Marcia for 10 points.
* Complete each of Marcia Chase’s 5 fishing daily quests listed below.
* The Ghostfish
* Jewel of the Sewers
* Dangerously Delicious
* Blood is Thicker
* Disarmed!

Community Service Announcement ABTA


A big shout out to Ghostcrawler for taking time out of beer o’clock to record that bit for us.

Also a HUGE shout out to the person who got it for us … you know you are and we really appreciate all the things you do for us!

A shout out to the lovely Sat (Mrs Straddle/Zedd) cause it is her birthday this week. See you Sat for choc pizza!

Finally a huge shout out to Chol whose work visit to melb was cancelled :( but hopefully a few of us can meet up with you for your brief visit to Melb in July (also looking forward to meeting Tranith then too!)

A shout out to a great sponsor TypeFrag for lining up a contact with a great future guest/interview

Yes, I know I said I’d read out some itunes reviews but I had a look & saw 2 negative reviews and then raged up….and got distracted


* audible book special offer goes til the end of june
* 14 day trial account with free book offer for usa & canada residents.
* Wembs Recommendations this week…Sword of Shannara-Terry Brooks, The Running Man- Richard Bachman, Stephen King


I don’t know who you think you are…..
But before this night is through…
I wanna do bad things with you

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