BIND ON EQUIP Show notes Episode #94


BIND ON EQUIP Show notes – Episode 94 21th September 2010

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Who’s doing the talking here, you might ask. Well i’m Wemb, and it gives me great personal pleasure to introduce to you my co-hosts The Wych… and the lovely Tempeste….

Call ozzy- (answers after two rings)
Gold spammers
– I hear you’ve been contacted by gold sellers
– were you interested?
– how did you get him to stop
– Are you worried the roadies might be tempted?

Wembs week.
New Theory.
heard of Carbon Footprint.- Measure of impact on environment.
trying to eat better and get fit and lose weight.
new concept- Carbon Gutprint!
have a good stock of plastic shopping bags (reused) in the truck.
the containers for everything i have during the day goes into plastic bag.
coincidentally, ive noticed that the worse the food is for you, the more elaborate and bulky the packaging.
Think about it- pizza box, KFC box, maccas bag and fry container and shake cup. Take away lasagne plastic box, cans, bottles of fancy drinks.
compared to- apple-core, orange-skin. Sandwich- sandwich bag or clear wrap.
so each day you can see by the bulk of the bag you are putting in the bin, what your Carbon Gutprint for the day has been.

Work Buddy, NOT!
guy at work has been displaying passive/agressive nerves at my addition to the company.
when i started he asked me 4 times in 2 weeks if i had my semi trailer licence (heavy combination)
then he tried to warn me that i shouldn’t be driving the forklift unlicenced (i have my licence)
he said i should get my msic (i have it)
then he said they should let me have a drive of the DAF to get used to a semi.
then he asked if i was driving a semi one day for the company.
today he asked me how i feel driving the big truck, i replied much the same as the last 4 years. He then said that i couldn’t bring my 30 foot trailer under the awning because it was big trucks only, to which i replied that he better drive out because his container was 40 feet and all the trailers i have driven before this job were 45 feet!

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From Christie @LiquidWoW:
Hi there BOE –

Heard you talking about me & my date at the Debutate event. I’d like to apologize for our behavior, but I’m not a bit sorry – we had a lovely and lively evening. For future reference, I prefer “Skanky Yankee.” Had I known cast from the famous BOE was there, I surely would have introduced myself. And behaved more poorly.

Love to all –

Christie Moore
Liquid WoW

Temps week
It was my last week of work for the term, so I was having a great week, you can get through anything when you can say to yourself only 3 days to go, only 2 days, only 1 day, only 1 session … except that my last session on Thursday was a doozy! An hour into the session one of our little boys passed out unconscious for 5-10 seconds, and then another two boys collided and one got up like nothing had happened and the other got up like his head had been cut off, where the arm of his glasses sat had split with the impact of the collision!
Our unconscious boy was admitted to the Childrens hospital for tests and the other (cause we had done such a fabulous job of first aid) just had some surgical glue on his ear and he was good as new!

So occasionally you get so bogged down in the day to day of your life that you lose sight of the people around you. On Friday I suddenly became aware of Wemb, and we spent the loveliest of weekends reconnecting with each other, we spent quality time with our kids, and each other and it was really very nice, of course that all came crashing down when he did not get home from work last night til after 10.30.

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From Pantalimon:
How goes BoE,

New listener, first time emailing

In regard to show 93, flying in Azeroth without the previous expansions and only buying Cata, my
understanding is that this wont be possible.

If you grab out your old Wrath or BC boxes it says that it requires the previous expansion. If only
blizz would allow us to be that cheap.

Thanks for putting out such an awesome show.

Pantalimon (Panties) LVL 80 Space Goat DK of the Mighty Enigma Guild on the Caelestrasz server.


I will be coming over to the Jubei’Thos to join the wacky Panties on your Head guild, as soon as
uni goes on break. So save me a spot!

Wych’s week
Another week was had but I need to share a story……in our toilet there is usually a handful of trade papers which I avail myself of when I’m spending quality time there. Anyway I had noticed that my books had ended up out of order….and now I know why. S showed me a picture – The worgen on the can reading Transmetropolitan!

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From Darfo:
so i wrote in asking for some good news and although i have been depressed since sasha my pet grey wolf died 4 days ago your podcast episode 92 really cheered me up so thank you witch wemb and tempest from the insane mofo darfo

(news or specific topics -add any current topics of discussion required)

Brewfest is Here
Celebrated by both the Horde and the Alliance, the Brewfest ( ) is a time to enjoy the fermented fruits of the harvest: pretzels, cheese, and booze! The competing breweries Thunderbrew, Barleybrew, and the Ogres, all come together outside of all the major cities in a bid to outdo each other with their special ales, meads, and beers. This year’s iteration of the holiday includes new achievements. Brewfest runs from September 20 to October 5.
Bashiok: There may be nothing new for characters who have achieved everything in the previous year, but let’s not generalize for the entire player base.

Horde Guild Mount – Scorpion / Kron’Kar Annihilator

horde scorpion

Engineering: Goblin Barbecue

Cut Obsidian (2), Handful of Obsidian Bolts (2), Volatile Energy Converter
Goblin Barbecue
Requires Level 80
Requires Cooking (475)
Use: Set out the barbecue to feed your entire raid or party!

Restores 67500 health and 45000 mana over 30 sec. If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will become well fed and gain 60 Stamina and 60 in another useful stat for 1 hour.

Pre-Cataclysm World Event Thread

The early stages of the pre-Cataclysm events have begun on the PTR’s.
If you’re encountering any problems with the events themselves or have any feedback please post them in this thread.

There is a fun break down of the quests & screen shots on mmo-champion

Peacebloom Vs. Ghouls

Bloom and Doom
Achievement in progress
Survive 100 waves on Endless Mode the Peacebloom Vs. Ghouls quest.

Peacebloom Vs Ghouls

Peacebloom Vs Ghouls

1 of the rewards is:
Brazie’s Sunflower
Instant cast
Right Click to summon and dismiss Brazie’s Sunflower.
Apparently it sings:

Alchemy Mount
Vial of the Sands
Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial, Item #65893 (8), Volatile Life (80), Flask of the Winds (8)
Vial of the Sands
Binds when picked up
Requires Level 80
Requires Riding (225)
Use: Teaches you how to transform into a dragon, allowing you to fly very fast and carry an ally on your back.

sandstone drake

sandstone drake

Crazy Train.
Temp: Crazy Train continue to work on the Lich King. We have started to get better at moving during phase 2 and that is starting to see some results despite our dps not quite killing the valkyr we are not getting Arthas down to 60% and managing to not fill the platform with defile. Zooe helped us with some positioning tips and we are really starting to make some progress. Good work guys :)

Other Raids.
Temp: My priest went to play with Ironman this week and we downed the first 4 bosses in a breeze. Nym has decided to extend the lock on Thursday so looking forward to gettting into the next bit with my priest (although Valrithia scares the crap out of me). Must chat to Tranith about tips for healing when Holy which I think he went for the Val fight.

Temp: Yep still doing heroics everyday on my priest for the frosties for her 4th piece of tier 10! On one such heroic, I did a random pug over the weekend, and I wanted to shout out to Merrick, on the Gundrak server who when someone was whining about being out of it from pain killers from hurting their “pec”. Whispered me and said clearly it is a man, he is obviously dying … and then true to his word he whipped out his epeen and broadcast the dps meters to the group. We whispered and giggled the whole way through. So thanks Merrick for making a random pug fun, and if you ever think about transferring you are just the kind of person we would love to have in Pants On Head.


Pants On Head Guild.
Guild status: 384 toons, 168 accounts.
Grats to the following new 80’s:

This week (short notice), I have put up a For The Horde run on Saturday … Check it out, sign up!

Noob of the week: this week noob of the week comes from Crazy Train. On our best attempt at the lich king, Chol was frantically trying to take down a Valkyr before they dropped another member off the side of the platform, when he decided to use Killing Spree as a last ditch effort to save our raid member … unfortunately killing spree, ensures you stay in range of your target causing Chol to take a leap of faith off the edge of Arthas’ platfrom and plummet to his death.
Runner up was a raider who first had to be told they didn’t have a food buff. Then had to be told they had their chefs hat on. Hang on a sec, it wasn’t a raid member…it was the RAID LEADER!!! Tempeste.


I have been working on my TJ priest. She is now level 49.3. I have to tell you a story, about a pug I was in on my TJ priest. So get yourself a cuppa, relax, sit back and put your feet up. All settled in?
I pugged/randomed into Maraudon now for LFG and random purposes Mara is divided into 3 instances. The Purple side (with the purple crystals, the orange side (orange crystals) and what I call Princess (or the middle) and you load in from the waterfall … in fact you load in falling off the waterfall. Anyway I got Princess..
We are about 10 mins in this dude starts telling us about a girl in his guild who doesn’t have much luck with guys.
– She goes to a bar.
– Picks up, goes back to his/her place.
-Things get hot and heavy.
-She goes to the bathroom
-When she comes out he is naked on the bed, with a dildo strapped to his forehead and he says …
Funniest PUG moment EVER!

World events.
We have had the Harvest Festival during the last week. This is a non festival really! We have had Pirate Day. And Brewfest started Monday night. A couple of things about Brewfest, you don’t get experience for doing these quests! I am particularly excited about Brewfest because this marks the last festival that I require for What a Long Strange Trip. A HUGE thanks to Ashayo who has been my festival buddy (even if sometimes he starts without me) for the past year, he has bascially told me to go here, talk to him, get that quest, come here, do this for every event to make sure that I achieve every meta needed for this achievement and I really appreciate it. It has been an amazing year and hard to believe that its over.


We had a quick look at The Throne of Tides and a small look at Blackrock Caverns. It was fun to check them out. Crowd Control cannot be underestimated in Cataclysm it is ESSENTIAL. The character copies and premades are working again so I now have a level 85 priest to check out … but first I have to spec her and choose her gear and work out enchants and gems etc. Looking forward to finally getting a 5 man team in there on Friday night! Lots of nice cata pics to show you, I was fascinated by the flight from UC to Searing Gorge, there are a few things like walls that clearly need to be moved or the flight path adjusted slightly, but seeing the old world like this is amazing, the changes are staggering and I am really looking forward to levelling a toon through it all and experiencing the world and lore that goes with these changes. I have not had much more time than that sadly!

I decided to test the worgen racial “mount” Running Wild so I used the change faction option on the opening screen for my level 80 rogue. So I converted the rogue from male undead rogue to male worgen rogue.
Problem #1 – No transform ability, my guess is that because it’s learnt in the opening sequences of the race you can’t get it as a convert.
Problem #2 – Running Wild… guess it’s not working as intended

Running Wild Bug

Running Wild Bug

saw the new Worgen females….bunch of dogs!



Big Shout to Angus, who turns 9 on Friday! He won’t hear this but its the thought that counts!
Shout to Hyp and Cypher – your podcast makes me giggle and giggle and makes the tready half an hour fly by.
Shout out to Extrepid for the help with this weeks House Keeping

Take care til next time, cya!

It stays with you until
The feeling is gone
only you and I
This means nothing to me

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