BIND ON EQUIP Show notes Episode #118 Still Rockin’

Bind On Equip Episode 118, March 22nd 2011

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This Bind On Equip episode is brought to you in part due to the kind sponsorship of Bjorn Pennenburg, who wants me to try and say Roelofarendsveen (rowloh-farensfin?)

I’d like to introduce you to my two cohosts, firstly he’s the one with the can of shark repellent always handy,  the Wych!

Also, she has single handedly raised the world sales of tissues just by talking on vent, its Tempeste!

My name is Wembli, and this is my week..

Wembs week.

  • Great weekend celebrating Princess’s birthday
  • arrived at work on monday to discover that an lcd screen now lives on the dash of my truck. Apparently they are tired of doofus and the curious one demolishing things because all company vehicles are now equipped with not one but two camera’s- one for the blind spot looking down the left hand side of the truck, the other looking down the turntable as you back onto a trailer. Its quite distracting though.
  • by the time you hear this i will be on a short break. I am having thursday and friday of this week off and monday and tuesday of next week. I have a million things i want to try and do and i know i won’t do most of them but for podcasting i’m hoping to try and record the new intro i want to my satisfaction, get rth edited, get cable wasteland put out, record all the new sponsor bumpers i have up my sleeve, work on a soundboard idea i have for the show, record two parodies i have in my head, investigate some other podcast recording methods i have found, and look into a way of playing the live feed ouf our recording through vent for our guild and having live gchat feedback.
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Temps week
*I had a great week.  It was Princess’ birthday and I spent Friday shopping and baking for her!  Saturday we went to the zoo, We got to see the social herd (all the females and the two babies) in the big pool yard.  Mali is a nutter!  It was fun watching her trying to coax her half brother into the big pool!  After that we headed for choc pizza for dinner!
*Work is currently not worth the money I am paid. If your kid comes home and they are uninjured, and they learned something, I have done my job.  I don’t have to do it the same way you think it should be done!
*Funny story from Princess:  During an English class, they were discussing persuasive techniques, the teacher provides an example and then asks a random student what technique is being used.  This day she chose a girl that Princess describes as not very bright and her most common response to questions is “umm, I’m not sure”, the girl pauses, thinks about it and then says … “ummm … spelling?”
I am not sure about you but if I could persuade people to believe whatever I wanted through my spelling I would be a very wealthy woman!!

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Wych’s week
Had a pretty good week, We took the family to the zoo on the weekend which is one of my favourite places in the whole world. The new environments for the seals is awesome & the tigers were out & about but the rest of the big cats were as elusive as ever. We recorded Cable Wasteland on the weekend minus our resident Kramer [Mr Zedd] a little more streamlining this week & it was great fun to record.

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Rox The Horde

The Questions.


Rigarmorty Eric
@BindOnEquip Awsome stuff! Will have to nip home at lunch queue it up for listening this afternoon 😛

AdsDavidson Adam
@BindOnEquip loved 116 , i now have a unhealthy fear of bleach , vomit & stratholm :-)

Eisritter299 Eisritter
Listening to the latest rox the horde @bindonequip if I ever write a novel I want berat to voice the audiobook

Buggerwow Rick H
@BindOnEquip Loving the sponsor bumpers the past couple weeks.

Buggerwow Rick H
@BindOnEquip So @tempeste has specced into a Giggle Warrior taking the squeal talent.

Allecia13 Allecia
@TheWych I caught that at the end of BoE. ROFLMAO. Didnt want you to think I missed it. 😉 @BindOnEquip

THE QUESTION IS… Tank, healer or DPS: Do you play all 3? 2 of 3? or just 1?  What is your preference for class/role & why?

I played all 3 in wrath. but I prefer my hunter because I like being able to blow shit up, and live if everyone else dies 😀

I play DPS Mainly because I don’t think I can handle either of the other two

2/3 DPS&Heals; conventional tanking has never appealed to me (Hunter tank ftw!). Orc/Hunter Goblin/Resto Shaman – Looks&Racials

Pallysayce: (new guildie)
All 3, but I prefer healing & dps over tanking. Playing them all keeps things fun, & I can bring whatever the guild needs.

DPS because you point and shoot. If I’m feeling generous I’ll heal – priority list: tank, dps, hunter pets, @hypknotoad

I have always played the rogue since I started playing WoW. Recently I’ve been really enjoying my Prot Warrior though.

DPS why mainly for the lack of worry I put the pointy part into the bad guy or hit him with boom boom job done see no worry

As for which class/role it depends on the xpac. For Cata I’m enjoying dps with shad priest & fire mage. Heals with holy priest

I raid as a healer, which is the role I enjoy most. I’ll DPS if I have to. Tanking on my warrior was too much stress.

In PvE i prefer my hunter he is great for solo and group PvP i really enjoy the priest Healing in action is great

despite my Rox The Horde rolls as Tank & Healer. DPS is where it’s at! all the cool kids stand up the back

I really enjoy playing all 3 but I can only properly play dps

Currently, i am Running as Ranged DPS, Shadow priest, and love it.  I have also enjoyed Healing in the past.  Never have tanked but trust me, no one wants me tanking…

loving tanking atm, also enjoyed healing. Dps bores me. And I suck at it. 😛

Dps but started healing on a new worgen Druid and really enjoying it!

all 4 85’s are dps spec. Got sick of tanking in wrath and have never wanted to heal.

I like to play dps for raid, but right now im being asked to tank on my warrior when needed.  Have played all three in raid.  My druid is my preference he is able to do all three at once with starfall.

all the classes I play can heal: I play them as dps mostly because in too scared to screw up as a healer … But I want to heal

Definitely DPS. Pally, hunter, druid. Doesn’t matter. All fun. You hold ’em, I’ll hit ’em.

was a tank in old world and bc then came wrath now I am a healer plus a little Mage action wrath as a tank sucked

I’ve just played DPS though my pally was once duel spected for tank. Also played Warlock, Mage & now loving Shaman!

I play all 3… Somewhat average at all but the game stays fun!

healer when im at the computer. Mostly I’m afk checking twitter or making a sandwich.

Oni then says to Hyp:
or getting coffee

The lovely Allecia13:
Healer all the way baby! I dont know why, I just love to heal. Leveling a DPSer right now, and having tons of fun w/that tho :)

Brand new “sparkle pony” coming to the Blizzard store:

Blizzard posted on their Facebook wall that the above mount will soon be coming to the Blizzard store. 

We don’t know the official name of the mount (although data-mining points to it being called a Winged Lion, which would make sense), the price, or any other details.

Target position on Minimap in Patch 4.1
Patch 4.1 adds a very useful feature to the game, anything you target will now have its position displayed on the minimap! It’s obviously very useful when you’re looking for a NPC after using the /target command and I’m sure it will make a couple of rare elite hunters happy


New Valor Points and Daily Dungeons gains in Patch 4.1
Originally Posted by Lylirra (Source)
Right now, you receive 70 VP for the first random Cataclysm Heroic dungeon you complete each day. In 4.1, you’ll receive 70 VP for the first seven random Cataclysm Heroic dungeons you complete each week. Similarly, you’ll receive 140 VP for the first seven random Rise of the Zandalari Heroic dungeons (the new Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub instances) you complete in the week, too. Collectively, you’ll be able to earn up to 980 VP exclusively from Heroic dungeons, which in turn will count towards your weekly 1250 VP cap.

By transitioning random Heroic dungeon rewards from a daily format to a weekly one, we’ll be able to give players more control and flexibility over how they can earn VP — which is cool! — but this also means that we’ve a lot more bookkeeping to do in terms of where those points are coming from. To help with that, we’re adding a “Valor Point bar” (similar to an XP bar) to the top of Dungeon Finder UI that will track your weekly cap, as well as how many Heroics you can still run for VP during the week.

We’re going to be writing up a pretty big blog about that system since it’s somewhat complicated, but here’s what you can take away right now:

In 4.1, running random Heroic dungeons for VP is now something you can do on your own schedule. Feel like spending your entire Saturday queuing up as random? No problem!

The first seven random Rise of the Zandalari Heroics you run for the week will award 140 VP each. This is double the VP that you’ll receive from your first seven random “tier 1” Cataclysm Heroics, since the dungeons are considered a “step up” in difficulty.

You’ll be able to randomly queue for the Rise of the Zandalari Heroics separately from the tier 1 Cataclysm Heroic dungeons.

Each week you can earn up to 980 VP just by running random Heroic dungeons. If you want to maximize your VP gains, you can still reach the overall weekly cap of 1250 by defeating raid level content.

This isn’t yet on the PTR for testing. We’ll let you know when it is, though, and will continue to provide more information as the development of 4.1 progresses.

RSA Vulnerability and Blizzard Authenticators
The Blizzard Authenticators are based off modified Vasco tokens. I’m sorry to hear about RSA’s troubles, but it will not affect the Blizzard Authenticator. (Source)

People blocking mailboxes with flying mounts
You may have noticed that a number of mailboxes were added to the capital cities so that, if you happen to find one blocked, it should be relatively easy to walk a few steps and find another one that remains unobstructed. Most vendors are located inside buildings where mounts aren’t allowed too.

Having the option to use one’s flying mounts within the capital cities is ultimately more convenient than removing them to ensure access to services which should be reasonably accessible to begin with. (Source)

Heroic Instance Tiers
But, yes. The Rise of the Zandalari Heroics are considered a tier above the current Cataclysm Heroics. You can randomly queue for them separately, but you’ll still only be able to earn at most 980 VP per week from running Heroics, period (no matter what tier they are). (Source)


Crazy Train.
Thursday night we continued our BH triumph.  With some lovely pvp loot dropping.
We then did a BoT trash run and quick look at the first boss, where we discovered Wemb might need some regemming for dodge!  Then we went to have a look at Omnitron (omnitron is one of the first two bosses in BWD – it is the fight with 4 [yes FOUR] constructs).  We did not have the dps, however we did have Chol back in our raid group and it was good experience for him to see the fights.

Last night we went into BWD and on our first attempt got Omnitron down to 18% and we lost Wych and Sharpy very early in the piece, we did manage to battle res Wych for a short time ;).  It was at that point that I knew we were a good chance to get it.  Our second attempt we lost I think Zooe and Sharpy, we brought Zooe straight back up as he was healing.  The fight went for 14 mins and 50 odd seconds, but we got them down … which we were very impressed with seeings how we basically 9 manned it!
We got a very nice healing piece for Berat and we sadly de’d a rogue piece :(

We then went to visit our old mate, the big flaming penis, Magmaw.  We are still struggling with the strategies … We can’t decide which is going to be the best strategy for us … the hunter kite and we kill the adds strategy or the paly tank, tank the adds and just keep kiting them while we kill magmaw.  Both strategies need some work to perfect and we are not making much progress on them …

Other Raids.

Wemb: finding it really hard to do heroics. mon-raid, tues-boe, wed-free, thus-raid, fri-trying to watch a bit of tv with T, sat,sun-level the rth toon!
Temp: Trying to do as many as we can, looking forward to the change in heroics coming in 4.1 where you can do 7 random heroics a week for valor points, but you can do them anytime … so if you can only get on on the weekends – then you can do all 7 then!  At the moment between raiding and RTH I feel like I have barely any time!


Pants On Head Guild.
Guild Status:  514 toons.  Guild is level 21.  Earning the reward: Have Group Will Travel.  You can summon your entire party/raid to your location!  This is AWESOME for cutting down time on raids!

Grats to the following new 85’s:
Camris (Bugger)
Bwoid (Teo)
Rrubi (Rub)
Srubi (Rub)
Georgiarubi (Rub)
Zahzoo (Zooe)

Berat started a very strange trend of dinging all your toons 85 in one day …

Wemb: Really enjoying tanking on my druid. I’m still a little crap at it but i’m getting better and better. I found out i was following an outdated guide, so a little bit more investigation has helped me a lot. Just had a few of my threat priorities wrong.
Temp: My mage continues to be steady as you go, getting better at playing fire mage and hoping arcane gets fixed in 4.1 :)
Wych: Still running well with my Hunter, DPS & Damage are solid – haven’t done much else with him as I’ve been focusing on my Pali. I really need to work on my reps to get 40 before 4.1 drops. Interestingly enough even though Blizz gave hunters massive stables most of the hunters I’ve spoken to seen to only use 1 or 2 pets at most.

My priest is slowly gearing up, she managed to heal her way through regular Grim Battol which is one of the harder instances so I was pleased about that!  I need to work my way through some of the zones to get myself some nice upgrades via quest rewards or rep!
Wych: My Pali is now 525 in Mining & Engineering and once again thanks to generous members of PoH who gave up daily cool downs, mats & their time I have the 359 Eng head piece & a 359 shield as well as a few extras. He’s i344 now & I tanked Throne of Tides *again* on the weekend and feeling like I’m back in the rhythm and reading to raid with him this weekend with PoH Ironman. Mind you that fight with the waves of murlocs was killer – the section with 2 healers seemed to last forever! I had cramps in my fore-arm from desperately mashing the G13.
Wemb: the fire mage is coming along very slowly mainly due to time limits but i am hoping that i can level her to 85 across the six days i am about to have off.

World events.

Justice/Valor points.
Wemb: bought some valor gloves for my druid tanking spec last night and next time i log in i will have enough justice to buy some pants.


Wych: Tried to help Wing & Berat in Nagrand on the weekend against some 85 Alli tools who were griefing them. Well, I and a few others got pasted more than once but won out in the end….it served to re-enforce my dislike or worgen & druids.
totally forgot to sign up to Bogadh arena night but i still would like to join in.


Temp:  Nym who listened to me vent about stoopid work today!
Wych: Once more I need to shout out to the PoH craftsmen & women – you guys RAWK!
Wemb: I also want to shout out to all the people who have made gear for wych. no really. thanks.

Wemb: Holy role reversal Batman- feel hurt, so abused, stand in my door saying how you been used. no one will ever know the cold coming in your window. I didn’t choose to be the cobra, but make no mistake, i am. So suck on that.
Temp: We all make choices, that lead us to where we are today.  Own your choices, accept the consequences.  Then make sure tomorrow’s choices are good ones!
Wych: It’s important to take time out of each day to have a moment to yourself in quiet contemplations: consider your life, how to succeed in business or just wonder if the new girl at the bakery shaves her pubes – and if so what shape?

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