BIND ON EQUIP Show notes Episode #127 Dont go over….board – YEEAAAAHHH!

Bind On Equip- Show Notes – Episode 127 Date: 31st May 2011


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Intro- The Wizard.



My name is Wembli, and I’d like to introduce you to my two cohosts, the first is TheWych, the second, hello Tempeste.



Our Week in WoW with Temp.

I have had an awesome week of sickness, my voice is still recovering and the cough drives me nuts!  Work is good, the fam is good, wemb is amazing.  Life is pretty awesome!

Crazy Train.

Crazy Train rocked through the first 3 bosses of BWD last Thursday, before making our way to have a look (unexpectedly) at Atramedes.  We made our way through the trash and then had a very very quick look at Atramedes before we headed off for the night.  Last night we went straight back in, after watching the videos and had a far better idea of what we were doing.  Again seeing it and learning it is different to doing it, so we spent the night learning the dance.  My DBM timer was off for the Searing Pain and as I was on gong duty that made things a bit tricky, gonging early sometimes then late others …

We got him down to 48% so not a bad effort at all for our first night in.  I am sure that we will have him down very soon!

Wemb: at last the first few bosses in bwd are on farm for us and they are yielding rewards-359 boomkin shoulders from toxitron

359 tanking trinket from magmaw

I think the Atramedes fight looks easy. its just a case of learn the dance, learn your timings and we will add another scalp to the crazy train belt.


Other Raids.





Wemb has been complaining that he has not been able to complete a ZG/ZA random.  So we decided to make an effort and actually do a random ZG/ZA.  We got ZA (cause that is all I ever get) and did pretty well learning the fights and their adjustments.  We got all the way to the final boss where we scored the lynx and serpent thing … which I also always get … I think we probably could have done it, if it wasn’t after 10.30 on a school night, we were all tired and getting sloppy!  It was a great run though.

Wemb: Really enjoyed getting back to ZA. forgot what a great looking instance it is. i definitely lean toward the troll themed instances- za, zg, zf and arguably sunken temple-or at least most of it back in the day. Also got some nice 353 tanking bracers and boomkin gloves in there for my druid. Also a nice 24 slot bag as a quest reward cant be sniffed at.




Wemb: dont know what possessed me to use my druid as a pvp character- i am now building a third set of gear that i have to lug around in my bags which i added a chest and helm to on the weekend.



Spent another fun weekend doing BG’s with assorted people, but usually at least Berat or Zooe or Wemb are with me.  My resilience is now at 2872 … with 10 pieces altogether!  Although I might be spending my next lot of points on some heirloom gear for my poor warrior who keeps getting left behind.


World events.





Justice points.

I really need to get into some random heroics this week to build up some JPs and VP’s. I have been slacking off, but enjoying pvp.











I wanted to tell you a story about one of my BG’s on the weekend.  I zoned in and we were all standing around buffing etc, when I get a whisper from Nykrus – from the realm Thorium Brotherhood.  He says to me OMG I have a priest called Fantasi on the Gurubashi server.  (For those that don’t remember my priest is called Fantasie (with an e on the end).  He says to me she is a female BELF, same hair, same colour!  Check me out!   I have just been brain fucked!  It was a freaky and weird and funny all at the same time so a big shout out to Fantasi on Gurubashi, otherwise known as Nykrus on Thorium Brotherhood!  You have excellent taste!


Pants On Head Guild.

Status: 478 toons 158 accounts … more purging of inactive accounts.

Grats to the following new 85’s:

Rooster (Cypher)

Onihate (oni)

Sharpspirit (Sharpy)







Around The World (of Warcraft) with Wych

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Need roll makes items soulbound in Patch 4.2

It’s in 4.2 (


Anti Ninja Loot System

I think what you want is a system that keeps people from rolling on the gear you want because you don’t believe they deserve it to the same degree you do. There are already restrictions in place that keep people from rolling on items they can’t use. We don’t want to begin restricting what people can roll on based on current spec, because that’s not a black or white situation, which is how the system would need to be set up to work how you’d like.


There are some surefire ways to avoid or seriously cut down on situations like this, but it should be understood that if you enter into Dungeon Finder your rolls can go up against the rolls of someone else, regardless if you think you should get preference or not.


If you’re looking for a certain item, I’d let the group know before the first pull and ask if anyone else is going to roll need on it. If nothing else it’ll show everyone your intent, and put anyone on display who (at the consensus of the group) isn’t playing by what you’d consider to be fair.


[…] To bring one more to the table (or reiterate one, I haven’t read all 20 pages), and it’s one that is a big reason why the system works as it does: if only tanks can roll on tank gear, then it becomes really hard for anyone else to build up the gear they need to be able to tank. We would end up with a bunch of undergeared tanks (“Sorry guys, but this is the only way I can get armor,”) or worse, fewer tanks in the system overall because nobody can get gear. People would be forced to gear for healing or tanking through other means because they wouldn’t be able to move fluidly from leveling as DPS to Dungeon Finder and begin acquiring the gear they need to fulfill their role. Or, the Light forbid, one day someone decides they want to try healing or tanking and needs to begin building a set.


At some point systems become so ‘helpful’ that they’re a detriment. For that reason we have to reach a point where we’re making sure we’re stopping the majority of negatives, but not squeezing the egg of problems so hard that we create four messier ones.

Raid Instance Nerf in Patch 4.2 only applies to Normal

Of course, keep in mind, the nerfs that were announced only apply to Normal. (


Cataclysm Raid Difficulty Progression

I think the biggest issue now is that Cataclysm didn’t launch with an intro raid tier. We’re now following through with the stair-step method of having one hard raid and one intro raid, but it took a while to see the plan through — which is obviously a bit jarring. So now we have a new tier, VP converts to JP, the old tier gets stepped down and the new hotness is going to be that difficult climb.


I think if we had the intro tier/hard tier available (as we will in 4.2) when the expansion first launched it would feel more natural now to see that stair step just moving forward. With the current setup it seems like we’re the bad guys going in and messing with your stuff, and that view is somewhat based on not really including the new harder tier in the equation since it’s not available yet. It’s just not going to be an issue when the new content is available, but for now it’s something to make observations and personal declarations about. (


Firelands Difficulty

If you’ve completed Blackwing Descent/Bastion of Twilight then you should focus on Firelands (you’re ready to step up), but if you haven’t yet seen most or any of BWD/BoT we want to make sure you’re able to as soon as 4.2 comes out – not spend weeks running dungeons and grabbing the new gear before you can start progressing.


The content has been out quite a while, there’s no reason to make people wait and spend even more time running dungeons to grab the new gear before they can start on raid content they haven’t seen yet. (


Making Raid Encounters Harder/Easier

Plenty of people like the challenge, but not everyone has the ability or maybe even desire to be in a guild capable of tackling it right from the get-go.


It’s always been our intent to offer new raid tiers in Cataclysm that are difficult to provide challenge to the raiding guilds, and then gradually allow older content to self-nerf as people gear up through VP, and then eventual literal nerfs to the content. That’s something we’ve been communicating for some time.


Burning Crusade swung the pendulum one way, and Wrath of the Lich King swung it back too far the other. We’re attempting to find that middle ground where there’s still something brutally difficult for the cutting edge, but content gradually comes down until it’s extremely accessible (ie PUGable) either simply through gear proliferation, or literal content difficulty nerfs.


There’s always going to be two sides of the fence, some people want things more accessible for them and that’s cool, we want it to be too, and some people think it should be difficult and always be that way because that’s the way they had to do it. The fact of the matter is that as an MMO the end-game bar is constantly being raised, and progression content is in general not a place where we’re going to purposefully gate prestige through difficulty. There are some exceptions of course, hard modes and unlockable bosses are purposefully there to be more difficult challenges, but as a whole our intent is to create a constantly moving ramp upward for Normal difficulty raids. That has to mean that the Normal raid content that was the hardest will one day be the easiest.


You will very likely see this same happen for Firelands when the raid tier above it is released. (


4.2 Pets & Mounts

Littlest Pet Shop

Achievement in progress

Collect 150 unique companion pets.

Obtain 150 companion pets


Reward: Celestial Dragon


PvP Mounts – Epic Wolf and Horse PvP Mounts

Two new awesome PvP mounts have been added, the Horde War Wolf and the Alliance War Steed are rewards of the Veteran of the Horde II and Veteran of the Alliance II [win 150 rated BG’s] achievements. There’s also a couple of recolors but as far as I know only the first 2 pictures below are used.

PvE Mount – Flameward Hippogryph

The Flameward Hippogryph is a reward of the The Molten Front Offensive, you can get this achievement by completing all the questlines of the new Firelands daily quests area.

Community Blog – Asks the Dev #8 – Firelands

The new “Ask the Dev” is out and it seems that the Abyssal Maw dungeon is officially cancelled/postponed for the moment.

Originally Posted by Takralus (

Welcome to the answers thread for our World of Warcraft “Ask the Devs” global Q&A. These answers are in response to the round #8 questions, which can be seen here:

Q: What happened with the Abyssal Maw dungeon that was supposed to come with Firelands? – Maryjanee (EU-EN), Espiritu (NA)

A: Our initial plan for this raid tier was to have fewer bosses in Firelands and a small number of bosses in the Abyssal Maw. As we looked more closely at Firelands, though, we realized that it deserved more bosses. We also got excited about designing item art (and set bonuses!) that were very fiery in nature, and the Molten Front questing area was turning out to be really cool, so we ended up piling more resources into Firelands. That led to the decision to focus on one strong theme (fire), rather than a more diluted fire-and-water theme.


The case for Abyssal Maw pitch was that we could reuse a lot of existing assets (the fights were to take place in a giant shelled demigod like Nespirah), and while we are willing to do that, we thought Abyssal Maw would just pale in comparison to the magnificence of the Firelands. So, we put all of our eggs into that one basket. We’ve decided for now that the Vashj’ir quest line along with the Throne of the Tides dungeon does a pretty good job of finishing the Neptulon story.



Q: A majority of the fights in T11 favored having little or no Melee DPS. Are there plans to fix this? – Merissa (NA), Espiritu (NA)

A: We view this more of a class problem than an encounter problem. It used to be the case that casters really suffered whenever they had to move, which was the penalty they paid in order to make up for the fact that melee took a lot of extra damage. Nowadays, melee classes don’t really take that much extra damage, and we’ve also given casters a number of movement-oriented tools designed to keep their DPS from dropping as much as it used to when they are asked to shoot-and-scoot.


Whenever there are situations in an encounter that encourage grouping, the ranged often move into melee (with the occasional exception for hunters), but melee never move to ranged. Any of the fights that punish clumping also tend to punish melee more. We recognize all of these problems, as do many players, but it’s challenging to address them quickly. For example, without compensation, casters would suffer a lot in PvP if their movement tools were suddenly stripped away.


In the meantime, we don’t want to over-constrain encounter design, or worse, make it feel very formulaic by getting to the point where players expect the “melee fight” to be followed by the “adds fight,” followed by the “Patchwerk fight,” then the “ranged fight.” We’re making sure that melee have some fights where they can shine in Firelands. To use just one example, the Sons of Flame on Ragnaros tend to be better handled by melee than ranged.



Q: When Tier 11 content was first launched, the majority of fights in 25-person were explicitly easier than the 10-person version, such as Nefarian and almost every Heroic encounter. Do you have plans to make content for 25 players more appealing in patch 4.2? – Wynter (EU-DE), Nisana (EU-FR), Espiritu (NA)

A: The supposition that easier content is less appealing in the question is a bit puzzling given how few guilds have been able to finish the heroic 25 encounters. In any event, it wasn’t that we set out to make sure 10s and 25s were different. If anything, we wanted to make sure that 25s weren’t significantly harder, since many of the 25-player guilds were convinced we were trying to force them to become 10-player raiding guilds.


There were some fights at launch where 10s were too challenging (and some fights where the opposite was true), but we view those as nails in a board that need to be either beat down or pried up until they are more even with everything else. Progress in NA and EU on the 25-player content was faster than on the 10-player content, but this was probably largely because most progression oriented guilds in those regions were already focused on 25-player raids. This is also a regional difference. In Korea for example, there are a lot of hardcore raiding guilds focused on heroic 10-player content.



Q: Will we see anything of a sympathetic view of why Fandral Staghelm changed allegiances before he meets his demise? – Lorinall (NA)

A: Not every villain in World of Warcraft gets a chance at redemption. In Firelands, the new majordomo will show you no mercy, so we don’t recommend holding back. However, one of the final quest rewards available from the Leyara quest line in the Molten Front daily quest area will give you a chance to see another side of the former archdruid.



Q: It can be anticipated that mana regeneration and maximum mana will increase from gearing up with the new Firelands equipment. Isn’t there a possibility that healers can spam big heals again (and more quick heals) just like in WotLK? If so, is there any plan to handle this without class nerfs? – Whitewnd (KR)

A: As damage increases, healers will need to use their largest, most inefficient heals more regularly to keep up. That’s fine and was all part of the design. We just didn’t want players to opt out of mana regeneration too early in the content because then Spirit (and mana-related procs) on gear wouldn’t be attractive, and because we’d have to balance difficulty by making the tanks die in a couple of GCDs if not healed continually. Most progression-oriented healers still want large amounts of Spirit, often in every single slot. As they get more comfortable with their mana, they’ll be able to replace some of that Spirit with other stats, but the Spirit will still be valuable; more Spirit on a set piece for example might mean being able to use a different enchant or reforge on another piece.


This is still a much better place to be than we were with Lich King content, where mana stopped mattering in the first raid tier. Aside from the mana changes we’ve already made to Innervate, Mana Tide Totem and paladin heals, we don’t think an overall regen nerf is necessary.



Q: Do we have any plans to include events similar to the Wrath Gate? – Mushik (LA), 잔메르 (KR)

A: We have a short cinematic or two, but nothing on the scale of the Wrath Gate cinematic for 4.2. We enjoy that kind of epic spectacle and we’ll do it when it makes sense; however, we also received plenty of feedback from the Cataclysm questing experience that we occasionally took control away from players too often, especially in Uldum, in order to tell the story, so we want to be very careful when we do that in the future. That said, there are some very cinematic moments in 4.2 such as watching the druid trees on the Molten Front grow or seeing the bridge form to Sulfuron Keep.



Q: Will there be weekly missions in the Firelands similar to Icecrown Citadel in where the players were required to alter the dynamics of each encounter in order to complete them and receive rewards such as promordial saronite and gold? – Orisai (LA)

A: We aren’t doing these types of quests for the Firelands raid, but that doesn’t rule out us doing them again in some future tier of content.



Q: In Cataclysm, it has been hard to find unique raid mounts such as Siege Engines in Ulduar or Drakes in The Eye of Eternity. Can we expect to see battles using unique mounts or other objects among the Firelands raids? – 빛그리고사제 (KR)

A: We were worried players might be suffering from a little bit of encounter vehicle fatigue. We’ll do it when it makes sense for an encounter, but we don’t want players to get sick of seeing fights on vehicles.


There are several fight mechanics in Firelands that depart from usual “don’t stand in the fire” or ”interrupt important spells” routine. For example, you can fly during part of the Alysrazor encounter, you climb webs during the Beth’tilac encounter, and you steer Lord Rhyolith around in a manner very different from standard kiting. (



Q: Is Ragnaros gonna have a speech about setbacks? – Gerox (NA)



The Wemb Report.

(mail, comment, topic of the week.)

Wemb- Firstly, i have a doofus story.

i’ll begin with some background about doofus..

●     as you know he leaves a trail of destruction in his wake where he has ruined turntables, done body damage to his truck, other trucks in the yard, cars in carparks and one corner of a building.

●     he has left deliveries without getting a signature, failed to get pallets transferred and left the delivery and the paperwork at on delivery.

●     he goes the wrong way in the yard, stops in the middle of the yard, cuts in front of other drivers, and generally drives them crazy.

●     when they get angry he tells them he’s in a hurry, he’ll only be here a minute, he just needs to talk to the depot manager.

●     last week there were four drivers waiting to get unloaded and he drove in and around them, blocking the truck at the front. The driver at the front lost it but walked to the tea room where the depot manager was and said he had had a gutful and was gonna belt him. The depot manager told him to make a cuppa and settle down and he would go and handle it.

●     depot manager goes out and tells Doofus that he can’t just drive to the front like that. By this stage the other driver had come back out and doofus shouts at him that he had to move his truck so he could drive out and around to the back, cos he didn’t want to reverse up all that way.

●     the now very angry driver totally lost it and went nuts at him listing all the dumb and inconsiderate things he does basically giving him all barrels.

●     rather than take his medicine and get in his truck, cut his losses and move, Doofus elected to step forward and say that the driver wasn’t his boss and he doesn’t answer to him and he could get fucked.

●     the other driver answerred him with a right cross to the mouth. He then told him he was a fuckwit and needed to smarten up and fit in with how the place works and walked off.

●     again Doofus didn’t know when to shut up, and told him that he was the one who was a fuckwit and that doofus wouldn’t be listening to anything he said.

●     the driver then turned around and gave him a bit more chin music to go on with.

●     amazingly all the drivers who were in the yard at the time of all this were looking in another direction while all this happened.




From the Desk of Mantufalf
Whoever you are, wherever you come from I will find you and hunt you down and find you. Where have you put the real Wych, Wemb and more importantly Tempy.
Episode 125, nothing about their lives, no banners, just Wow, you nearly pulled it off but without these we know its not them.
In all seriousness, i don’t know if it voyouristic of me but personally I love hearing about the funny anecdotes of your lives. I was really upset that you killed housekeeping but this is too far. I’ll still love and listen to the show but something was missing.





Buggerwow Rick H
@TheWych Rofl on your comment at the end of @BindOnEquip 125 regarding iTunes – “I’m desperate for your approval.” U need to reread ur book!


tempeste Tempeste
RT @BindOnEquip: Listeners of 125 asking “why did you take your lives out of the podcast?” DONT PANIC! We still talk about us,wait for 126.


philbert95 Phil Morgan
@BindOnEquip Woot!!!


cypher_x Rick M
@BindOnEquip Is the “Don”t Panic” an subtle homage to Douglas Adams on Towel Day?


Allecia13 Allecia
@BindOnEquip Thank goodness! I was drafting an e-mail about that very thing! lol /hugs I missed that a lot. <3

grimrok grimrok
Listening to ep126 of @BindOnEquip … I don’t think Handel could have dreamed his work would have featured in the midst of a domestic :-)


PallySayce PallySayce
@BindOnEquip @wemb Lovin’ your new theme music, mate. Appropriately legendary.


cypher_x Rick M
@BindOnEquip Earlier today @ie_ashli suggested you start doing a segment called “Aussies Talk Dirty”.


cypher_x Rick M
@wemb Good to hear the sunglasses of justice again. As soon as you said sound board I was waiting for it. @BindOnEquip


Hads01 Hads
Thanks @BindOnEquip for the new background



THE QUESTION IS…what direction would you like us to take Rox The Horde in next?


PoHCholdar Will R
@wemb @BindOnEquip what about a dual group? Ten people, five horde, five alliance. Get them to meet regularly, pvp etc

booft tim aka tranith
@BindOnEquip Get all your RTH toons into Godmode!!!! <insert hilarity here>


TheManbone Man Bone
@BindOnEquip Run around Un’goro crater killing raptors and call it Rex The Horde


Indigored_hot Indigored
@BindOnEquip How long for all 5 toons to cooperatively hit gold cap.


joboy77 John Vergara
@BindOnEquip how about having all 3 of you on dps showing off your l33t skills?


Mantufalf Sarah Connel
@BindOnEquip easy take them through to 85 dungeons and BG – Sarah


Hads01 Hads
@BindOnEquip left, yes definatly left


Epidermuss Kevin Haslam
@BindOnEquip if you could get the extra chars I would like to see you do some BC and WotLK raids at level with just the gear you got



WoW, The Universe & Everything

Welcome to WoW, The Universe and Everything where we spend 60 seconds with a listener and challenge them to answer 10 random questions about WoW, the Universe & Everything!  Welcome to this weeks guest …..


<insert applause or game show music/sounds>


As this is our first show we’ll make it easy: Your time starts……..NOW!

  1. What do people call you?
  2. Horde or Alliance?
  3. Toast or Cereal?
  4. The Capital of Australia is?
  5. Thrall or Garrosh?
  6. Complete this phrase from Warcraft: “Zugg……”
  7. Top or Bottom?
  8. What is the boiling temperature of water?
  9. Favourite Super Hero?

10.  and finally……Cake or Death? (or bacon!)

And of course like any good game show you don’t go home empty handed! This week our guest wins……

<drum roll>

A an official Bind on Equip postcard signed by the 3 of us!


If you’d like to appear on WoW, The Universe & Everything drop us an email at bindonequip@gmail or send a DM to 1 of us on Twitter!


Rox The Horde

A big thanks to the people who came with us to Rocks The Horde kara:

Oni, Sayce, Act and Bear.



Jeppy.  Thanks for the lovely thoughts messages and hugs.  We will definitely have to have you back on VERY soon – it has been too long!


Wemb: before i go, in the immortal words of Bette Midler,

“Just remember in the winter

far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed
that with the sun’s love
in the spring
becomes The Cobra!”

Temp: Sunshine makes the heart sing, get out there and get some vitamin D.

Disclaimer:  BoE believes in responsible intake of uv rays!


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