BIND ON EQUIP Show notes Episode #134 A Class Act

Bind On Equip- Show Notes – Episode 134

Date: Tuesday 19th July, 2011


Intro- The Wizard.



This Bind On Equip episode is brought to you in part due to the kind sponsorship of   Alex G!

My name is Wembli, and I’d like to introduce you to my two cohosts, the first is TheWych, the second, hello Tempeste.



Our Week in WoW with Temp.

Had a lovely week, despite losing my voice.  I had Wemb home for a few days and it was nice to spend some time with him.  We took the boys and dogs to an off leash beach in Port Melbourne – then hot chips at the beach for lunch.  It was awesome!  We spent a few hours at the market stocking up for a few weeks!  It was nice to sit and have a cuppa with Wemb and just Wemb.  We also took the kids out for brunch.  It was a really really nice break!  I started back to work yesterday after a 2 week break and all of our kids are sick!  WTH!  I have been enjoying Google+ (if you don’t have an invite and want one, so you can check it out, send us an email or tweet us).  Just a tip on that, if you are on Google+ and you add me … if your name is not one I recognise, and there is nothing to connect you in your profile, then I am unlikely to add you.


Crazy Train.

Crazy Train has had a weird couple of raids, we have been one short for the last two runs and so having to do roles that we are not used to.  It has made me realise that while running lean is good for everyone getting a go, it is not good if you have a couple away.  So I am going to have to look at our options going forward.  Hoping to finish off BoT and take a second look at the BH new boss on Thursday.  The great news about that is that they have reinstated VP for the original cataclysm raid bosses.  Far reduced (35 instead of 120)  but it means that it is not a waste to spend time in there getting gear and valor points while working on the bosses in Firelands.  Having said that I am hoping that we will be headed to Firelands next week!


Other Raids.



Actually did a heroic this week, which was hilarious.  I wanted to do a regular heroic so it did not take forever … we only had 4 guildies so we pugged the 5th dps spot and randomed into ZG … I forgot to change it to regular.  So we explained it to our 5th and asked if he wanted to go to a regular with us … we ended up getting Grim Battol >< It was looonng anyway.  But we did get it finished eventually!




I have spent a bit more time on my mage this week trying to be a bit more conscientious!  Guilting Wemb into doing dailies every day 😉  Working on trying to get some heroics going.



Still spent quite a bit of time on my priest, doing dailies and doing bgs.  Still loving it!

Wemb- started levelling my warrior this week. doing hyjal to unlock the welfare gear but otherwise it will be pvp a-go-go. Loving arms but read a post on elitist jerks that said fury and arms are very close now for pvp. will investigate.


World events.



Justice/Valor points / Honor/Conquest points.

Wemb-i’m struggling to comprehend the changes to the point system. i don’t know which gear i need, whats best in slot yad yada yada. gonna have to get organised again.



Wemb-hit honored with therazane on sunday. now honored with all but Ramkahen and the new one.






Quick chat about world pvp.  I have grown used to being attacked out in the world while trying to complete a quest or do dailies, but the firelands dailies have really made it into something special.  The closeness and the amount of stuff going on really has given the cowards out there the opportunity to gank to their hearts content.  I am fine with being attacked when I have a fair chance of defending myself, but to attack me, while I am fighting 3 mobs and am low in health (like under 10%) from WAY behind me so I can’t even SEE you, is GUTLESS!  If that gives you a buzz, then I feel sorry for you, because you won’t ever know the great feeling that comes from being attacked by a fuckwit like you and managing to survive or better still kick YOUR arse!

Wemb-i’m pretty ok with it, in fact bring it! If the prot pally is a cockroach the feral druid tank is a Cane Toad!





Pants On Head Guild.

Guild Status:  452 toons 149 accounts.

Grats to the following new 85’s:

Cellmate and Exterred!

Grats to Ironman who took down Al Akir (Throne of the Four Winds) last week!



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Around The World (of Warcraft) with Wych


New Real ID Party Feature Now Available for Testing


When delving into the depths of Azeroth’s darkest dungeons, it always helps to have some friends at your side… now you’re able to issue a call to arms no matter what realm they play on. We’re pleased to announce the new Real ID Party feature is now available for testing! This new feature will allow World of Warcraft players to invite their real-life Real ID friends of the same faction to a party regardless of the realm they play on, and then queue up for a 5-player regular or Heroic dungeon.


To learn more about Real ID, please visit the Real ID web page and read the FAQ.


For more information about how the Real ID Party system works, check out the FAQ below.


Real ID Party Feature – Test Phase FAQ


Q: What is the Real ID Party feature?

A: Players can now invite Real ID friends of the same faction to a 5-player normal or Heroic dungeon group, regardless of what realm their friends are on. This system is designed to make it easier for real-life friends to play together.


Q: How do I invite Real ID friends to a Real ID party?

A: Inviting a Real ID friend to a Real ID Party is simple. Just open up your Friends list to see which Real ID friends are online. Click on the “Plus” button to send an invitation to a Real ID friend to join your group. You can continue to add Real ID friends to your party until the group is complete. If you cannot complete the group with Real ID friends, you are free to join the Dungeon Finder to fill in the missing roles.


Q: Does a player need to have Real ID enabled to accept a Real ID group invite?

A: Yes, a player must have Real ID enabled, and both players must be Real ID friends to accept or initiate Real ID party invitations.


Q: Can a party leader invite a mix of Real ID friends, character-level friends, guildmates, or random players to the same party?

A: A party leader can invite any combination of Real ID friends from any realm, guildmates from the same realm, or other characters from the same realm to the same party. If the party leader isn’t able to fill up the entire party, the Dungeon Finder can fill in the missing roles.


Q: Can I invite someone who is not a Real ID friend?

A: You can only invite members to a party if they are on your Real ID friends list or if they are on the same realm as you are.


Q: Can I invite a friend of a Real ID friend?

A: No, you can only invite those who are Real ID friends with you directly to the party.


Q: How long will the testing period last?

A: We haven’t yet determined how long the testing period will last. We’ll keep you updated on the status and inform you when the test period is going to end in the future.


Q: Will aspects of the Real ID Party system be premium-based?

A: We’ll have information on the premium-based aspects of the Real ID Party system toward the end of the testing period.


Q: Can I invite a friend of a Real ID friend?

A: No, you can only invite your own Real ID friends to the party.


Q: Will aspects of the Real ID Party system be premium-based?

A: We’ll have information on this toward the end of the testing period.


Arena / Battlegrounds / Raid / Cross-Faction RealID Grouping

This is as of yet to be determined, much like the requests for Real ID Party for Battlegrounds, Arenas or Raids. There are a lot of technical limitations to consider and try to work within. We’ll keep everyone informed should any of these come to pass as something we plan to add as a part of the feature. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


RealID Party and multiple WoW licenses on the same account

There’s a known issue that doesn’t allow the feature to be used at all if someone is logged into multiple World of Warcraft licenses on the same account. It has nothing to do with inviting yourself, multiboxing, etc.


Ask The Devs #11 – Healing


Q: I spend a lot of my time in raids keeping Water Shield up, which I rely on to maintain enough mana. There have been times I’ve neglected to heal someone because I had to refresh Water Shield. Why are shaman healers less effective compared to other healing classes? – Epistemology (NA), Ерз (EU-RU)


A: We’d like to be more consistent about what does and doesn’t trigger Water Shield. Having the shield trigger when taking direct damage, and consume an orb, is consistent with how all shaman shields work. On some encounters though, constant pulsing damage probably burns through those charges too quickly and doesn’t need to do so – that said, if you’re having to refresh Water Shield often, that also generally means that you’re getting a large amount of extra mana from all those procs that are burning through it. A situational glyph (like we have for Lightning Shield) could help with this issue, and that may be something we consider in the future.


Shaman raid tank healing is, if anything, underrated. With a combination of Earth Shield, Riptide, and Greater Healing Wave fuelled by Tidal Waves, a shaman’s throughput can be quite impressive. Yes, a Holy paladin using Beacon can more effectively heal two tanks who are simultaneously taking damage, but on the other hand, a shaman can deal better with multi-target damage or healing clumps of players. Healers have different strengths and weaknesses, which is fine as long as it doesn’t get too extreme, but we recognize that the core functionality of being able to heal a single tank who is taking heavy damage from a boss is something all healers need to be able to do, and we’re satisfied with the current balance in that regard. We will, of course, make adjustments if inequalities begin to appear.


The Mana Tide change in 4.2 was primarily aimed at reducing the mana available to non-shaman healers in raids. In short, shaman are balanced around always having their own Mana Tide, but other healers are instead balanced around their personal cooldowns (Shadowfiend, Innervate, etc.). Adding Tide on top of those often led to other healers having access to so much mana that managing the resource became a non-issue in many situations. The change from Improved Water Shield to Resurgence was designed to offset the Mana Tide reduction’s personal impact to the shaman.


Q: Is it intended for “smart” heals and target capped aoe spells to heal companions/pets like bloodworms instead of players? Can you redesign Shaman’s Chain Heal, so that it can jump over full HP players to a target without full HP? Do you have any plans to make chain heal stronger/more appealing for 5man/10man content? – Epicfail (NA), 珍妮佛羅培根 (TW), Pikapika (NA)


A: True AoE heals (e.g. Healing Rain) will heal pets and guardians, but will not count those units towards the AoE cap. We’d prefer for “smart” heals to prioritize players over non-players whenever possible, and we’ll continue to improve the logic on such heals until that is the case – it certainly doesn’t feel particularly satisfying to see that you’ve just delivered a critical heal to a Bloodworm.


Chain Heal is inherently a situational spell – that situation tends to arise more often the more players are present, but we don’t have any plans to redesign the spell to make it the go-to heal when there are fewer players present, or they are all spread far apart. We’d rather augment other tools, or add new ones, if it appears that Shaman healing is inadequate for particular situations.


Q: At the start of Cataclysm, the the idea was given that developers wanted to step away from niche healing and let all healers be capable tank or raid healers. Has this goal since changed? Is there any plan to change the dogma “Holy Paladin = Tank healer”? As I remember, devs said that they wanted to change this formula in a past interview but Holy Paladins are still considered as a tank healer, indispensable for raid. Even thought other healers can heal tankers, there are people who say that this job is hard for other healers. – Frazlo (NA), 트롤학개론 (KR)


A: The goal hasn’t changed. We added three new heals for paladins and changed their resource model to make them a better group healer. You can argue that we didn’t go far enough and we should have given paladins even more new heals, but we didn’t want the Holy spec to be unrecognizable for a long-time player.


We suspect several paladins would turn your question around and argue that it’s not that they are indispensible tank healers, but that they can’t compete against other healers for group healing. Ultimately, we think the problem is Holy Radiance. Light of Dawn is a finisher so it’s never going to be continuously available for periods of intense group healing without unshackling it from Holy Power. Holy Radiance could be changed however. Our original concept of Holy Radiance being a tool the paladin used to heal those around her never quite panned out – we had to keep bumping the range to make it a useful heal, which removed much of the positional gameplay. Currently it is potent, but fairly “fire and forget.” A paladin is never choosing not to use Holy Radiance, unless perhaps mana is very tight. A better model for Holy Radiance, and something we are considering for the next content patch, is as a cast-time spell with no cooldown that generates Holy Power (for Holy paladins at least). This would give Holy paladins an actual area-healing rotation — Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn — that they could use instead of the single-target heals. Currently Holy Radiance can just be layered on top of the other heals, so the paladin isn’t shifting into group-healing mode the way a shaman can focus on Chain Heal or a priest can focus on Prayer of Healing.


Q: Are you still considering creating a new heroic class of healer? Are there any plans for adding any new class with a healing talent tree in future expansions? – Molatuna (EU-FR), Elvenadoren (EU-EN)


A: Obviously, we can’t talk about future expansions yet. What we can share is that whenever we have discussed adding a new class that can heal, the biggest question we debate is whether the healing model should be similar to the existing classes or something radically different. Something different has the potential to attract players currently burned out on healing or maybe even new healers. On the other hand, it would be much harder to balance. We know the three-heal, mana-and-Spirit based system largely works.


Q: What are the developers’ thoughts on perhaps giving Discipline priests three strengths/types of shields/absorbs, in a similar manner as all other healers have three main heals? Discipline priests (especially those purely going for absorb) always were unique through this absorb, I mean: Shields. Why does this become shorter and shorter, always saying we should go for direct healing instead? In that case you could play another healing class that has better direct heals. – Kahlan (NA), Zerreshju (EU-DE)


A: Balancing the Discipline Priest is often challenging because they can provide so much more damage prevention than the other healers. If Discipline priests had all absorb spells instead of heals, it might make them mandatory for all raids but weak when healing a 5-player dungeon. That said, replacing one of the three mainstay heals with an absorb for Disc is certainly something we’ve talked about before. It’s too big a change for the current expansion but something we’d like to explore in the future. Power Word: Shield is instant so it’s hard to build a whole rotation around that spell. If Discipline had an efficient cast-time absorb and then used Power Word: Shield more for instant healing, their toolkit would feel more fleshed out. However, players who cling to the attitude of “I’m a Disc priest; I should only shield,” aren’t really understanding our design for the class. Ditto with druids who only want to cast hots, or paladins who only want to drop heal bombs on the main tank. “I’m good at something” isn’t the same as “I only do that thing.”


Q: When healing, it is hard to see the overall screen because healers must keep an eye on the Raid frame. And due to PVP balance issues, dispels are only allowed for healer’s. This situation makes it too harsh for the healers and gives to much responsibility and also a burden because healers have to heal and move at the same time during raids. Isn’t this a little too harsh? – 스페이드 (KR), 신기하군 (KR)


A: Well, raiding isn’t only hard for healers. In fact, most of the time the damage seems unhealable, it’s probably because it is intended to be unhealable and there is some aspect of the fight that you’re missing or not executing as well as you could. While raiding healers have a lot of responsibility. It is our sense that most of them want that responsibility – that it is what attracts them to healing.


While we agree that we’ve had fights with too much “urgent dispelling” as you put it, we’ve tried to be better about that in more recent content. The dispels on Valiona and Theralion or Ascendant Council need to be done at the right moment, which is emphatically not as soon as the debuff appears. You need a smart dispeller for those mechanics, not a quick dispeller. We also had fairly “urgent interrupts” in Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight, which are often the responsibility of melee, we continue to have situations where tanks need to respond immediately to something (say a tank swap or incoming adds), and we have mechanics where anyone who isn’t aware of their surroundings can wipe their whole group.


We definitely use incoming damage as a tuning mechanism, but we also use berserk timers to set a high bar for the DPS specs. There is a risk that if berserk timers are too tightly tuned that raids may attempt to replace healers with more DPS, which isn’t doing the healers any favors either. Note that limiting dispels to healers isn’t just a PvP balance issue. We wanted to know for sure that every 5-player group would be able to dispel magic. The alternatives were that there could never be important debuffs to dispel or some healers just wouldn’t be viable for some content.


Q: Healers are usually responsible for the loss of the teammate, but not all the mistakes are made by healers, such as over taunt or damage zone avoidance. This also happens in the 5 man dungeons frequently. Is there any chance to add a design to punish damage classes with inappropriate behavior? Is there ever going to be a clear indicator that the indivdual died from “unhealable damage” in combat logs/on screen warning? – 明亮 (TW), Galadruin (EU-EN)


A: We see the mindset slowly changing from the notion that anytime someone dies, it’s the healer’s fault. We agree that there could be more situations where we make it obvious that the healer couldn’t realistically save the DPS from their mistake. On the other hand, saving other characters is part of the fun of playing a healer, so we don’t want to totally remove that gameplay. We also provide many specs with sprints, self-heals and emergency buttons of their owns, so the answer shouldn’t always be unhealable damage. We also are making more and more use of mechanics where “standing in the fire” doesn’t cause damage, but causes a debuff which lowers DPS, hitting those players where it hurts the most. Finally, we are exploring more on-screen warnings for dangerous debuffs in the same way we alert you when certain class procs have gone off. We just have to be careful not to turn the default UI into an unrecognizable sound and light show.


Q: How do you plan on addressing our inflating spirit and mana pools later in the expansion to keep mana a resource, rather than a solid blue bar? Do you plan to preserve a principle of rational use of mana, which makes it interesting to play a healer? In the beginning of Cataclysm we had to use almost every spell to succeed, while now everything is about pushing a couple of your best healing spells. With the release of a new patch the level of equipment will raise significantly, and we won’t have to think about mana regeneration any more. Do you plan to somehow adjust encounters or healing mechanics perhaps? – Nehalim (NA), Ксенас (EU-RU)


A: Our plan was always that healers could gradually grow out of being very mana-limited, but we didn’t want that to happen in the very first tier of content. If it happens in the final tier of content, that’s fine. It will help healers feel like they have actually become more powerful from accumulating so much gear. Consider that tank health, mitigation and avoidance increase with each tier, as does the size of heals and the rate at which you cast them, and those are probably sufficient to offset the increased damage being done by bosses and trash.


In heroic raids, even today, healers often rely on their inefficient heals a great deal, so there isn’t a ton of room to expand into becoming even more inefficient (and therefore requiring more mana regeneration). As such, you should consider Spirit somewhere in between the stat continuum of hit and something like haste or crit. For the former, there are hard caps. For the latter, there are inflexion points where the value of a stat grows faster or slower, but in general more is always helpful. For Spirit you need enough to feel good about your healing longevity and anything beyond that is probably of diminishing value. We think this actually makes itemization as a healer more interesting for the player than just grabbing more and more of a particular uber stat.


With the raid content we have released for Cataclysm so far, we feel like we can put pressure on healers to keep tanks alive without repeating the gameplay we had in Wrath of the Lich King, where the smart way to play was to keep heals constantly going because of the risk of the tank dying in two back to back hits. Even with increasing regeneration, we don’t think we’ll get back to a two-shot the tank situation for Cataclysm. If your tanks are dying faster than you can heal them currently, again, you’re probably missing something about the encounter or aren’t quite ready for it yet.


We had originally planned on having bosses in later tiers scale so that players would need more crit, hit, expertise, dodge and parry for later tiers. We ultimately decided not to do this, at least for the current expansion. That decision was driven partially because we couldn’t figure out an elegant way for stats like haste to scale with boss power and partially because we weren’t convinced our planned UI would communicate the concept clearly enough to players. For example, would just bosses be affected? Just raid bosses? If not, would you want separate sets of gear for dungeons vs. raids? Those are solvable problems, but we weren’t convinced the path we were on would solve them as well as we would like.


Our current numbers wouldn’t work if we had a dozen raid tiers before increasing the level cap, but that’s not our plan.


Q: Are there any plans to give Holy Priests access to a viable 3-minute raid cooldown? There are concerns that without a cooldown along the lines of Power Word: Barrier, Spirit Link Totem, or Tranquility, we may need to play disc a lot in firelands. Maybe simply an improved Divine Hymn? – Maladi (NA)


A: You can make the argument that the Holy priest doesn’t have a similar raid cooldown like Power Word: Barrier, or that Divine Hymn isn’t as powerful as Tranquility. However, we feel the Holy priest toolkit overall is strong, that they provide meaningful contributions to raid healing, and are well represented in actual raid groups. It’s possible we may make Divine Hymn more of a Holy (rather than Discipline) priest thing in the future, and bump it up to around where Tranquility is, if the need presents itself. Overall, Holy priests are fine. They have enough benefits that few guilds seem to be sitting them for want of yet another raid cooldown, and Guardian Spirit remains an exceptional tank cooldown.



Q: Looking at the healer changes with patch 4.2, there are changes being made to paladins and druids, but there doesn’t appear to be any for either the priest or shaman. Do you feel comfortable with where these two classes are? Where do you feel the other healers are at currently? – Sergan (LA)


A: As we write this, heroic attempts on the Firelands raid have just begun and the new PvP season has started. At this time, we are happy with all five of the healing specs. We don’t think there is a weak or mandatory healer. We try not to change things just for the sake of change. We know that constant changes can be exhausting for players, so we try to resist the urge to tinker with mechanics, specs or classes that are basically working fine. We suspect that sometimes players fall into a mode where if they don’t see copious patch notes for their character that they feel like we don’t love them anymore. We love all of our classes. If you don’t see any changes in patch notes it either means that we don’t think changes are warranted yet, or that we have future plans to change things that we haven’t quite solidified or lack the ability to implement exactly how we want. This doesn’t mean every class is now perfect and requires no additional tweaks – far from it. Just try and distinguish between “my dude hasn’t changed lately” and “my dude is fundamentally broken and the developers don’t know or don’t care.” We can assure you the latter sentiment is never the case.


Q: What is the reasoning behind certain classes that lack a healing spec (such as a rogue) being able to self-heal better than a dps spec of a healing class (such as a balance druid)? – Idej (NA)


A: A great recipe for class homogenization is to go down the list of every ability and make sure that every class has their own version of that ability. We don’t think powerful self-healing is mandatory for every character. Some classes are inherently better at it than others. As long as the overall package is competitive, it’s okay for specs or classes to have strengths and weaknesses. If the overall package isn’t competitive, we’ll certainly hear about it.


Our definition of hybrid class is a class that has a tank or healing spec. We don’t spend much effort to make sure that the DPS specs of hybrid classes are more “hybridy” than the DPS specs of mage, warlock, rogue or hunter. Sometimes hybrid DPS specs might be able to throw out a heal, but unless used very strategically, those contributions are often in the rounding error of the healing provided by the dedicated healers. And when DPS specs are healing themselves (Frost and Unholy DKs before 4.2) or others (Ret paladins before 4.1) too much, we take action there as well. So it’s not a priority for us that Balance druids are great healers. We recognized going into Cataclysm that rogues had a lot of down time while solo, that they didn’t have many options for spending combo points after a target died prematurely, and that too much rogue survivability was based around crowd controlling an opponent. Thus we thought there was a need for Recuperate. If Balance druids have similar challenges, then we’d look for solutions for them as well, but they would hopefully be unique or at least kit-appropriate solutions.


Q: With the changes being made to critical heals, do you feel that crit will become a more prominent stat for healers, up there with haste and mastery? Or is it a less important change aimed at balancing between the pve and pvp aspects of the game? – Derëk (LA)


A: Even with the 4.2 changes, haste may very well be a more attractive stat for healers. We’re just trying to narrow the gap. It’s not important for all stats to be identical as long as they aren’t so far apart that you’re tempted to keep perfectly optimized gear from a previous tier instead of less perfectly optimized gear from a new tier. We want a healer to take gear with crit seriously (even if he would ultimately prefer haste) rather than passing or sharding it. We made the change mostly for itemization reasons and for any PvP vs. PvE concerns. PvP healers tend to have low crit chances anyway and we have other ways to balance healing in PvP should it become too powerful (predominantly the Mortal Strike and related debuffs).


Q: Do you feel that the three-heal model you implemented at the start of Cataclysm is a success? Have you changed your expectations or goals in regards to the three-heal model after watching a tier of raiding? How do you feel about how the various specs are using or avoiding these three core heals? – Anohako (NA)


A: Overall, we still like the model and we intend to keep supporting it. One flaw with the system is that healers in 5-player dungeons often have to make harder choices about which of the three core heals to use at any given moment. In raids, especially in 25-player mode, healers can afford to specialize more. To be fair, raids often replace spell-choice complexity with encounter complexity, but overall it would be nice if players graduated from less complexity to more complexity as they went into more challenging content rather than the reverse. As a theoretical example, imagine that priests didn’t have access to Greater Heal in 5-player dungeons, so the choice would be between the fast, expensive Flash Heal vs. the slower, efficient Heal (in addition to all their other tools of course). It’s hard to develop a system that would make such a restriction make sense, but you get the idea.


When comparing classes, the intent was always that the druid and Disc priest would use those three core heals the least. It is a design problem (though not a massive one) that those two specs can specialize so much in 25-player raids that they can forsake their three core heals to a great extent. In smaller groups, they still need to look at their full toolbox. We like the way the shaman works, particularly with Tidal Waves providing synergy among the three core heals. The paladin model is close but as mentioned above, they have to rely on the three heals too much because they don’t have another heal like Riptide or Penance to add to the mix. Holy priests still suffer a bit of the reverse where there are so many heals that it’s hard to provide niches for them all. We’ve talked about a spec model where there are even more specialization spells (like the ones you get at level 10) so that we can have more spells for each healer without players having to spend talent points on them.


Rated Battlegrounds Queuing Times


Hey all,


We are aware of the issue regarding extended queue times affecting Rated Battlegrounds. We’re currently investigating the situation and working to resolve it as soon as possible, but there isn’t an ETA for when this process will be complete. We’ll provide further updates as the situation develops and we thank you for your patience in the meantime.


Tier 11 Valor Point Hotfix

Due to some recent player feedback we’ve made the decision to implement a hotfix that will put Valor Points back on the bosses in Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, and Throne of the Four Winds (except Argoloth).


We agreed that players should have some additional options for earning Valor Points beyond Firelands, Zandalari dungeons, and tier 11 Heroic difficulty raids. We don’t want raiding guilds to feel like they have to raid Firelands AND the old raids every week, but we do want players to feel like they have some options besides running ZA/ZG over and over.


Bosses in these raids will award 35 VP on 10-player normal difficulty, and 45 VP on 25-player normal difficulty, to match the rewards currently offered for the Heroic versions of those encounters.


This change should be live within the next few hours. You can stay informed about the latest hotfixes by checking the Patch 4.2 Hotfixes article for updates:



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The Wemb Report.


  • 3 days of holidays with T&kids
  • got lots done, hit the market, bought heaps of plants, tidied up garden, games of cluedo with the kids, took the dogs to the beach, went out for brunch (eggs benedict with bacon and mushrooms), started organising my renewed computer but its a massive task.
  • got back to work on monday, couldn’t find truck…oh its being serviced!
  • one day doofus drove the little truck- broke a gate, lost the blindspot mirror on the left side.
  • won the drink lotto- all our bottles in the vending machine went out of date- we got to keep em.
  • drove doofus truck today. bit of fun, but stressful driving a truck you arent used to. its huge, massive blind spot, heaps of grunt. He still didnt get the shit fixed from last time i drove it.


*Robert Plamer: Looking for Clues


Hi Wych, Wemb and the gorgeous Tempy,

Well I’ve forgiven you for the the change of format and I love it. Been a bit busy so no email and I see that you are lacking in that department, so I thought i’d fill your sack (oo’err).

I chose elixir mastery and then having got 525 Alchemy, I started producing Truegold (505g on the AH each). After a discussion with a Guildie I realised to maximise my profit I should be transmute mastery so I switched, 6 6 days before 4.2 I got 10 Truegold’s which meant I could buy fast flying and then Bloody fast flying (350%). Then 4.2 hit and since then I have not received a single extra Truegold. I have raised tickets twice only to be told it is a random event (no shit Sherlock). So I waited for my Truegold to proc extra and still none, So I have sent a third ticket in, asking them to validate the my Transmute Mastery although appearing in Professions is actually applied to the Character, so I wait with baited breath, if they say oops it wasn’t then I’ll be asking for 5K in compensation!!.

My new main Polmaria now 85 Warlock has moved to Destruction and the imp and loving it, with 344 iLevel i’m getting there, although I do think Mr Robot is in Collusion with Blizzard as a Gold sink!!.

Any Love to you all

Sarah, Polmaria Level 85 warlock.




AndrewMarrow Andrew Marrow

@BindOnEquip re BoE 132 talk about Keymaster, I would like to see this given as a new Title to people who had the achievement taken away.


GrimmAIE Grimm

@BindOnEquip Any idea why the last 6 episodes in my feed all show the date as 5/30? Not a huge deal. They are just out of order in the feed.


Tendor_88 Owen Burt

@BindOnEquip Just want to say thanks for making working on a Sunday bearable, Tendor UK


TheWych The Wych

@GrimmAIE@BindOnEquip What device/service? They appear correct on iTunes & the RSS file.


GrimmAIE Grimm

@BindOnEquip Just got caught up on the show and was so bummed I missed last weeks Twitter question. My late entry is T-Bone Panama!


THE QUESTION IS… What is your least favourite class/race combination? Why?


bossrhino Tim

@BindOnEquip would have to be a gnome prot warrior. It just seems wrong.


Freakin_Ninja Eric Ergen

@BindOnEquip Space goats shamans… just bother me. that and warrior’s in pvp, broken fuckers.


Buggerwow Rick H

@BindOnEquip Least fave races – undead & space goats. Least fave class – rogue. Because they kill me!


wellerj1 James Weller

@BindOnEquip Draenei anything. You are a big blue goat/man…


Rrubb Glen

@BindOnEquip gnomes of any class, but worse of all gnome rogues , creepy little backstabbing bastards


toliman Michael Guy

@BindOnEquip spacegoat anything. i tried to level one, switched to horde entirely based on the whole spacegoat experience


Nethwench Jules

@toliman@BindOnEquip You mean you don’t go in for the female waggle? 😉


Dragoska70 Dragoska70

toliman Michael Guy

@Nethwench@BindOnEquip which ones are the females ?


@BindOnEquip Damn gnome rogue…very hard to target in pvp. Always stunning and disappearing.


Nethwench Jules

@BindOnEquip My least fave is undead hunter. There is just no logic and it violates hunter lore. (Yes I take my hunters too seriously.)


Bullbag Andy Douglas

@BindOnEquip female dwarf deathknight…I have tried it,not pretty.


Epidermuss Kevin Haslam

@BindOnEquip blood elf’s are my least favourite race the men are more girly than the women


grimrok grimrok

@BindOnEquip Gnome-priest…. an offence to priests everywhere!!!


PoHCholdar choldar

@BindOnEquip Gnome Warrior. Anything that small shouldn’t be able to tank. And they are too hard to target.


Nethwench Jules

@PoHCholdar@BindOnEquip Don’t hurt me but I’ve always found them amusing. Our MT in vanilla was one – him vs nef was always funny


trimbleirl trimble outland

@BindOnEquip undead warlock. it just fits the lore.


jasonetheridge Jason Etheridge

@BindOnEquip Tauren shaman, or really Tauren anything. Just don’t like the beef.




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Bind On Equip is not responsible for any side effects – As with every nutritional supplement, if you have questions or concerns about any particular ingredient, please ask your doctor.



Straddle/Zeddy:  For being an awesome person, an amazing cock, an on the ball raider, and realistic, understanding and chilled out dude.

Wingy:  Whose wife is going to be induced tomorrow with their second child, good luck, I hope all goes well and can’t wait to see pics.

Tranith: sending you hugs!

Joeboy- listener and twitter buddy who has joined the guild, and the only one who stood with me on Sunday when i was under attack from Tempeste and Zooe. Staunch support mate! Hope your wife aggro was able to be debuffed.

Mattie & Wingy for the Priest chat on Sunday when they & a few other noticed I was playing my newly race changed RTH Priest on Sunday.



Make good choices, chat next week!

I’d like to leave you with this thought. Yes Oni, a mongoose will defeat a cobra most times, although its a different story with the King Cobra (or Rockstar Cobra as i like to call it), regardless,theres one cobra that always wins cos its one in a million. Its the Wemb Cobra…Champ.



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