Bind On Equip:WoW #164 In, Out – Shake it all about

Bind On Equip- Show Notes – Episode 164

Date: Tuesday 6th March, 2012


Welcome to Bind on Equip Wow podcast episode 164

I’m Wembli,

I’m The Wych,

and I’m Tempeste.

This episode is brought to you in part due to the kind sponsorship of Sayce.


Highlights for the week

(Other Raids, Heroics, World Events, Gear, Alts, Professions, Achievements, Pvp etc…)

Temp: Warlock made her debut in bg’s

Raided on my priest in DS with Paranoid Yorsahj to Hagara.

Raiding with CT last night – Awesome

Wemb: really wound up the money making machine this week. Firstly I found the end of the rainbow as far as skinning is concerned.
I found a spot that –
spawns so much and so quickly that I can pull up to eight mobs at a time
-I don’t have to move more than ten steps
– I physically have to ignore mobs to get the skinning done.
-I took the Wych there and we could barely keep up, even with 2 or 3 others there
-in the end temp joined us and looted while we killed
-there are also loads of greens that drop and a pristine hide has dropped each session, also an enchanting pattern I gave to temp worth 3.5 k.
-I made about 4k per day from that with Temps help turning the savage leather into heavys.

-spent a day at the top of the wow heroes charts which
– loads of fun.
-None of us take it seriously,
– bragging rights for the short time you are there!

Wemb: got shadow priest up to ilev 370- 2 points to go! did some pvp with mixed results, looking forward to lfr.

Wych: After an hour or so of failed BG’s I Handbagged it with Iron Man in Firelands on the weekend…wow, way to be humbled. I think even the healers beat in DPS on a couple of fights

Crazy Train.

Temp: Ultraxion! Woot! GREAT work CT, our 3rd attempt of the night.

Blackhorn Trash Event – OMG

I miss Thursdays run due to a CPR refresher.

Monday we are in Firelands!

– gunship fight is a great new challenge,
– shown me something about myself
– I can’t pinpoint what the differences are
-some things really quick reaction time to
-some confuse me/deer in headlights
-can pick up Sapper really quickly


Wych: I tanked that fight a few weeks ago with Iron Man – gotta say after last night I wish I was a tank again….fark!


Guild News.

Temp: Congratulations to the following new 85’s:



and Anklebiter.

Congratulations also to Paranoid on their Deathwing Defeat on Monday!


Funny Guild Story: Joeboi – 15 mins due to Parental controls.

Real Life Anecdote:

Temp: Things between our relieving Directress/Teacher and the other assistant have cranked it up, they are now going at each other before and after each session whenever there is no one around. Its all fun and games. Getting ready for Princess’ 18th Birthday bonanza.


Mists of Pandaria Press Tour Next Week

We are getting closer to the March 13-15 Mists of Pandaria Press Tour which will bring even more new Mists of Pandaria information! The NDA on the info revealed during the tour lifts on March 19 and will hopefully followed by the Alpha/Beta test shortly after.

Work story


hey everyone every time i listen to you all you just make my day making me laugh almost the whole time i listen and with Zooe having that luck finding rare and saying hack of finding them i had a time i was blamed for hacks and i remember it was during BC during a Botanica run i had won every single item from boss and mobs and i was shocked that i won it all and then they were accusing me of hacking the rolls and i just laughed at it keep it up and tell Zooe to keep is rare pet finding a secret from everyone and to quote an old wych saying “THE COBRA!!!”
dwarf Hunter

Hello folks…Thank you so much for continuing with the pod cast. I was a little bummed when I heard you were no longer doing the all drood/hunter parties (or did you? I dont remember hearing any recent stories) but as always your show cracks me up, which during my recent long (but over) stretch of unemployment was always welcome!!
Big burly furry man hugs to you all!!
Best…..and oh…….FUCK!!! Just cuz I can say that on your show!!
PS D3 beta is the SHITE!!

Well Guys,
You asked for it here is my picture of Booby’s

Speak soon

The Big G
@zooexhibit @TheWych I had something similar at a local subway, catching up on the back log of @BindOnEquip and the whole tat on bum

Michael Rambo
According to statistics, Australian women are most likely to have sex on the first date. @BindOnEquip@wemb @TheWych @tempeste

@BindOnEquip @wemb Quoting the Mother Superior from Sound of Music = Pure Genius

@BindOnEquip It has been a while since I have played on my JubJub toon. Might be time to put my pants back on my head.


  • thought it was time to chat about a new person at my work

  • drives the reach stacker (big craney forklift that lifts containers)

  • bit of a bikie

  • has to get his bogan haircut “refreshed” every 4 weeks- takes time off work to do it.

  • drives the reach through the back yard like a go-kart, regularly see him get the 40 tonne vehicle, carrying a 20 tonne container up on three wheels

  • has earnt him the nickname “Earth wind and fire”

  • saw him brought undone

  • last guy in his job was Paul- that i got along with- mate of listener Andarf

  • paul left because his dad was dying of heart failure and he kept having to take time off

  • the day his dad lost his fight, he came into work after a very very very long day of drowning his sorrows

  • i was chatting to him and he saw EW&F who had written 1% on his hi-vis vest with a sharpy. “what a cock” he says to me.

  • i asked what it meant- its a biker term basically meaning that only 1% of club bikers are real bikers who live the life, ride their bike everywhere no matter what, always wear club colors etc and do everything putting the club first.

  • Paul did ride everywhere, i’ve seen him ride in hail you couldn’t see through

  • his mates wanted him to seriously join the club they were in but he wouldn’t because he wanted a married life etc and couldn’t commit the way he would have if he joined

  • anyway so he drunkenly says to the young bloke as he walks past “hey, whats this shit about” pointing to the 1%

  • EWF starts to explain what it means, he says “i know what it means. Do you? Wheres your patch? wheres your bike? which club are you with?”

  • he says he used to ride with a club but he isn’t a patched member right now.

  • Paul looks him up and down and says “i think you better fuckin change that to 3%.”

  • EWF knows this guy is the real deal so he walks off

  • Paul lets him get about 2 steps away before delivering a drunken “Fucking idiot” to his back very loudly.

  • EWF has had a few days off recently, some fridays and once he came back after one with a new tatt, another time with new polished chrome on his bike.

  • i don’t think he will make the cut when his 6 month trial comes up.




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