Bind On Equip:WoW #166 Fat Panda Party

Bind On Equip- Show Notes – Episode 166

Date:  Friday 23rd March, 2012



Welcome to Bind on Equip Wow podcast episode

I’m Wembli,

I’m The Wych,

and I’m Tempeste.

This episode is brought to you in part due to the kind sponsorship of Sayce.



Ingame – Highlights for the week

(Other Raids, Heroics, World Events, Gear, Alts, Professions, Achievements, Pvp etc…)

Temp:  I have no ingame highlights other than raiding I have not been in game.


Crazy Train.

Temp:  We took down the first 4 easily on Thursday night but Vyv is having trouble mastering the button clicking required for Ultraxion, which does not bode well for the next fight because OMG I know I was sick last night but seriously SO much going on, on that ship!!


I have no idea what is going in the guild other than Grats to Bistecca (Gray) and Nevre on 85!  I have been so out of it the last two days.


IRL:  It was Princess’ party and 18th birthday on the weekend.  She had a great night and great weekend.  Wemb did a great job of the catering on the night due to me being almost unconscious.

Wemb often sleep talks.  The other night he was making really strange noises … rah rah rah .. this made much more sense when I got up and saw a tweet about his zombie killing dreams.



  • The final patch of Mists of Pandaria will be the Siege of Orgrimmar! Both factions lay siege to the city to bring Garrosh down and end his reign of Warchief.
  • The new LFR loot system will allow everyone to roll individually. The highest few rolls will win an item from the boss. Upon winning a roll, if the boss has an item that you can use, you will win it. If not, you will get some amount of gold. It will only be in LFR to begin with, but can be added to other parts of the game later.
  • An 11th character slot has been added.
  • AoE Looting has been added.
  • There will not be an item squish in Mist of Pandaria. (revision of past stat values to avoid crazy big numbers in this incarnation- they are going with k and M for the big numbers  10,000 is now 10k etc)
  • No new race models are ready to be added yet.
  • There will be nine level 90 heroics for players as well as three raids with 14 raid bosses and three difficulties. There will be an additional two world bosses.
  • Scenarios will take place at level 90, in an instance, and reward reputation and Valor points. They don’t need a healer, tank, and DPS, just DPS is fine. Each will take 10 to 30 minutes to complete and five or more will be available for launch.
  • In Challenge Modes, the vast majority of players will most likely earn a bronze medal even if they are a relatively unskilled player. After a player earns all the medals at the Bronze level, they will be rewarded with an achievement and title. Completing all of the Silver medals will earn a set of spectacular gear for transmogrification, and completing all of the gold will earn a unique epic flying mount. Challenge modes will be available for the six new dungeons at launch.
  • Cloud Serpents are the Pandaren’s mount of choice. You can raise your own by doing 20 days of daily quests.





  • The Tillers faction will let you run your own farm! The farmer’s market will provide daily quest to improve your farm every day, you will be able to clear plots of land and plant things like cooking ingredients, herbalism nodes, gifts for NPCs to build your reputation… etc.
  • Warlocks got the most class changes in MoP, along with new pets.
  • There will be more mounts and less color swaps for different rewards.
  • They are adding armor to creatures to give them varied appearances, something other than just simple color changes.
  • There are now seven zones, up from five. This was done to add more content to the game and give players a less linear progression path so that leveling for a second or third time isn’t the exact same.
  • There will be one new arena and two new battlegrounds at launch.
  • PvP pet battles are going to be fun and casual, only tracking the number of wins and not the number of losses. When fighting another player, you cannot see the other players name or communicate with them.
  • Currently, every race except Goblin and Worgen can learn the ways of the monk.
  • The Pre Mists of Pandaria Patch will be roughly two weeks before launch and bring simple rewards. It might involve a scenario with Theramore and the Alliance vs Horde theme. Chen Stormstout might also come to the local cities and get players excited about what is coming.
  • Pandaren Hunter get a Turtle pet as their starting pet
  • The females don’t seem to have voices right now

Beta always has some bugs:

This is my hunter with the Hive Queen & Samba against a target dummy

Yes, it’s true – she FUQING HUGE!!



Hi guys and the wonderful Tempy,You still rock my entertainment and you are still top of the Podcasty choices, even with the SWTOR hate I feel. I still laugh at your show and dance on the treadmill to your musical choices, the jazz addition has been really nice. Tempy, although i agree with you on mist things I love the soundboard.
So I hope you are sitting down cause I started a new WoW tune and and going to do Lore master with her, Dawrven Hunter great fun so far, but i think they have made the early Hunter too easy with the pet from the get go.
Ok the request, is there any chance you can get me a Diablo 3 beta key. I have a friend from Singapore coming over for meetings and two days at our house and he is a diable freak and he would be over the moon to be able to see  and hop on an play the beta. (he is coming 19th March).
So The Wych was right with all his answer (it was the Riddler) and so here are 3 more questions:
What connect Lewis Wilson and Robert Lowery?
In which year did the Yellow BAt-symbol first appear?
Which dimension doesBat-mite come from?
Anyway off now to do some gardening and making sure my fish down eat the Frog spawn.




Harknes ‏ @nw1411
@BindOnEquip Thanks for the handbag through FL guys (almost wrote teabag, but that’s for another time!). Had a blast. Hark


Rick H ‏ @Buggerwow
@BindOnEquip Ep 164: Scared of the @wemb sexy Chopper voice! And yet strangely turned on…


Rick H ‏ @Buggerwow
@bindonequip That should have been Ep: 165. Fat fingers. Like sausages. 


Having wemb’s baby.


Sarah- Sample and turkey baster.



Bugger-Wych, Wemb and hot sultry Tempeste!

I know I’m not playing WoW at the moment, but I couldn’t pass up this

opportunity to pass along a message from a former toon. [clip]





Temp:  To the lovely Grovesy!  I miss you babe!

Wemb:  To Kealar

Wych:   To Zooe




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