Bind On Equip:WoW #183 If you can’t be Batman, being a blue dragon is F-ing awesome!

Bind On Equip- Show Notes – Episode 183

Date: 11th Sept 2012



Welcome to Bind on Equip Wow podcast episode 183

I’m Wembli,

I’m The Wych,

and I’m Tempeste.

This episode is brought to you in part due to the kind sponsorship of Leralond (altwoweu on twitter)






Highlights for the week

(Other Raids, Heroics, World Events, Gear, Alts, Professions, Achievements, Pvp etc…)

Temp:  Wemb and I hit 85 during the last week – Last Wednesday I think.  Within a few hours we were geared for heroics and by the start of the weekend we were geared for Hour of Twilight dungeons.  Very good work.  I am loving the shaman.


Pants on Head news, new 85’s etc.

Temp:  We have had lots of people hit 85 in the last couple of weeks – but due to WoW having 8 hour maintenance I am unable to verify names …

I can say grats to Zooe’s warlock Gia.




Crazy Train.

Temp:  Last night after months of Firelands we finally downed Ragnaros and I got my heart of flame and finished my legendary quest!  I now have an amazing staff that turns me into a beautiful blue dragon!  I have to say a HUGE thanks to everyone in CT because without your persistence, patience and support it would never have happened.  We have managed to build the most amazing raid group, full of individually incredible people that when they come together are truly fantastic to raid with!  “Zooe”

Last night’s win over Rags also marked the start of our new raid make up – which kind of makes it important for Berat to finally choose 😉  Last night it seemed so surreal, I think I was stuck in just thinking about getting Rags down and not looking forward, then this morning when I was posting next weeks run – it suddenly dawned on me that it was a whole new set up on Thursday.  Very exciting!  First port of call is Bastion of Twilight cause we didn’t finish it.  Looking forward to that.


Temp:  Since the last podcast, we have had Rick (Lovesandwich) stay with us for two weeks.  I went on a flying visit to Adelaide and met some TOGers that have been friends for years and some a little less than that.  I had an absolute blast.  Friday night we went out for TOG drinks, got home at midnight then had to get up at 4am to take Rick to the airport – THAT hurt!  I had an awesome time and Rick was a great houseguest!  I know Jinx is missing playing with the light reflecting from his watch!









So why remove the shaman totems? were they gonna be too OP if left to how they were with this new patch?

Shaman kept telling us they wanted totems to be fun not just the same buffs others had in a more cumbersome package. Fun now maybe.


Can we have totem bar back? I understand taking away dropping the 4 totems at once, but I miss having them on their own bar…

You can recreate it by dragging the individual totem flyouts down. You may not want to drop some of those at the same time though.


Do you think that LFR should be a little harder, so players cant see the content without SOME effort? (7 AFK’ed on beta LFR)

Current Dragon Soul LFR isn’t a great test. It has been out for months, everyone had run it and most out gear it.


Any chance we see Challenge mode raids? Would throw hardcore raiders a bone while not keeping anyone from seeing content.

Could be fun. We’ll see how the dungeons work out.


Are Challenge Mode dungeons harder than heroics? or are they just the same difficulty with a timer on them?

I’d say a little harder. I expect most players who give it a shot can earn bronze eventually. Beyond that…




Are we going to see a lot of phasing in Mists? Not that I hate it, but it caused issues with helping guildies with quests.

As Kosak says, it’s the most powerful tool in the quest arsenal. Use phasing when we need a big impact, but not too often.


Hey Greg, nice to see you around here. Will there be a city on Pandaria like Dalaran and Shattrath?

 There are “shrines” in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. They are like small cities but faction specific.


Any plans to eventually unattach Golden Lotus rep from Shado-Pan and August Celestials? 5.1? Because I’m not going to lie, the current setup for dailies is terrible and smacks of “desperate for longer subs from players”.

We can’t make content faster than players can consume it. Repeatable content is the best solution we’ve come up with. Nobody says I want to do Westfall before Elwynn. Think of Shado-Pan after Lotus as the same thing, but at max level.


Hey Greg, at the Cataclysm launch in London. You mentioned to me there was a Silithus update on the cards. Still happening?

Sadly, not in the immediate future. You can probably tell we started on it.


If we haven’t discovered Pandaria yet then why are there Pandaren in org?

Why is the LK dead from 1-60 then alive 70-80 then dead again 80-90?

Trick question, LK isn’t dead at all! Just trapped under ice in Icecrown. Arthas is dead.

No, the lich king is dead and Bolvar Fordragon died with him. Duh. My LK comment was kinda serious. WoW is always in a time paradox. Even when you discover Pandaria, new level 85s won’t have. Seeing the Pandaren in SW/Org also helps to build up excitement. It’s coming soon!




Do you guys use 3rd party programs to help evaluate class balance (ie SimC, Rawr, Femaledwarf)?

We have our own tools. Looking at 3rd party ones can help us understand player concerns, but take a ton of effort to debug.


What are the reasons for mogging-restrictions for weapons and do we have any chance of seeing them removed/eased?

We just wanted to start out conservative, since it’s much easier to be more lenient over time than the reverse.


So you removed head enchants from the game, but left head items that were previously enchanted untouched? Is this intended?

Yeah. You will replace them in just a couple of weeks.



Will there be a way to move legendary gem from say raid finder weapon to normal to heroic version as we get them?

No, but you can get more. Needed a solution for that, DW, dual spec etc.

You can get more gems by getting it from the npc or by doing the whole questline (collecting etc) again?

Not the whole quest line. Consider the quest as unlocking the ability, almost like a rep reward.


Did you ever thought about making Justice / Honor points account wide but restricting the number of amount spent per week?

Considered it. At some point though you are spending all your time on your main just to power up your alts.

I don’t think that’s true. A lot of the currency is wasted on mains once they hit a certain level of progression.

Sure, but if you could just siphon it to your alts, doesn’t that mean you just cap out all your characters faster?


I haven’t gotten my Glory of the Cata Hero yet because you guys put an MoP Achieve in the list.

That’s just a bug. If you have all the achievements but the MoP one, you will get credit next time we patch. Apologies.


The Future


Do you think there’s a problem with player expectation inflation? At some point you guys simply can’t make us happy?

I think that point was 4 expansions ago!


Is it true that there is only gonna be one more expansion for WoW after MoP?

Extremely unlikely. Keep playing and we’ll keep expansioning.


What happened to the Proving Grounds? Gone the Path of the Titans? What was your intent for it? Keep up the good work!

We still like Proving Grounds. Hopefully in 5.X. We still like Paths too, but it’s a much bigger project.


Just tested the ingame voice com – not very good. Planning on improving?

Wait, we have ingame voice? (JK)




Tell me that MoP release wont be like D3… I mean a full week of login errors and eternal queues

Well, Pandaria is already there – you just can’t visit it. If servers are stable now, they should stay stable. /Crosses fingers.


Pan-dare-ee-yuh or Pan-dahr-ee-yuh? Similar on race pronunciation for our epicurean friends, if you please.

Like bacteria.


After so long, do you find it hard to come up with new ideas to keep the game interesting?

No, the challenge actually is new ideas that don’t bloat the game or change it into something that isn’t WoW.




Currently Wands as mainhand weapons are nonfunctional; they autocast “Shoot” which delays regular casts. Bug or intended?

Intended. We don’t want wands to be a DPS increase or casters would never use staves, daggers, mage blades.


Doing achievements, getting frustrated by “you have entered too many instances recently”… is that limit still necessary?

The limit is necessary, but it’s probably too strict if you’re bumping into it in normal gameplay. It’s to discourage sploits.





hey everybody the podcasts are just so good how you all just keep the laughs coming either from comments and announcements to drunken raid nights you know how to hit it out of the ballpark, keep it up with all the funnies


dwarf hunter



Hello to the stunningly gorgeous Tempeste, the breathtakingly handsome Wemb, and the super-hero-above-all Wych,

  • wanted to connect with podcasters that make her laugh and feel so happy
  •  I feel lucky and privileged to be a part of Pants on Head. (And on a personal note, to be your friends! Much love!)
  • I cannot WAIT for Mists of Pandaria The Pandas look awesome, the zones look amazing, the monk class is cool;Love the pet battles, love the Farmville things, love the reps, LOVE the account wide stuff,
  • Most of my long time friends are back, I’ve made new ones (work friends with RealID, yay!)
  • Even when a lot of my friends were gone though, I was able to make new ones and still have a really good time in game.
  • a HUGE HUGE HUGE *way* overdue thank you to the guildies that helped my shaman (Kasutra – was supposed to be Kamasutra but Blizzard wouldn’t let me have that name, darnit) finish up to 85 and then get LFR ready.
  • My husband and I discovered the joys of RaF’ing for real and OMFG the XP!! We’ve got less than 24 hours /played and we’re already 70!!
  • we’ll play til 80 and then work on our undeads again (we have “biggies” and “littlies” too! )
  • My rogue (Siba) is stuck at 81 & a half. not enough time for everyone.
  • I finally have my priest kitted out in all heirloom gear now (Aqimbo!)
  • Well I suspect I’ve rambled on long enough for poor Wemb to try to make heads or tails of this whole thing.
  • I look forward to the podcast every week and seriously, the longer the better!
  • Oh, and I just love Snodog! His comments on twitter when he’s listening to BoE make me laugh SOO MUCH! Snowy, you rock and make me laugh too!

Much, much love to you guys! You are adored!







Hi both and the gorgeous Tempy,

Well lets see what news shall i start with.



I have now pre-ordered MOP and of course now running 5 toons and trying to get the best configuration for my Mage, she is now level 80 and in Hyjal and Loving it of course, I have always loved Hygal.

I am about to start a Warrior on a PvP server with a Guildie, this is really scary, I do of course have to think, its not personal, that’s my difficulty.

When i listen to you guys and you add a snippet of Groves, it takes me back to the run and I have to listen again

Diablo 3

Now got a Demon Hunter at level 38 starting playing public games, due to Claire’s brother visiting and showing me what fun there is with that.

Guild Wars 2

I know you don’t care, but it is great fun and it is so beautiful to look at.

Real Life

Kitchen is finished and it looks wonderful and the rules are laid down, Claire can use the toaster and that’s it!!

Bathroom starts 10th September, this is the last room to be completely refurbished

We booked out Christmas Holiday – a week in the sun just relaxing, walking and swimming.

Now planning the Asian trip at Easter.

Anyway take care

Love you lots





@zooexhibit @tempeste @blizzardcs I’m listing to @BindOnEquip to pass the time till I can gorge on dailies =D #tempygigglefits


@BindOnEquip @TheWych “world class fucktardery” Completely epic comment, made my day!


@BindOnEquip @TheWych “what is it you can’t face” I can’t see for the tears………so funny


@BindOnEquip @TheWych @tempeste “Wych can’t get his mind off his penis” Irish batman and Gabrielle Anwars school of accents then pirates???


@bytorsnowdog @BindOnEquip @tempeste You make it all sound like a bad thing!


@TheWych @bindonequip @tempeste Bad, No……Random and Hilarious, Yes!


@BindOnEquip hmmm Gabrielle Anwar, doing a Bane voice saying “Douche Canoe” That’s the holy trinity right there!


@BindOnEquip Things not to forget before u use your scrollifrez transfer.Gold and bags for your bank slot and Herlirloom items!


listening to @BindOnEquip episode 180…. did i just hear @TheWych pronounce (accidentally) a word in perfect dutch?


@BindOnEquip Yep, at 52:19 @TheWych pronounced ‘normal’ in perfect dutch ‘normaal’ . see, you can speak dutch 🙂


Internet and cable on the fritz this weekend. Sigh. But making my way through @BindOnEquip catalog. Yay.


@tempeste its been so long since I’ve had time to listen to @BindOnEquip I almost forget what yall sound like


@BindonEquip You guys made my crummy drive home (horrible traffic) SO MUCH better! <3


@wemb @tempeste @TheWych @BindOnEquip I have said it before and I will again. Joining PoH has been the most fun I have had in 7 years of WoW


@BindOnEquip a quote from @wemb “@tempeste handcuffs me to the desk and says monkey…” I knew there must be handcuffs in your home


@IzaakTheMad @Rajtinka @jasonetheridge @wemb @tempeste @zooexhibit @bindonequip While we’re crowd sourcing things – I want a monkey!


Temp:  I did want to mention Wemb’s cheekiness in reply to a ticket.



Wemb: I want to shout out to the guys from Geek Culture Happy Hour. Had a ball doing our dual-cast Breaking Bad round up. Hear half on our feed and half on theirs.






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We are so outta here!




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