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Episode 186 -16 October 2012




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Welcome to the second new version of our rundown, this one will include two in every ten shows and we will focus on what we are doing in game and out.




With me are wych and tempeste, welcome aboard guys.






We’re going to run listener sponsor free for a bit longer while the construction equipment is still laying about the boe studio, but as always we are still being looked after by these guys- Type frag.








What Have You Been Up To?




2.Wembs week,


professions, raiding, gear etc.


Couple of work stories:


Had a run in with Curious.


Johnny two punch off with back injury


May not be back


Curious sidles up, asks if I want his truck.


Is Johnny not coming back I say


Later in office, the weapon says I hear your after Johnny’s truck. Is that right?


I never said anything to curious as I know this is what he does.


I go into yard, later curious drives in, I head over to him, by the time I get to him I’ve got a pied piper style congaline of drivers following. I say mate, don’t go telling people I said stuff just cos you wish I said it. You did say it. No i didnt curious, your full of shit. I never said that he says, weapon said it. Weapon says your full of shit. We all walk off.




Been a big last week for me


-finally hit 90 thanks to tempeste and Zoe


– got the farm going


– started the dailies


-redid my spec and found out via the excellent noxxic site that the optimal rotation has changed so fixed that up


– did a custom key bind out of game to my g13 so that all my cool downs are now on one button


– got my gear up to heroic level now


-also took my cooking from 2 to 535 in one sitting so I could get stuck into the tillers dailies


– skinning and mining are also both 600 now.




3.Temps week,


professions, raiding, gear etc.


got my shaman to 90, priest to 87, warlock is 86.  I still have three whole zones unexplored!!  Wondering if you can take an alternate route for next time.


working on figuring out how the farming works and who you give stuff to


working on my tailoring – not sure where the patterns are for 560 plus so just getting points from making silk.


Back at work – one of my colleagues resigned that I really enjoy working with, so I am a bit sad about that.






4.Wych’s week,


professions raiding gear etc


Haven’t worked on anything but my Pali and trying to get some kind of daily rhythm going with dailies. They REALLY want you to do cooking – I leveled from 1 to 525 is just over an hour just by get a stack of gold fish (or whatever they’re called) and buying the mats from the vendors/trainer in the Tiller’s area. The system of mulitple styles took a bit of getting used to as you have a level from 525 – 600 of each type.




Trying to decide the best way to get the mats for my top end engineering gear – head & mount. Living steel is a PITA if you dont have an alch.




I’m geared for heroics now apparently so I’ll do those with CT on Thursday.




I probably wont start leveling my other toons until after I’m raiding with CT, give myself a little time to forget the grind as well as finish the quest zones I haven’t touched yet.




Flat out at work again with some major projects going on & apparently now I’m doing a dip of project mng I need to do them “completely by the book” which is good ‘cause I can do my homework as part of that but it’s massively time consuming & the business has none of the tools.






5.State of the guild-




The guild is very active at this time with most times of the day seeing an excess of 20 people on line.  Lots and lots of new 90’s.




CT are preparing to head into heroics next week.  All but one team member is 90 and most of us are ready to have a go at heroics.




6.Whats the go?


News, opinion, gossip, features.




Long maintenance tonight – whats the go?  Bug fixes?  The server has been unstable this week, wondering if they are doing some back end stuff.




Cross-Realm Zones Feedback


If you find a persistent group of players giving you trouble, there should be a few friendly level 90 players of your own faction willing to help out.






With respect, how is that a reliable plan A?


With equal respect, I’d say it’s at the very least plan B. Plan A is when you select a PvP realm to level on in the first place, knowing full-well that members of the opposing faction will be able to attack you at any point, but being okay with that (else, why would you make a character there?).




It was purely my suggestion on how to combat gankers. Another idea might be to call in some friends or guild members, or go make a cup of tea and leave them to get bored. Maybe go and log your main, come back and dish out some revenge? These are all tactics that have been around forever on how to deal with gankers. I realise it’s frustrating, I’ve been there myself many a time, but I knew what I was getting into when I rolled there. Some people love the danger of levelling on a PvP server. If it’s not for you, there are plenty of alternative options.




I want to stress that I’m not dismissing your thoughts on this at all, I’m just getting into the conversation as a player myself. We do want to hear your continued feedback. But please be aware that ganking, having to wait for mobs to spawn and sharing mineral nodes are all things that figure into an MMO, and they’ve been factors to consider in WoW from the start. Obviously, having said that, we are of course monitoring the situation and will keep you posted if we decide to tweak anything further.






What if you never do normal 5 mans and you need gear for heroics?


Gearing for heroics: Dread Waste blues, JP or HP items, crafted blues, scen items (esp Arena). We also lowered required ilevel.




Is racing to tag the ‘Sha of Anger’ the intended way of doing the encounter? It just feels so.. frustrating.


We’ve made many Sha changes lately to help. Competition: good. Competition over who spams AE for a first tap: less good.


Wouldn’t this be the same as Galleon. Doesn’t seem like World Bosses are fulfilling their role all that well.


Galleon is targeted more at organized groups. Sha of Anger is more for everyone, sort of like Archavon. Sort of.


Do away with tagging entirely, give loot rights to anyone contributing. World bosses should promote cooperation, not griefing.


Quest bosses do let you contribute. We want world bosses to be competitive though – that’s what makes them not pinatas.




Mob tagging on regular mobs feels outdated in MMO design and makes players hate other players.


Agree, but the counterpoint is that zerging every mob in a zone doesn’t feel very heroic either. The group tap mobs evaporate.




Why is LFR the best way to get valor points? 45 for the clear + the bosses beats out even doing them on normal/heroic


I have seen very few raiders have trouble capping valor for the week.




Will valor rewards be tied to rep grinds in future patches? It doesn’t seem very optional for raiders, and isn’t fun for many.


Raiders run out of Valor purchases quickly and other players are probably progressing at a much slower pace than you expect.




Scenarios appear to be the best idea you guys have ever had. So great for quick playing, also tons of fun to chain queue.


They work well for DPS because you can queue for dungeons and hopefully it will be ready by the time the scenario is done.




Have you guys considered replacing the Holiday dungeon bosses and some of the outdated events with Scenarios?


That’s a great idea! Have only scratched surface of what scenarios can do – will do more with them in future.




Scenarios in Mists use only 3 players, but the tech is capable of more. We will definitely experiment. 40-player missions? It’s possible!








Hello Bind on Equip Team! Just wanted to say thanks for the entertaining pod cast you guys (and gal) put out every week. And a BIG thank you for the warm home you’ve made on Jubei’Thos! And you actually let me stay! I look forward to the next show with gleeful anticipation!




P.S. Could you maybe put together a boobie montage for Mr. Zooey?




P.P.S. Sorry for the lack of boobie pics, I’ll see if my sister in law will volunteer for the next email. She’s got HUGE BOOBS!








Yours truly,


Blixie, formerly know as magickal, occasionally referred to as magickgremlin, sometimes called Gretchy, and once or twice called ook dook magoo


Forgot to mention in the last email, LOVED the episodes you guys did with GCHH!!! And is there any plans to have the awesome Grovesy guest on the show and could you have her interview Ozzy???




/hugs Blixie the Dooker Rogue






And the intro!!! OMG so awesome! I wish it was longer lol. Ok that is all… Unless I remember something else I forgot to mention…




Lots of dirty hippy love,




















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@tempeste: Recording episode 184 of @bindonequip having a blast!




@bytorsnowdog: @tempeste @bindonequip any Gabrielle Anwar impressions this week?




@tempeste: @bytorsnowdog @bindonequip not so far.




@bytorsnowdog: @tempeste @bindonequip what? Not even a Moiami? For shame…..




@MagickGremlin: @tempeste @bindonequip wooohooo! Can’t wait to listen to it!




@bytorsnowdog: @BindOnEquip just listened to episode 184 at the gym and I found you get weirder looks for laughing at gym than at work!!




@tempeste: @bytorsnowdog @bindonequip never mind that /giggle What did you think of @wemb ‘s new intro?




@bytorsnowdog: @tempeste @bindonequip @wemb something about the intro made me think of Gabrielle Anwar doing the voice of a half Scottish Panda…..




@wemb: @bytorsnowdog @tempeste see the subtle nuance is that i was Gabrielle Anwar being Sean Connery doing a panda…






@D_Willoughby: @Warcraft @Ghostcrawler @BindOnEquip I need another discount weekend for #factionchangeandrealmtransfer




@Iamnotthestig: Back to WoW for mists. Time to get reacquainted with some old friends 🙂 @BindOnEquip




@Moogyver: Catching up on podcasts 🙂 @AllThingsAz, @GGWShow and @BindOnEquip down.




@Moogyver: Catching up on podcasts 🙂 @AllThingsAz, @GGWShow and @BindOnEquip down.




@Buggerwow: @tempeste @bindonequip Dare I ask – gangnam?




@Hobimbo: @BindOnEquip …hey all.. Are you still doing the podcast….last one #184 2nd October….withdrawal symptoms…. 🙁






General shouts


thanks again to Zooe and temp for helping me level my shaman.




9.Cue Ozzy- wych has to go early this week unfortunately but he is going to open the side door on his way out, and let in a guest to round out the show with us, a guest who has his own intro music!






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