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Bind On Equip- Show Notes – Episode 187


Date: 30 October 2012






Welcome to Bind on Equip Wow podcast episode 187


I’m Wembli, i host a podcast that has consistently rated highly on itunes in australia and the US for 4 years. But thats not important.


I’m The Wych,


and I’m Tempeste.


As always we are brought to you by these fine people <typefrag>








Highlights for the week


(Other Raids, Heroics, World Events, Gear, Alts, Professions, Achievements, Pvp etc…)


Temp:  MoP = Dailies Dailies and more dailies.


Hoping this will settle as we ease into the expansion and it is just the rush to get geared on my main.


Plan: to spend more time doing heroics – which is what I enjoy!




So we have several people with multiple 90’s now:


Teo (with 5)


Berat (4) although he did mention that he also has 4 88’s …


Zooe (3)


Snow (2)


Bare (2)


Well done you guys, congratulations to everyone else who has reached 90 in the last couple of weeks – there are far too many to mention.


Enjoying the opportunity to teach some people some PoH style justice for random gankage.


We would like to welcome back lots of returning members and welcome some new too.  A special mention from me to khyren (my brother) on his recent return and I look forward to your partner joining soon!


Wemb: Can’t wrap my head around all the dailies, AND the fishing, AND the cooking, AND the rep stuff. Was listening to an intriguing discussion headed by Temp and Wych on the weekend about Autism and the need for autistic kids to have a process to follow in order to make sense of whats expected of them in society (or dare i say it, a community) and i suddenly thought “shit, all this time i’ve been massively multiplayer autistic!”


I’m on the verge of telling Temp to do her dailies with zooe, to save our marriage!




Crazy Train.


Temp:  All CT members are 90, all but one, heroics geared.  So on Monday we are off to raid.  Looking forward to getting in there.




IRL:  Kealar and D on Sat night – with Act and Wych


Good food, better company – GREAT Night.  Work sucks, Origin Energy sucks and Mum’s MIA executor sucks. Thank god for good friends and amazing family!








Death in The Arboretum


 Yes, we know it’s a little awkward to get back to your corpse here, and we’re looking into the placement of the graveyard nearest to the Cloud Serpent dailies.




Is it possible to win a mount using the bonus roll from elder charms of good fortune?


It depends on the mount.




Can we get a Pandarian version of the Tome of Cold Weather Flying?


We’re not sure if we’ll be doing this. The tome worked out well enough for Wrath of the Lich King as an experiment, but so much of the experience we spent a lot of time and effort shaping in Pandaria is negated by flying. In addition to the upcoming reputation changes for alts (when a character on the account hits Revered), we’ll consider other methods of potentially speeding up the leveling process for alts, but we don’t think “allow flying” is necessarily the best answer.






















Just wanted to send in a quick email. I have been lvling my monk using wow pro: i made it to borean tundra at lvl 70, & i just finished it at lvl 77.  am nearly to cata level content and i haven’t even hit dragons blight yet.


So thanks again wemb  this add-on rocks






Hi guys, enjoyed the new format, blisteringly funny as always! Today in vent with Ex, Joli, taut, blix and nagus. They were doing molten core for giggles and I heard something that shocked me to my very core…… Me: it was a 40 man back in vanilla Groves: I always sucked in here Me: you sucked 40 men groves? All: giggles and occasional snorting. I love being back in your fantastic guild and the people make it a pleasure to log in. Although I was slightly concerned at the interest Ex was paying to my alley………may need to keep my eye on him! Snowy.












  • groves was listening to boe and typed stobie pole into the report she was doing
  • Snowy said:  Kun Lai summit:  What is it we Kun face …
  • Snowy loved the Herb/Alch Druid cheats way to victory
  • Snowy: loves the training montage quest
  • Snowy:  wonders if listeners could submit recording of our outro
  • Teo agrees that a non herb druid =hard mode
  • Snowy: molten core transmog gear – looks like a herb
  • Vern: Been listening to BoE since we were on Runetotem, that is where Vern was too
  • Teo: reminded us along with about 400 people in whispers about the shovel to dig up your crops – Wych is very pleased.  He also mentioned that you could level cooking from 1-600 at Halfhill
  • mtanner601: seeing level 90 pandas makes him feel old and slow
  • Jay: BoE has been one of the few mainstayers on his podcast list
  • Tranith: thanks us for our efforts over the last 4 years
  • Rubb: Suggested we put out a gangnam style ep called “WOOT WOOT Legs Akimbo”
  • Blixie: was delighted to hear Ozzy and looks forward to the housemaids return
  • Cypher: wondered what happened to the housemaids … unemployed, rehab, hollywood, prostitution?
  • Synergy: was looking for BoE – he likes to listen as he goes to sleep (we are his comforter)




Thanks for all of your support in our discussions with Zarhym re: the list of podcasts.  We are yet to find out criteria for inclusion or exclusion, needless to say that after all of our support for Blizzard over the last 4 years, that we were disappointed to not get  a mention.








Mike & Bryterside from Stopcast – had a chance to listen to the live show today & enjoyed the discussion about the list and their support.


Also wanted to thank Sayomara from the Grand Ol Podcast for his fantastic ongoing support.


Temp:  A big shout out to all of our East Coast US listeners, I hope you are all safe and well and your life returned to normal asap!










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We are so outta here!







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