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BIND ON EQUIP – Show Notes

Episode 188- 19th nov 2012.




I’d like to introduce you to my two cohosts, the first was responsible for the cops calling some call centre nerds and saying we’ve traced all those prank calls, they’re coming from inside the office!… It’s the Wych!

The other has been known to have single handedly lifted father attendance at kinda’s up to record levels… Its Tempeste!

My name is Wembli, as always we are brought to you by the mighty Typefrag, then we will be back with my week..



Wembs week.

Big day yest, worked 6am-7.30pm


Record quick phone convo with boss yest- went <ring> “straight back to depot” <click>


Yes the curious one finally pushed his luck tooddaaaaaa far yesterday.

He tried to push in the line to get unloaded,

was told that it might be wisest for him to cease and desist that course of action,

was also given a rousing critique of his value as a person,

he didn’t take too kindly to this attempt to better him as a person, so gave some more lip

the other driver then came over to him to punctuate the point

as he tried to leave his vehicle the other guy tried to help him out, but in a tragic twist ended up striking him twice with the door of his own truck

then curious tried to thank the guy by hugging him by the throat with his hands,

so the guy punched him in the head. End of story.


Temps week

Been a big week:  Work and my work hours are all over the place due to our numbers in our area dropping. So we have people crunching numbers at this very moment – supposedly.

Saw a funny thing on the road yesterday morning.

In morning peak school traffic and there is one spot that tends to get bumper to bumper and I hear a beep from somewhere behind us.

I check the rear view mirror – dude in van chatting to chick in car behind me

I think: they must know each other …

The next thing you know …

Never seen that happen before!


Funny kids story.


Wych’s week

  • Worgen’s room
  • School
  • Work: Hair muss story
  • Press Club
  • Box kick




News & Current Affairs:

Blue Posts


Daily Quest Feedback

Finally ready to call it quits, realized today after almost 8 years of playing that I just didn’t enjoy the game anymore.


 MoP ruined this game for people like me, I have a family, and I cannot and WILL not be forced into doing dailies across all my toons or hell even ONE toon in order to progressively gear my characters.


 The new loot system for LFR, Sha, etc is completely unbearable, constantly seeing 28g pop up across all my toons gives me ZERO incentive to continue grinding out the casual content I am used to.


 And its not like I havent given it time, I leveled nine classes to 90, and going through the same content over and over wasn’t so bad, its the point where you get to 90 and you are pigeon holed into grinding dailies over and over or PVP’ing (which I do NOT enjoy). So I canceled today, which is saying alot because I play alot and used to enjoy this game massively.


 Some will flame me, blizz will probably close the post, but truth be told, if they don’t address these things soon there will be many following suit.

Wemb: before you go on, i have a clip for this guy…

There is definitely legitimacy to your post, and we’ve been reading a lot of the feedback players have been sharing lately as we evaluate our endgame progression systems. Even as World of Warcraft evolves over each expansion, and as happy as we are with the experience we crafted for Mists of Pandaria, we always know we can do better.


Having said all of that, I’m just not personally sure we can design a game that’s going to feel fresh and rife with content every time you login, if the expectation is that the average World of Warcraft player will have nine level-90 characters less than two months after the expansion’s release. I really don’t mean this as a judgment of how you choose to spend your time, either. But when considering everything you said in your post — you mention needing time for family and enjoying casual content — your noted (or implied) play time really sticks out.


Another sticking point is you brought up being forced to either do dailies or PvP. Why? Looking only at progression of character power at 90, do you not want to do scenarios, dungeons, or raids? What pushes you into reputation progression such that you feel you have to do it x9 and burn out on the game?


Zahrym what you said is offensive.

That’s silly. The idea that I should have a placating “grin and bear it” approach to players on the forums — as was discussed last week — is what you should actually find offensive. And I’m only responding to this to make a quick point:


A lot of people have called my recent posts (and me personally) any number of negative things. Let me just say that I read a lot of great critical posts on the forums everyday — there are some great ones in this thread. And we’re constantly discussing the feedback with our developers. Just because I’m challenging a person’s analysis of the game doesn’t mean I’m not listening to them, or don’t think they’re making any good points.


If I can offer counterpoints to threads that will focus the debate on further specifics and details of a topic, that allows me to take more succinct feedback to the developers, often times including many of the great suggestions I see.


Because you have locked away a portion of the progression path behind endless dailies.

But character progression isn’t blocked entirely “behind endless dailies.” You can get into Raid Finder without any reputation rewards. Sure, it’s clearly more effective to be earning some steady reputation with the core factions (which is the point) while running other content, but that’s less relevant when an argument is made in absolute statements, such as “forced,” “mandatory,” and “locked away.”


I’m not naive and I know that if you invest more time into your character by doing dailies along side your group content, your rate of progression will be faster. And again, that’s by design. But certainly we enjoy hearing feedback about the design and how things could be tweaked to improve the model.


For instance, we talked recently to the developers about an evolution on the idea of being able to champion a faction via a tabard. What we don’t want to repeat is the design that let players max out every faction reputation just by wearing a tabard while doing other content. So instead of endlessly getting reputation for every dungeon, maybe you only get a bonus once a day. It doesn’t allow you to skip dailies altogether, but you can at least pad your rep gains a little bit.


Another cool part about this idea is that we can probably make it work through the UI, rather than requiring you to wear a tabard you may not think matches your bracers (teehee). It could be as simple as making it so that you champion the faction you selected to show as your XP bar.


And since it’s brought up a lot, I completely understand the existing concerns players have about earning Valor through other sources and being locked from spending it for reputation rewards. It’s something we’ll continue to talk about — be precise and feel free to suggest improvements!


It’s worth throwing out there that it really doesn’t take many daily quests to hit Honored with Golden Lotus, and you can easily hit Honored with The Klaxxi before you even unlock their daily quests. So it doesn’t take much to give you a bear minimum of two ilvl 458 blues to spend JP on, and two ilvl 489 epics to spend VP on. That’s a pretty fair boon if you’re climbing to ilvl 460.


Important! I want to make sure it’s totally clear one last time. I’m not saying our model is perfect and your feedback is incorrect. I’m trying to offer counterpoints so we can all signal in on the root of some of the popular concerns within the community. Operative word: TRYING.


Will say it again, what is wrong with killing 500 mobs in dungeons when you kill that much or more while doing dailies? What difference is there between months worth of dailies and hashing out instances? Bring back frequently dropped items like sunfury signets, arcane tomes, relics of ulduar. What is so wrong with letting us get rep the way we want? we pay to play your game.


Paying to play the game doesn’t inherently entitle you to get what you want the way you want. We take player feedback very seriously, but this isn’t design by democracy.


To answer your first two questions, the difference is there is a reward structure in place for dungeons, and a reward structure in place for reputations. You want full access to rep rewards and dungeon rewards without putting effort toward both. Purely from a player standpoint, in terms of getting what you want with as little hassle as possible, it’s understandable you might not see anything wrong with that.


But here’s a design problem in the Cataclysm model you want back:


Doing dailies over time unlocks access to rep rewards

Doing dungeons gives you a shot at loot drops, in addition to points you can use to buy gear (in case RNG hits you hard)

Wearing a tabard while doing dungeons gives you a shot at loot drops, in addition to points you can use to buy gear, in addition to access to rep rewards


You may not like daily quests. But that alone isn’t justification for making daily quests irrelevant for those running group content. By running dungeons with tabards, you effectively got to double-dip in Cataclysm by gaining access to rep rewards, VP rewards, and dungeon drops. It was super convenient, and also left players with a system that didn’t really reward you for doing more than the bare minimum of raiding and running seven dungeons each week.


Now there is incentive to vary the content you do. The idea that, “I have a tabard so this endgame content doesn’t apply to me,” is gone.


Do you take this to the Dev team? What I mean is do you collect the discontent and address it higher?


Absolutely! We chat with them via IM and email daily, we meet with them at least once a week to ask common questions from players, and we do a very in-depth global community report every week that breaks down all of the hot topics in the community and offers action items if applicable. Every community report is read by the game’s lead designers, all the way up to Rob Pardo and Mike Morhaime.


Some of the topics we cover might not be as easy to openly discuss with the community, but rest assured that’s because the necessary discussions and meetings are taking place to really dig into the hot topics/questions so we can form a more concrete agenda.


Zarhym, I get your point about the old tabard model. I do. But there’s got to be a happy medium here. I ran dailys a lot during Cata, and WotLK on multiple characters. They were quick, easy, tasks, where each hub took no more than 30 minutes. Completely solo. In fresh 80/85’s in quest greens from 2 or 3 leveling zones back. I’d run them on multiple characters in the same day even.


I personally agree about needing to strike a better balance, happy medium, or some form of compromise (beyond the Revered bonus in 5.1).


MoP dailys on the other hand are much, much more difficult, tedious and frustrating. Hence, for most of us casual players, they are too time consuming. Golden Lotus? Takes me an hour to do them. Klaxxi? Another hour. Shado-Pan? Haven’t even unlocked those yet. Or August Celestials for that matter.


 Doubling the rep gains from dailys is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t fix the problems I mentioned above with the MoP dailys. The mobs hit to hard, have too much life and are too packed in. The quests themselves simply aren’t enjoyable for this reason. Whatever happened to that molten front model you said you were going to stick with for dailys? The dailys we have now are nothing like those.


It’s difficult to tackle the “fun” factor compared to 8 daily hubs. That’s very subjective and I, in fact, disagree with you on a personal level.


But comparing the new daily quests to the Molten Front, in terms of difficulty, isn’t totally fair. When we said we wanted to stick to that model, we meant allowing the quest hubs to have some story progression for each character over time, and having a large pool of daily quests to really randomize which ones you get each day.


I remember doing Tol Barad dailies when I first hit 85. Those were pretty brutal until I geared up. When I was first doing Golden Lotus it was kind of rough too. But by ilvl 450 they were noticeably much easier, and I could complete them much faster. You might be forgetting how good your gear was when you were doing Molten Front dailies.





Crazy Train.

CT started raiding last Monday – we had a really good first night getting the first boss down to 39%.  Last night was a tougher grouping and managed to get them into the 70’s.  Thursday night will be a group LFR effort in attempt to get better gear and more valor points to get better gear!


Other Raids.

Wemb: did an LFR on saturday. Pretty much a confusing tank’n’spank, got two handy pieces of gear though.


LFR was confusing and fast – same as ever – FUN!






Pants On Head Guild.

The guild is going well with two groups into raiding and Ironman being short a few members, so are looking for people to fill these spots.  At this point in time they are looking for all roles so if you would like to raid in US time – please contact Rajtinka in game.


In the last week or so, we have had a few people hit 90 but the MOST impressive was Berat – who managed to get 5 toons to 90 in the space of a week and get them all in the MOTD.  I think that totalled 8 90’s!  Grats also to Teo, Conti, Sayce, Sylve, Tranith and Bare on toons (or more toons) reaching 90!


Funny Guild story:  Random quote of the day – courtesy of Berat “The fish has left my pond without permission”  This has now become synonymous with a picnic being short a few sandwiches … Try it out – that dude has left the pond without permission!!



Wemb: I’m still a bit concerned that i am delusional thinking i can play a melee class at an elite level.

Wych: Finally hit 460 on my Pali – it’s felt like a bit of a trial to be honest.




Temp:  My priest is now well on the way to 89.  She has been exploring the Krasarang Wilds.  I also spend time every day doing my cloth cooldown and my daily transmute of trillium to living steel – Thank YOU Zooe for teaching me the way to actually make money from professions in WoW.



World events.




Wemb: got 476 chest and ring from lfr..otherwise the only purples i have are 476 boots and a 489 valor ring. Overall iLevel 463.



Justice points.















Sayce listened to Boe while sick, and decided he would implement Straddles handshake custom with rick the Canadian (lick fingers, wipe on jeans, offer hand. )


Chill told us he got nice gloves while lfr’ing with Raj.


Graven gave us a ff shout.


Jeppy spit his tea and choked when wych asked about a strap on.


Zooe enjoyed my tight lipped mel griffiths gag, as did Tranith, though I might have said meg Ryan by mistake as a couple of people mentioned her.


Sumduud said he loves the podcast regardless of blizzard acknowledgement.


Blix loved a new Boe ep, but not enough to forget harassing us about long box and wtf.


Kealar shared with us his new favourite tweet from groves about sweating and panting for somewhere between 40min and 4 hours to get to something she referred to as ” monster pussy”


@BindOnEquip: #Wembwowfacts 91% of people who run around tagging all the quest mobs, pick their nose at red lights.

-Tranith admitted his guilt.


@BindOnEquip: #Wembwowfacts 91% of people who use the term “scrub” or “bads” are, in fact, dickheads.

-tran said that was a lower than expected percentage

-jeppy said its 100% when a sneering British accent is involved

-makiata said he’s not a dickhead, but he does reserve scrub for dicks who ruin a good dungeon run.


@BindOnEquip: #Wembwowfacts 91% of people who ninja your herb node, have to be home before the street lights come on.

-Wych very cruelly said it was likely a Druid in flight form

-I asked if a prot pally was saying a class was a scam

– he replied he pulls his mobs ten at a time just like everyone else.


Peter walker gave us a ff and some compliments


@BindOnEquip: #Wembwowfacts 91% of people who run straight for the flag in pvp, have to do their homework before they can play wow.

-Carl rogers said the rest of us just like seeing the bg leader freak out.


@BindOnEquip: #Wembwowfacts 91% of people who say we are losing the battleground because you suck, are yet to have a sexual experience.


Sarah wants another drunken rox the horde featuring Groves.


Moogyver reminded us we are 4 years old on the 18th of November.


Realm maintenance podcast confirmed that was on the Grand old Podcast site


Graven said he expects another 6 years worth.




Wych Wemb and Tempeste, just wanted to drop you a quick line, seeing as Sayomara from Grand Old Podcast, let me know that BoE has its 4th anniversary on the 18th of November!


Thanks to all of you for your contributions to the WoW community over the last 4 years, and thankyou for putting another Aussie voice out there on the WoW airwaves. I think you do a great job of representing our region, and I hope you continue on to greater things over the next 4 years!


keep up the good work.









Wych and I have to take off early this week, as we are about to have a meeting with Mel Griffiths legal team, but ive organised a couple of guests to join Temp for the outtro…


○     When we asked Jimi Hocking if we could showcase his music on our podcast he was totally cool with it and we are eternally grateful. We recommend you check out his music for yourself. Go to for more info.


○     Other music used in Bind On Equip is from Mevio’s Music Alley. There is some awesome stuff there and something for everyone.

○     the podcast is over, but it doesn’t have to end here, come to the Oceannic Jubei’thos server on the horde side. /join BOE channel for an invite to the Pants On Head guild.


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We are so outta here!


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