Bind On Equip:WoW Episode #263 Wych Brings A Load Home


Bind On Equip


Date:4th July


The podcast about World of Warcraft the way we see it and play it.

We don’t theorycraft, we don’t min-max, we don’t talk down to you.

We will share a laugh, our experiences in and out of the game, and talk about the news we think is interesting.

If you are new to Bind on Equip….Welcome, and strap in..



  • Our current in-game adventures centre around a pvp project which you the listener are encouraged to join in..
  • We have a guild of all female gnomes with pigtails on Jubei’thos.
  • the guild is called Pigtail Mafia
  • We will be running battlegrounds on them every weekend and recording the hi jinx for your listening delight (one day)
  • to get onboard, roll a female gnome on Jubei’thos or gundrak, join BoE channel and ask for an invite.


In the BOE cave this time around we have

Myself, Wembli

as always the Wych and the lovely Tempeste,

and joining us Berat, Zooe and Kai.




So where are these gnomes at?




lets go over the news thats caught our attention:


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News, Observations, Opinion & Discussion topics:


Interview – Hellfire Citadel the Final Raid of Warlords of Draenor

MamyTwink had the opportunity to talk to Cory Stockton (@mumper) recently.

Expansions and Raids

  • Hellfire Citadel is currently planned to be the last raid of the expansion.
  • It wraps up things and it is hard to beat Archimonde as a final boss.
  • Players saw Tanaan Jungle at the start of the expansion and are wrapping back around to it now.
  • Anything can happen between now and whatever the team does next, but Hellfire Citadel is the pinnacle of where players are getting to.
  • There isn’t anything to announce about future patches, but part of that comes down to how Patch 6.2 plays out. How far players progress in Hellfire Citadel and Tanaan Jungle will give the team an idea of how long the content will last.
  • Some expansions had four big patches, some had three, Warlords had two big patches with Patch 6.1 and 6.2. As the team gets closer to hitting the goal of a small gap between expansions there will be less large patches in each expansion.
  • The team isn’t happy with players having to wait a year for new content.
  • Long waits aren’t something they ever want to do, but the team was working on the new expansion and they weren’t going to release it until it is at the right quality level. That isn’t an excuse for the long wait, but it is better to wait two more months to have a great expansion rather than releasing it earlier and ending up with many issues.






Patch 6.2 – more Ion Hazzikostas Interview
this time with Vanion.

  • Hellfire Citadel more linear than Blackrock Foundry,
  • still choice and variety.
  • second floor, you can choose order you work on bosses before going through Mannoroth to Archimonde.

With the ability to extend lockouts, do we care about choosing the order we do the bosses in?

Does all the flexibility reduce the aura and story of what a raid is? A raid dungeon used to be a mountain to be conquered, a story to work through.

  • Grommash as the leader of the Iron Horde was originally the final boss.
  • As they told the story and started working on Hellfire Citadel, they decided it wouldn’t be a satisfying direction to go in.
  • The real evil and more interesting character is Gul’dan and the influence of the Legion.

Legendary Items

  • Once you have your legendary ring, Crystallized Fel drops from Archimonde on Normal or greater difficulty.
  • This will scale up the proc and stats, allowing guilds to get slightly stronger every week.
    Garrison missions Raid loot devalued raid participation raids and undercut the reward structure.
  • moving into Blackrock Foundry you already had several items from garrison missions already, so it wasn’t as rewarding as it should have been.


  • Timewalker dungeons are tuned easier on purpose,
  • but classes have so many more capabilities now.
  • Most tanks couldn’t hold threat on all of the mobs at the same time, making CC necessary.
  • Some Timewalking dungeons are a little bit too easy right now.
  • we’d like to add Cataclysm dungeons, as well as expanding the number of dungeons covered by the system in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Figuring where Timewalking raids would fit in the reward structure is a big part of what it would take to add them. If you are going to form a larger group, you may as well go and raid current content. There are a lot of questions to answer, such as who is the audience, where do the rewards fit in, should you be doing this raid instead of Hellfire Citadel, and is it something you do to gear up for current raids.


  • we understand people enjoyed solo play in Mists of Pandaria and found it lacking in Draenor.
    Part of the problem is many of the rewards out in the world were moved into the garrison.
  • In Patch 6.2 they added content to the world in Tanaan Jungle and more will be done in future content.
  • The 6.2 content was designed in the same mold as the original Warlords of Draenor content, so it feels like the team wasn’t listening to feedback, even though they are.
  • Things that are being worked on now will be much more to players liking and the team has taken the feedback to heart.


  • Patch 6.2.x with flying should be on the PTR within the next couple of weeks. It should go live a few weeks after.
  • There are no plans to make the Baleful items account wide, but it was discussed. If you are already well geared they aren’t useful for you, which doesn’t feel great.







Real Life


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Listener Correspondence

Hi all you beautiful people,
I’m not sure what I’ve done, Claire was fine with SWTOR, she liked it
but was not obsessed by it. So I thought it would be the same with
Warcraft, but no, I have created a Monster. 90 to 95 was fine, then I
got home from yoga and she looked a bit sheepish when I asked what she
had done.
“Well I read about WoW tokens, so I bought a few and sold them I did
send you half of the profits. then I bought Heirlooms and upgraded them
to use to 100 and I kinda levelled to 98″
This was soon followed by ohh I’ve done some investigation and our home
laptops are not up to scratch for gaming so I’ve ordered 2 new ones.
512GB SSD card, 1 TB HDD,  i7 core, 16GB RAM, 17 inch screen, 2GB
internal Graphics card. This is from the woman who only 3 months ago
thought RAM was something a car did in a theft!!!
I did point out that I look after the finances and when was she going to
tell me that she had spend a lot of money in one day, again the sheepish
look, then she turned on the molten eyes and as usual I just melted, the
evening was then lost to the bedroom!!.
So here we are with 2 level 100’s, she has also read all of the strats
for Warrior *Icey Veins” and dungeons and raids, Saturday evening (well
Sunday morning at 2am she wanted to do one more LFR). So to keep up I;ve
swapped to Candarla my level 100 Hunter, iLevel 642 DPS 25K so I can now
at least keep up with her, The first time we played she just stopped and
looked at me pressing 1 button and just said ok now I know why you are
so good at this game.
On the Real Life front, she has now booked our September Holiday,
Botswana (Safari) and then an exclusive Island off Mozambique (we have
our own Butler)
Speak soon



Our Lives



  • Arrived on Monday to see that all company trucks had been completely washed and had chrome polished
  • Gift and curse- 2 possibilities
  • 1- owners son is desperate for overtime as he is saving deposit for house
  • 2- in my experience a lot of companies do something like that and say, ok all the trucks are clean, let’s see who cares enough to maintain that level.
  • So all week I’ve been missing quality TV time as I fight the rainy weather and grime to keep my truck sparkly.
  • Find out Thursday it was the other guy who wanted overtime.
  • I blame Smiths from their coca cola owned era, the worst most ruthless employer on the planet for my paranoid delusions.


  • thinking about clearing out the garage for Deddy’s 18th birthday party, but we still have the wasp issue in the conifers out front.
  • Winter usually kills them off but they are getting more resilient every year and i dont want to put the powder out there while its rainy.


Work- Holidays !

Home- Been a very relaxing week, of wow and tv on the couch with the kids.  Something I don’t get to do very much of.







If you’re not in-game get in there!


Ingame Adventures:


Anyone is welcome to join the Pants On Head guild unless we have booted you before for being a dick! Log into the Jubei’thos oceanic realm on the horde side and join the BOE channel. A friendly officer will quiz you and you will be rubbing shoulders with us before you know it!


Our guild & Raid team: Crazy Train?

Heroic Mar’gok down!

Blast furnace down!

Iron Maidens down!



Next up:

Blackhand and then we can finally move into Blackrock Foundry heroics + Hellfire Citadel.


*I have to report we were talking in guild about Tanaan and the Self Appointed Main Tank, was saying on his server you can’t get near Vol’mar because it is constantly under attack and there aren’t enough npc’s to protect it, so my solution was to move the base to Ashran because there’s no danger of pvp breaking out there.


What has been your focus in the last week/what are you working on?


  • I’m still trying to come to grips with 6.2
  • I have no concept of what I’m meant to be doing with my shipyard. My plan is to just keep sending shit out and roll with what happens.
  • Still loving the Shaman, sprinting for the 100 line now.


Temp: Shipyard.  Tanaan.  Timewalker dungeons.


Forum X-Files


This is where we pick a particularly “special” post from forums, and discuss its merits, or lack of..


I know none of you morons will ever see this but i can dream right?

First off go ahead and ban me from the forums i pay 15$ a month to post here so do whatever you want.

Every single thing you guys say is flakey bs and contradictions from the different devs

“the shipyard is brand new content”

“The story of wod isnt finished”

“6.2 is the final patch of wod”

Even if you can’t see their face you can still feel the con smirk coming thru the screen whenever you read anything these dicks say.

When this game dies because this new team nuked it down from 11m subs to dead in one expac.

You guys are never going to get a big career again because of how badly you have effed this up.

You’re going to get kicked out of ur 2mil house

Your dime piece wife is going to leave you

Your kids are going to hate you because they’re spoiled brats who only liked daddy for his money just like your skank wife.

all because you morons didn’t listen to what people said about your game and thought people would be okay with spending double the amount of money while the content is vastly diminished.

If 6.2 goes on for another year there won’t be enough subs to fund a new expansion and i cant wait to see you dicks working for 60k a year

without your familes and facetime.



The Oprah Report

Time for Wemb to bring us up to date on the exciting adventures of OprahWinfury, the battleground healing shammy, and see how he is going with the 5 targets he is trying to meet.

Current level:

  1. BG healed for this level?
  2. Dungeon healed for this level?
  3. current zone quested?(swap continent each new zone)
  4. Pet captured for this level?
  5. Engineering skill (5 times player level)?


Too early in the expansion for a project? – we have SO much to do!



We have come to the end of another podcast! Thanks for sticking with us.

Let us know what you think of the show and any changes you’d like to see!

Thanks as always to Berat Zooe and Kai for joining us!

Until next time, I’m Wembli




I’m Tempeste

I’m Wych.



and Kai