Bind On Equip:WoW Episode #270 Andrew Rings Boyband



Bind On Equip


Date:20th sept 2015


The podcast who thinks Anduen Wrynn should just come clean and admit he’s starting a boy-band.

We don’t theorycraft, we don’t min-max, we don’t talk down to you.

We will share a laugh, our experiences in and out of the game, and talk about the news we think is interesting.

If you are new to Bind on Equip….Welcome, and strap in..



  • Our current in-game adventures centre around a pvp project which you the listener are encouraged to join in..
  • We have a guild of all female gnomes with pigtails on Jubei’thos.
  • the guild is called Pigtail Mafia
  • We will be running battlegrounds on them every weekend
  • to get onboard, roll a female gnome on Jubei’thos or gundrak, join BoE channel and ask for an invite.


In the BOE cave this time around we have

Myself, Wembli

as always the Wych and the lovely Tempeste,

and joining us Berat, Zooe and Kai.




So where are these gnomes at?




lets go over the news thats caught our attention:


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News, Observations, Opinion & Discussion topics:


Dragoncon 2015

  • Demon Hunters are starting at Level 98 right now.
    predictions about what we think the start zone will be?
  • Death Knights will continue to start at Level 55.
    should there be a way for dk’s to quickly catch up somehow? A cut price boost? How about cheaper mini boosts? $60 boost, ten levels for five bucks? $1.99 ten hour 500% potion
  • Only Demon Hunters will be able to use glaives.
  • Double jump won’t be disabled anywhere.
    pvp haxx?
  • Survival Hunters will get a Harpoon ability that allows them to throw a spear to pull mobs towards them.
    does that make you want to play them more? Think of the class and spec you least want to play. Is there something Blizzard could change about it that would entice you?
  • Most specs are getting overhauled, tweaking them to fit the fantasy of the spec. Some will be renamed.
    Some specs will use a renamed resource, such as Insanity for Shadow Priest.
    I’ve submitted my ideas to blizzard. The resource for hunters will change to hax, instead of mana the prot pally resource will now be snores and the three specs for mages will now be frost, arcane and unicorn.
  • The sewer class hall for Rogues looks great, not really like a sewer at all. It will have treasure chests.
  • The Moonkin model will be updated.i’ll be looking for the moonkin to now feature a pimphat, fur coat, two handed cane as their artefact weapon and Chrysler 300C as their dedicated mount. And when you /dance your ho’s could do it for you.
  • No new major glyphs will be added.
  • No Gnome hunters yet, maybe when it makes sense to add them. Such a weird stubborn stance. There’s no lore or practical reason. I think they are actually trying. To see if they can make Steve hamners head explode.
  • There will be a “single system” to upgrade profession items. The current item will be destroyed, giving you a reagent needed for the upgrade (Obliterium).
  • A new team will be working on professions this time, including profession quest like to see the oldest profession finally integrated into the game-mailbox dancer. Why not keep the lumberyard and timber collecting and have woodcraft? They could make bows, staves, wands, offhand idols.
  • Professions will get some crafting items from dungeon loot.
  • Professions won’t have daily cooldowns.
  • Prospecting could make a return.

    Transmog / Items / Stats

  • If the new transmog system is account wide, the item must be usable by the class trying to use it.
  • No tabard tab is currently planned, but the new transmog system should help to clear up some space.
  • Multistrike is being removed and other secondary stats will have changes as well.
  • Players can still only equip three profession crafted has that felt to you guys?
  • There won’t be specific item art for each race and class, as Artifact weapon art is the priority.


  • Dungeons will absolutely be relevant again.crystal clear dungeons the backbone of mmo’s. 2 or 3 need to be released after launch.
  • Illidan is ready to lead Demon Hunters against the Burning Legion.
  • The Park in Stormwind won’t be repaired yet.
  • There are plans for Jaina.
  • The backpack might be updated.
  • Warlords was not a filler expansion and built some things that will be used going forward.





Real Life


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Our Lives



  • Still on side loader
  • Truck air issues
  • Took off with secondary tank not full
  • Half a road ranger


  • Bedroom- bunks out, treadmill in.
  • Need coffee lounge back
  • Become coffee snobs



*Did my job, working with my group, and on top I also worked with the other 4 year old group and 3 year old group- EXHAUSTED.  *Now I am on holidays for two weeks and then back to work to do another week like the last one.



*Thanks to Wemb for cooking all last week.

*Dinner with Act, Dnomm, Wych, Princess … no Heidi

*This week Angy’s birthday (14)







Ingame Adventures:


Anyone is welcome to join the Pants On Head guild unless we have booted you before for being a dick! Log into the Jubei’thos oceannic realm on the horde side and join the BOE channel. A friendly officer will quiz you and you will be rubbing shoulders with us before you know it!


Our guild & Raid team: Crazy Train?

Temp: stuck on the last boss in BRF.  Although we have got the second last boss down in the past, he is certainly not on farm and we spent Monday night working on him to no avail.  HFC on normal – rocking through the first 3 bosses and ready to start on Heroic as soon as we finish BRF.


What has been your focus in the last week/what are you working on?




Forum X-Files


This is where we pick a particularly “special” post from forums, and discuss its merits, or lack of..


Please blizzard, don’t go down the path of everyones *THE* hero, the artifact weapon system looks very promising, but instead of simply giving us those lore heavy weapons, why not just let us create our own weapon?

I have absolutely no interest in having my hands on the ashbringer, it wasn’t made for me, and it wouldn’t make sense for it to be obtainable to every ret paladin ever…

If instead I could create my own artifact weapon with it’s own hilt, pommel, grip, guard and blade. Then it would be interesting, because there would be so much more customization than just a re-skin.

Now I know people are gonna be saying I can always transmog, but honestly, simply seeing people running around with those lore heavy weapons is sad.


Now bro, champ, ace, knackers…

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble,

but ever since we did all those quests the whole time you’ve been playing wow,

ever since we got off the ship in Northrend and they said “we’ve been waiting for you, let him past the queue..”

When we single-handedly helped Aggra bring Thrall back from the brink in Cata,

when we were the emissary for our people with the pandaren,

led all those attacks on the bad orcs,

were the commander and built a garrison in Draenor,

We’ve kind of been the hero all along.

I don’t know, maybe you just thought it was a coincidence that every player happened to do the same quests?

Maybe you think every time we killed van cleef a team of doctors ran in yelled CLEAR! brought him back, hired new henchmen and rebuilt the whole instance in case another adventurer should come along.

Maybe you thought there were 6 million garrisons built on 6 million beachheads in draenor that just hadnt noticed each other? I for one have 25 followers just on my main, so by my count that makes a force of 150 million to take on the iron horde not counting peons and other plebs, should have been over in a day.

But, I have good news for you. If you are interested in feeling like you are the one and only player in the whole game, i have the perfect place for you to go…





We have come to the end of another podcast! Thanks for sticking with us.

Let us know what you think of the show and any changes you’d like to see!

Thanks as always to Berat Zooe and Kai for joining us!

Until next time, I’m Wembli




I’m Tempeste

I’m Wych.



and Kai