Bind On Equip:WoW Episode #278 The Methman Prophecies



Bind on Equip


Date:1st March 2016


If you are a serious gamer looking for a hardcore wow podcast, and you’ve come to us, you may not be as smart as you think.

If you want a few laughs and a random chance of learning something you didn’t know…..

Once upon a time there were three crazy gamers.

They played World of Warcraft.

These are their stories.




In the BOE cave this time around we have

Myself, Wembli as always the Wych and the lovely Tempeste,

and joining us Kai.

If you’re new to Bind On Equip…..Welcome!


Lets get a slice of Real Life


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  • Saga of cowboy. Admitted to son of owner.
  • Not sure if he is aware, but just over 4K will be coming out of his pay to cover a new remote.
  • He’s also irritating other drivers at a pretty impressive rate. Telling them not to try and help him, just do as they are told.


  • Went to football with princess
  • Practice pre-season at old inner suburban ground
  • Public transport
  • Train cancelled
  • Bus
  • Methman
  • Packed, anger at each stop
  • Train
  • Hello? It’s me..
  • Return of methman
  • Pass outs
  • Methman on the pickup
  • Exit methman
  • Enter ferals chin-ups but down wind
  • Tram packing
  • How will we know when to get off
  • The queue



Work: Brain fitness

Home: 4th Wall = BROKEN!



Work-  Long days are killing me. Thursday 8-10pm

Monday 8-9.45

Starting to settle, 3.5 weeks left of term and every week for the next 3 I have some after hours meetings.  

That will make 5 weeks in a row with one very long day in each!

Having said all of that, I am loving it and getting really good feedback on our program despite its challenges.

Today’s quote:  What is that human doing?

Last week:  My uncle …


Home-  I miss my family.

3 weeks to go til Deddy is finished his acting stuff and it will be Princess’ birthday – then Easter then Wemb’s birthday – its gonna be a BIG March!


Listener Correspondence



Twitter Activity

To BoE:


Blue tweets:

@BlizzardCS regarding legion tmog system. if my hunter can equip a dagger does that unlock that daggers tmog for all toons?

Ion Hazzikostas


@pyrosfreak69 The answer is yes, if you can equip it you unlock its appearance account-wide. Maybe try a less combative approach next time?

4:37am · 26 Feb 2016 · TweetDeck


lets hit the news thats caught our attention:


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Observations, Opinion & Discussion topics:

The Burning Question:

  • What’s the worst spec of your favorite class, and how would you change it to make it better??


Fire Mage – it’s just too much, simplified.

Wemb:twofer- warrior arms and fury


#BurningQ tweets:


@BindOnEquip tough one but Survival Hunter, excited to see the Legion changes. Used to enjoy it being trap based and more melee oriented


Tim @booft

shadow priest. Change it to healing.


Jason Candalaria @Continuumm_AK Enhancement Shaman. I would make using a Single 2-handed weapon viable. The visual of a shammy WFing your face off with them is one of my most favorite things from vanilla.


If you have a Burning Question you want to hear the team discuss, tweet it to @wemb or @bindonequip

The Burning Question Next Week:

What ranged class should/could be added to the game?


WoW News:

Legion – Water Striders Not Restricted By Location
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
After further discussion, we will be reverting these changes entirely, and Water Striders’ water-walking will not be restricted by location.
As noted in my earlier post in the thread, the genesis of this change was an observation that the Water Strider was being used disproportionately frequently, which led to a genuine concern on our part that the mechanical advantage of water-walking was stomping on the cosmetic choice of a player’s favorite mount. This is different from other utility mounts like the Traveler’s Mammoth or Expedition Yak, which are rarely used for any prolonged period of time or as a default mount; those are summoned specifically for the use of their vendors and then dismissed.
We don’t have any concern with water-walking as a concept, and the various player abilities and consumables that provide it are a great source of convenience. We’re not trying to make travel less convenient, or restrict player freedom. We observed what seemed like a potential problem, explored some solutions, and clearly the cure has proven worse than the disease. Thank you for your feedback.


From the Battlenet Desk:


Ingame Adventures:


Anyone is welcome to join the Pants On Head guild unless we have booted you before for being a dick! Log into the Jubei’thos oceannic realm on the horde side and join the BOE channel. A friendly officer will quiz you and you will be rubbing shoulders with us before you know it!

Our guild & Raid team: Crazy Train?

Guild – awesome fun as ever.

CT: best attempt so far on Archimonde is 38% looking forward to getting in there this week and hopefully knocking it off.


Working on anything ingame you’d like to share?






Time for a game before we go…




Leading to our 300th show we are having an mma style SMACKDOWN to decide which is the best expansion, class, raid and dungeon in wow.



DeathKnight3 v Monk2
Mage3 v Paladin2
Shaman2 v Warrior3



Onyxia3 v Ulduar2
Karazhan4 v Highmaul1
Firelands1 v Siege of Org4



Deadmines5 v Slave Pens
Sunken Temple5 v Utgarde Pinnacle
Slave Pens v Iron Docks5
Blackrock Caverns5 v Shadowpan Monastery


Shouts or Sledges before we go?


I want to give a shout to SuperB who has been trolling us pretty regularly after leaving a guild which was so woeful and uninhabited, it was one she wanted to be part of.

  • no moose mount.
  • reminds me of why we started
  • to do a podcast with the love of my life and one of the very best friends i could hope to have
  • that i get to raid twice week with friends with the aim of enjoyment not progression
  • that we get to decide exactly what values we have in our guild and what we don’t have to compromise on
  • that we regularly have people who thank us for our podcast for bringing joy to their lives and helping them through adversity like sarah
  • that we have people like Zooe who agonise over getting a real job because it means they can’t raid with us anymore
  • that we have awesome people like Mattie, Conti, Vern and Strixxy who get up in the middle of the night just to raid and hang with us
  • that we have people from the other side of the world who beg me to run lazy raids so they can be part of the fun
  • that i have friends that i have had- close friends like berat kealar and D who have been my friend for 10 years just from a game
  • that we have met people from all over the world, like Geoff from the US, Rick from Canada, and soon Snowy from Scotland
  • that we have met people from all over Australia, like Teo, Dnomm and Grim from QLD, Nonkee from Tas, like Hinkle, Moogyver and Natanie and Blizzard ANZ from NSW, like Tauty from Perth and like all of our Victorian Guildies who meet up for chocolate pizza fairly regularly.
  • that i constantly make new friends like kai and Act who become such close friends that they come to our house to be with us for bbq’s and christmas
  • so yeah, i’m not caring so much about getting a moose. i’m not aiming for one or expecting one, and i’m certainly not measuring my happiness or success in wow by having or not having a moose.
  • I’ve already interviewed Ion Hazzikostas once for the podcast, but next time i do, i’ll be sure to thank him for being part of making a game that can deliver richness in so many ways. So thank you for reminding me, enjoy your moose, and keep on trolling.




Goodness, is that the time? Its the end of another podcast! Thanks for sticking with us.

We dare you to tweet the show and suggest any changes you’d like to see!

Thanks as always to Kai for joining us!

Until next time, I’m Tempeste

I’m Wemb

I’m Wych.

and Kai